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Potter County, Texas

Index of Confederate Pension Applications


Index of Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Airheart, Henry Reagan 35826 Potter    
Alexander, Sophie Rejected Potter Alexander, James E.  
Allen, Louise E. 47822 Potter Allen, Hugh Ewing  
Anderson, Diana 21633 Potter Anderson, Willis Pinkney  
Anderson, Martha L. 39609 Potter Anderson, David Jordon  
Anderson, Mary 16283 Potter Anderson, Newton Rufus  
Ashford, Virginia Adilade 49641 Potter Ashford, Charlie Stewart  
Atkins, Ella 36561 Potter Atkins, William 33807
Avery, Virginia W. 46865 Potter Avery, Vincent Robert Coleman  
Baggett, Julia A. 33549 Potter Baggett, Hiram W.  
Baker, John R. 11096 Potter    
Baker, John W. 34340 Potter    
Baum, Daniel 42085 Potter    
Beeman, Mattie 34806 Potter Beeman, Charles Wesley  
Besing, Henry R. 20583 Potter    
Bishop, Stephen (Mrs) Rejected Potter Bishop, Stephen  
Blake, John L. Rejected Potter    
Boles, P. A. (Mrs) 39901 Potter Boles, William 29336
Boyd, Millie Jane 38058 Potter Boyd, Moses Ervin  
Brown, Sam J. Rejected Potter    
Calloway, Joshua Sanford (Mrs) 33204 Potter Calloway, Joshua Sanford  
Carder, Alice 51657 Potter Carder, James Frank 45009
Carder, James Frank 45009 Potter    
Chenault, Stephen 14374 Potter    
Cunningham, Susan P. H. 18261 Potter Cunningham, John  
Daniel, J. F. Rejected Potter    
Davis, Emily Francis 26671 Potter Davis, Thomas Holland  
Deason, Daniel M. 47462 Potter    
Deason, Marina Harriet 51502 Potter Deason, Daniel M. 47462
Dixon, Sarah E. 30534 Potter Dixon, John Koger  
Doby, Emma 28002 Potter Doby, John  
Downs, Mary Ellen 45699 Potter Downs, William  
Eppler, Mary C. 22404 Potter Eppler, Harmon Rufus  
Evans, William F. 35633 Potter    
Ferguson, W. H. (Mrs) 43831 Potter Ferguson, W. H. 18283
Fincher, John W. 24586 Potter    
Flores, James P. 43615 Potter    
Flores, James P. (Mrs) 51667 Potter Flores, James P. 43615
Fountain, Josephine L. 33518 Potter Fountain, William J.  
Fuller, M. E. Richards (Mrs) 49646 Potter Richards, Bee  
Garner, Francis Marion (Mrs) 33771 Potter Garner, Francis Marion  
Gatewood, Martha C. 18263 Potter Gatewood, Dudley Pleasant  
Gipson, Jency M. Rejected Potter Gipson, John Leroy 8034
Goodman, Sarah Jane Cox Mason 41424 Potter Cox, John Jones  
Griffin, Mattie Rejected Potter Griffin, John R.  
Hamner, James Henry (Mrs) 39277 Potter Hamner, James Henry  
Hardin, William Gibson (Mrs) 49492 Potter Hardin, William Gibson  
Hargrove, Mary M. 19201 Potter Hargrove, Allen Houston  
Hollingsworth, W. M. Rejected Potter    
Horne, Robert M. Rejected Potter    
Hubert, Catherine Y. 26510 Potter Hubert, John Chambers  
Iglehart, Henry Fryar (Mrs) 30455 Potter Iglehart, Henry Fryar  
Jamerson, M. J. (Mrs) 49103 Potter Jamerson, William Savage  
Jones, Kate O. 19456 Potter Jones, Henry Fielding  
Knight, Dorcas Marie 41201 Potter Knight, Ellis Gore  
Langston, M. D. Rejected Potter    
McBrayer, Georgia 47947 Potter McBrayer, George Washington  
Meadors, Modena Johnson 46504 Potter Johnson, John Robert  
Miller, William Elbert (Mrs) Rejected Potter Miller, William Elbert  
Palmer, Myra E. 39652 Potter Palmer, William Henderson  
Plemons, Mary E. 20535 Potter Plemons, William Bluford  
Ridings, R. A. (Mrs) 14375 Potter Ridings, E. P.  
Russell, Mary Jane 40928 Potter Russell, Anderson  
Rutledge, Sarah J. 36314 Potter Rutledge, William Edward 32174
Sanders, Catherine Sims 51646 Potter Sanders, Claiborne Webster 27795
Schuster, M. V. (Mrs) 35814 Potter Schuster, Carl Augustus 9323
Simmons, Sallie 26235 Potter Simmons, William Joshua  
Sowder, Joseph H. 11608 Potter    
Sparks, John (Mrs) 46500 Potter Sparks, John  
Speer, William F. 47901 Potter    
Spencer, Elizabeth 41150 Potter Spencer, John Henry  
Stanford, Thomas J. 14376 Potter    
Steele, Mary F. 25020 Potter Steele, Rufus Franklin  
Sweeney, D. H. (Mrs) 51625 Potter Sweeney, D. H.  
Tanner, Rebecca J. 26237 Potter Tanner, James K. Polk  
Thomas, John Carson (Mrs) 40040 Potter Thomas, John Carson  
Thomas, William Jasper (Mrs) 37139 Potter Thomas, William Jasper 24536
Tindel, Bettie 46028 Potter Tindel, Henry Clay 20708
Trigg, Francis James (Mrs) 49341 Potter Trigg, Francis James  
Tucker, Arrena M. 12577 Potter    
Tucker, P. D. 11095 Potter    
Walker, James Thomas (Mrs) 33648 Potter Walker, James Thomas 643
Walling, James K. Rejected Potter    
Watts, Leacie E. 51487 Potter Watts, Rufus Paton 46140
Watts, Rufus Paton 46140 Potter    
Westmoreland, Harriet C. 32957 Potter Westmoreland, Flavius Josephus  
White, Francis Marion 13035 Potter    
Willis, Thomas 36454 Potter    
Wilson, Decie B. 35868 Potter Wilson, William Hugh 19936
Wood, George W. 50398 Potter    
Young, Jennie C. 24202 Potter Young, John Alfred  



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