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Ochiltree County

In 1876 the Texas legislature established Ochiltree County from lands formerly assigned to the Bexar District. Ranching arrived a little later in Ochiltree County than it did farther south in the Panhandle. By 1885 Henry W. Cresswell had purchased or leased most of the county and established the Cresswell Ranch (Bar CC) on Wolf Creek in the eastern part of the county and moved its headquarters from Roberts County to the new site on Wolf Creek.
His company, the Cresswell Land and Cattle Company of Colorado, was syndicated as the Cresswell Ranch and Cattle Company by 1885. The Cresswell Ranch controlled most of the land in the county. Dee Eubank and Tom Connell, who arrived on Wolf Creek in 1879, controlled much smaller acreages in the eastern part of Ochiltree and the western part of Lipscomb counties. After the blizzards of 1886-87 county lands were opened to settlement by stock farmers who operated on a much smaller scale.

The availability of land in Ochiltree County coincided with the proximity of a new railroad.  In 1887 the Southern Kansas Railway Company of Texas, a Santa Fe subsidiary, built a line from Kansas through Oklahoma into the Panhandle via Canadian and Panhandle. This line passed through Lipscomb County, thirty to forty miles east of Ochiltree. Thus the county was only one or two days' travel from the railroad.

William Beck Ochiltree was born in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, N.C., October 18, 1811. Father of Thomas Peck Ochiltree. Judge of Texas Republic, 1842; Texas Republic Secretary of the Treasury, 1844-45; Attorney General of the Texas Republic, 1845-46; delegate to Texas state constitutional convention, 1845; member of Texas state house of representatives, 1855; candidate for U.S. Representative from Texas, 1859, 1866; delegate to Texas secession convention, 1861; Delegate from Texas to the Confederate Provisional Congress, 1861-62. Died in Jefferson, Marion County, Tex., December 27, 1867. Interment at Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson, Tex. Ochiltree County, Tex. is named for him.


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Website Updates:
Feb 2015:Death News: JOHNSON, GILLIAM, DAVIS; Crime News: BURKHART arrested; Military News: WWI: Johnson killed in France; Weather News: snow in Ochiltree;  Sick List: CARTER, SMITH, ROGERS, JACKSON; Community News: Settlers Filling Ochiltree County, 150 New Residences at Perryton in Year; Calamity News: Booker Bakery Burns; Gossip News: Commissioners court, SIBLEY, DELTRICK, BRILLHART, WHIPPO, MCLARTY, ALLEN
Dec 2014: News: Known Newspapers of Ochiltree County
Sept 2014: History: 1914 County Description
Aug 2014: NEWS-SICK LIST : Mrs. A. C. Whitt, James Whippo, R. S. Cutter, Mrs. R. S. Cutter, Old Lady Jines, R. S. Ceelter; SCHOOLS : 1922 High School Play, 1931 Free Clinic, 1941 New Coach, Teacher Exams, Mrs. Cowen begins her school, New Perryton High School; Well Equipped Ochiltree Schools, Perryton Area Teachers; TOWNS : Town relocations, Ochiltree and Gray moved to Perryton, LaKemp moved to Booker, Perryton's First Fair, Perryton 19th Anniversary, Town Histories; VISITING & RELOCATING : Mrs. Lyons, R. H. Tepner Family, Mrs. C. C. Rifenberg, Mrs. Harold Crum, Will McLarity Family, Eliza Van Ness, B. F. Wood, H. M. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Jurnigan, Mrs. C. N. Perry, W. F. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. William Hereford, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Halbrook, Eva Conley, Edith Kile, Edna Kile Asa Kile, R. L. Miller, Will Wright's Father, Mrs. Newt Millholton, A. W. Thurman, Mrs. A. L. Rush's Parents, Miss Minnie McLarty, James L. Whippo, D. C. Kettell; WILLS & PROBATE : Suit over F. M. Phillips Will; CHURCHES : List of Churches; MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS : George Cutter, A. Brillhart, Abe Glasgow, Ethel Brillhart, Newt Millholland, John McLarty, Maggie Farmer; MARRIAGE NEWS : Phillips-Bond contributed by Gene Phillips. Stewart-Keith, Schroeder-Bolick, Sims-Crawford, Brown-Hayman, Powers-Dasch; OBITS : John Calvin Wallace, Beny Bates, James L. Whippo, Ed Taylor, Benjamin Rogers, Katy Pearl Williams, Agusta Mae Seaton, J. T. Dendy, Pearl Huckleberry Wilson, William Pearson, Mary Ann Imke, Rose Evelyn Tripp, Sylvanus Thurviel Love, David Ellis Threadgill, Lucy Waide, Luella Correll, Robert H. Doores, Mary Hocking, Esther Lehman, John William Hocking, John L. Gilliam, Shirley Ann Knox, J. M. Cone, S. J. Allen, James Peterson, Bill Kling; BIRTHS : Whipps, Adamson, Price (2) Keim, Batman, Schneider, Dodson, Houston, Moore, Littan, Bowery, Burleson, Rogers, Burnam, Reed, Barker, Moore, Devers, Busby, Carter, Cade, Carson, Stalling, Gilleland, Castle, French, Tipton, Catterton, Davis, Overton, Dendy, Elrod, Calliham ; CRIME : John Burkhart; COUNTY RECORDS : Creation of Ochiltree County, Ochiltree County Courts; MILITARY : WWII Army Casualties, Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
Jul 2014: Obit: TRACY - Transcribed by FOFGmz; Obit: PALMER - Transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Obit: JINES - Transcribed by Kristine Metoyer; Obits: COTTLE, COOK - Transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
Obits: COTTLE, JOHNSON, O'BUSCH, OSTERBUHR, PSHIGODA - Transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Jun 2014: Cemeteries; History and Geography of Texas as Told by County Names - Transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title; 1890 Veterans Schedule - Transcribed by AFOFGmz



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