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Lamb County was established by the Texas legislature in 1876 from lands previously assigned to Bexar County. The entire county is atop the high plains. Littlefield, the county seat, is in the southern part of the county on U.S. Highway 84, forty miles northwest of Lubbock. The county was named for George A. Lamb.Only four people lived in the county in 1890, and as late as 1900 there were only thirty-one people there. That year five ranches, encompassing 529,000 acres, had been established, and 10,908 cattle were reported.In 1908 Slaughter sold much of his Running Water Ranch to land speculator William P. Soash.

These lands lay around the tiny community of Olton. Soash sold the land to incoming farmers and stock farmers, and on June 20, 1908, Lamb County was organized with Olton as the seat of government. By 1910 there were ninety-two ranches and farms, and the population had risen to 540. The county was primarily a ranching area with a small number of merchants, farmers, and stockfarmers; in 1910, 40,355 cattle were reported in the county, while only 489 acres were planted in corn, the county's most important crop that year.The county's rapid economic development also shaped its political geography. In the years after 1920 Littlefield developed into the county's leading community, and by 1930 it had about three times the population of Olton. After three attempts to change the county seat from Olton to Littlefield (in 1929, 1932, and 1937), Littlefield residents finally succeeded in 1946.




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