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My name is Mary Helen McKnight and as your Cochran County, Texas host I try to post as much data online as possible in order to make it freely available to all. We gratefully accept contributions of raw data such as census information, marriage/birth/death records, obituaries, county histories, biographies, old newspaper items - anything that would help someone build their family tree!!

Feel free to
email me with your contributions - every little bit helps.

Cochran County was formed in 1876 from land originally assigned to Bexar and Young counties,
and was formally organized in 1924.

The county was named in honor of Robert Cochran, who died defending the Alamo.

The county hit it's peak population of 6,417 in 1960.
The 2010 census gives the population of Cochran County as 3,127
with over 2,000 of that population living in Morton.

Towns in Cochran County

Morton (county seat)
Lehman (originally named Ligon)
Griffith,(originally named Oasis)
Mexline (defunct)
County Line (defunct)
Edwards (defunct)
Famuline (defunct)
Chipley (defunct)

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March 17, 2014: Obituaries added for: Ada Brown; Garland Brown; Charles Oscar Bizzell; Carl Ray; J.A. Vernon. 1964 Deaths added
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October 10, 2014: Obituaries added for: Pribble Easter Adams; Ronald Paul Arnold; Donald Lee Auld.
December 12, 2014 1138: Obituaries added for: Carl D. Ray, Bertha Bilbrey, Daisy V. Blanton, Chester Boaz, Mary Bryant, Sarah Cartwright, Charles L. Chaddick, Radie B. Cockerham, Roy Cox, Henry Cox, S. T. Cox, William Cook, and Ethel Crockett.
December 12, 2014 1511: 1968 Marriages added
December 24, 2014 1118: Obituaries added for: Keith, Autie Mabel; Knox, Donald A.; Kuykendall, Clara Bell; Davis, Wayne Lee; Duke, John, Dyson, Jimmy, Forehand, Mrs. L. F.; Foster, Joseph Nance, Hamilton, Mamie, Hammond, S. H.; Holleyman, Alice

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