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The county is named for Sidney Sherman who fought in the Texas Revolution. Though both Sherman County and Sherman, Texas are named for the same person, the city of Sherman is located in Grayson County, approximately 430 miles to the southeast.

During the early 1870s buffalo hunters entered the area and wiped out the great herds that once roamed the region. In 1876 the Texas state legislature established Sherman County from lands formerly assigned to Bexar County. The area was attached to Oldham County for administrative purposes until 1889.

J. W. Rawlings built a bachelor's quarters near the Coldwater springs in 1874, and by 1880 cattlemen had begun to move in to graze their herds on the open range. The county was organized in 1889.  According to the United States census, there were thirty-four people living in Sherman County in 1890. The agricultural census for that year reported eight farms, encompassing 6,400 acres. There were about 500 cattle in the area, and no crops were reported. A small rock courthouse was built at Coldwater in 1891, and soon C. F. Randolf began to publish the Sherman County Banner, the area's first newspaper, there.

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