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Randall County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Anderson, William Wallace Rejected Randall    
Avent, G. W. 42195 Randall    
Bayless, Bettie Rejected Randall Bayless, Milton  
Beavers, Mollie J. Rejected Randall Beavers, William Easley  
Caler, George N. 49188 Randall    
Caler, S. J. (Mrs) 49989 Randall Caler, George N. 49188
Carr, James W. 37195 Randall    
Coffee, Lou V. 47131 Randall Coffee, Thomas Dean  
Cowart, John William 20616 Randall    
Cowart, John William (Mrs) 31558 Randall Cowart, John William 20616
Douglas, Lucy Catherine 44024 Randall Douglas, Robert Emmett  
Groves, James Sanford 21785 Randall    
Haney, Jasper Newton 34179 Randall    
Harrington, Robert Gibson (Mrs) Rejected Randall Harrington, Robert Gibson  
Hays, Cassie M. 38202 Randall Hays, John Wilson  
Hefner, Benjamin Franklin (Mrs) 43090 Randall Hefner, Benjamin Franklin  
Heller, William Frances 47014 Randall    
Heller, William Frances (Mrs) 51708 Randall Heller, William Frances 47014
Hileman, C. P. 48037 Randall    
Keesee, J. C. 21589 Randall    
Key, R. M. Rejected Randall    
Leonard, John W. 30663 Randall    
Lester, Mary Elizabeth 46362 Randall Lester, Francis Marion  
McGehee, Sarah 40412 Randall McGehee, James Myles  
Morris, Fairie I. Rejected Randall Morris, Thomas Jefferson  
Nolan, William H. 37374 Randall    
Norfleet, Mary A. Rejected Randall Norfleet, Jasper Holmes Benton  
Pipkin, Amos 43902 Randall    
Pipkin, John Calvin 46933 Randall    
Pipkin, John Calvin (Mrs) 51907 Randall Pipkin, John Calvin 46933
Redfearn, W. J. 27581 Randall    
Reid, T. F. 49173 Randall    
Robeson, Thomas F. 30143 Randall    
Steen, Elizabeth Matilda 51900 Randall Steen, John Logan 47665
Steen, John Logan 47665 Randall    
Thomas, William Jasper 24536 Randall    
Umbarger, S. G. Rejected Randall    
Vansant, James Madison 24542 Randall    
Vansant, Susan J. 35304 Randall Vansant, James Madison  


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