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    Marriage license were issued this week to B.O. Burford and Miss Sallie Kirkpatrick. [Source: The Lubbock Avalanche 04 Sep 1908. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Mr. Burt Burfard and Miss Sallie Kirkpatrick were married in Brownfield last Thursday in the presence of a few friends and relatives.
    Bert's friends have for some time have been accusing him of having matrimonial intentions but no one seemed to be fortunate enough to get any inside information about the matter, but when the happy young people arrived here Saturday and informed their friends that they were really married, no one doubted their word and at once entered into congratulations.
    Both parties are well known and each have scores of friends having been popular in Lubbock society for some time.
    They will make their home on the farm northeast of Lubbock, which Mr. Burford ownes and in which her has very reciently build a nice dwelling.
    The Avalanche is numbered among the warmest of their friends and for the reason it will visit their home for the next twelve months absolutely free of charge with the editors good wishes thrown in for good measure. [Source: The Lubbock Avalanche 11 Sep 1908. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

CLARK, Mr & Mrs. J. H.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clark. Pass their 50th Wedding Anniversary this Week-recieving Many Presents-
Last Tuesday was the fiftieth wedding anniversaty of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clark. Fifty years from that date Mr. and Mrs. Clark were united in marriage in Sunny Tennessee. To this union seven children were bore, five of which are still living and are W. S. Clark of this place, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd who was elected County and District Clerk of Lubbock, Hockley and Cochran counties. A. J. Clark, of Commanche county, Mrs. M. C. Lewis and Mrs. Susie Garten, both of Oklahoma. They have thirty-five grandchildren and six great grand children.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark are both natives of Tennessee, having resided in that state till the year 1874, when they moved to Bosque county and then to the plains locating at Lubbock ten years ago.
Mr. Clark severed two years in the civil war a member of 24th Tennessee regiment, under General Bragg and others during which time he recieved a wound i his right wrist the signs of which he still carries. These people are now 70 years of age there being only a month or so difference in their ages, but they are both hale and hearty and mrs. Clark doing the work of the house besides cooks for a number of boarders while Mr. Clark is handy with the paint brush and scales the roof of a building with all ease. They had intended to celebrate this half century event by having a family reunion, but the children were so badly scattered that they could not all be here hence they made no unusual despirations.
They were the recipients of many noce and useful presents from their children and friends as takens of love, reverence and friendship.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark are smong the most highly respected people in out town, so made by their straightforward, upright christian lives their devotion to their family kindness to every one, and the Avalanche wishes for them many more years of usefulness here on earth. [Source: The Avalanche Nov 13 1908. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Robert Lee Cock and Miss Della Easter, December 27. [Source: Lubbock Avalanche 10 Jan 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Lubbock, Tex. Oct 17 - Mr. Roley Conley, manager of the J. Cross ranch, and Miss Pearl Beal, of Lubbock, were married Tuesday morning at the Nicholett Hotel, Rev. Mr. Miller, pastor of the Baptist church at Lubbock, performing the ceremony. (Fort Worth Morning Register, Fort Worth, Tex, Oct 18, 1901)

    A pretty home wedding was celebrated Sunday morning at nine thirty o'clock, when at the home of the brides parents, Mrs. Eva Outhouse. Mr. Walter A. Custis and Miss Jeffie Outhouse were married, Rev. Hardy of the Methodist church officiating.
    The house had been most tastefully arranged and decorated for the occasion and a number of friends were present to hear them plight their solemn vows.
    Miss Maude Nevels acted as maid of honor and Mr. S. C. Wilson as best man witht little Miss Inez Winn, niece of the bride, as flower girl.
    The bride was attired in a champagne colored suit, with trimmings of brown and pink. Miss Nevels wore brown silk voile trimmed in taffeta folds and ecru applique.
    The happy couple left immediately after the ceremony in the auto for Big Springs where they took the train for a cisit to the grooms relatives at Weatherford, from there will visit Dallas, Mineral Wells and other places. [Source: The Avalanche 9 Oct 1908 Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

Married at Plainview Sunday April 20th
    Last Sunday afternoon at the home of Rev. Fluke of Plainview, J. A. Isbell of this place and Mrs. Mollie Grant of Plainview, were quietly married, Rev. Fluke officiating. The groom has been a resident of Lubbock since last August and has been employed while here with Mr. Thorp’s shoe shop. Prior to coming here Mr. Isabell lived in Plainview and it was there he met his wife to be.  Mrs. Isabell has lived in Plainview for the past eight or ten years and is popular with all acquaintances there.  Mr. and Mrs. Isabell will make their home in Lubbock. (The Lubbock Avalanche, Lubbock, Tex, Apr 24, 1919)

    Geo. G. Johnson and Miss Willie Wagnon, December 28. [Source: Lubbock Avalanche 10 Jan. 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Lubbock, Texas, March 23 - Before a gathering of approximately 200 immediate friends from all over the Plains section, Miss Mary Alyce Johnson, daughter of J. S. Johnson, prominent ranchman, and Frank P. Jones, brother of Congressman Marvin Jones, were married Tuesday morning at the First Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Jack M. Lewis officiating. (Source: Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX, March 24, 1926)

    At the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Boyd in South Lubbock. Wednesday night at 6:00 o'clock. Mr. B. F. Jordan and Miss Oele McCullough were united in marriage. Rev. B. F. Dixon performing the wedding ceremony.
    The happy couple left about one hour later in an autp for Plainview thence to Tulia, the home of the groom. The wedding was quite a surprise to the majority of our people but, nevertheless, the young couple have the best wishes of their friends in Lubbock.
    Miss McCallough, though not having been in Lubbock a great while had become a real favorite among her associates.
    The Avalanche extends to them hearty congratulations. [Source: The Lubbock Avalanche 11 Sep 1908. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Lubbock, Tex., Dec 1 - Mr. Christie Lane and Miss Douglass Rush were married Thursday evening at the residence of the bride's parents.  Rev. Sharp of the M. E. Church officiating.  Mr. Lane is a prominent young cattleman of the western part of the county and the bride a daughter of Mr. G. A. Rush who is well known as one of the successful cowmen of this county. (Fort Worth Morning Register, Fort Worth, Tex, Dec 3, 1901)

    The marriage of Mr. J. A. Lutrick and Miss Nita Pipkin, last Thursday, January 12th, was quite a surprise to their many friends in and around Abernathy. They were quietly married at the home of the bride in Canyon, where Miss Pipkin has been attending the West Texas Normal. She formerly lived in Abernathy and graduated form this school. She is well known here and has a host of friends who wish her a happy home. [Source: The Lubbock Avalanch 20 Jan. 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Word was recieved a few days ago of the marriage of Miss Lola Abbott, at Stockton, Texas, to Mr. McClure, of Oklahoma, where they will make their home. Miss Abbott was teacher of music and expression int he Abernathy high school up to Christmas, and left, presumably to spend the holidays with relatives in Stockton. [Source: The Lubbock Avalanche 13 Jan 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    A beautiful wedding was performed here New Year's morning when J. T. Miller & Miss Frances Arnett were joined in matrimony by Rev J. W. Hembree. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Arnett & had been active in the social work of the town. Mr. Miller is one of the most promising young business men, and we are sure that through their combined efforts social and religious work in Abernathy has two strong co-workers. May the happiness of this New Year occassion remain with them throughout the coming years and may they always hold a sign and everlasting record for their home and Abernathy is our greatest wish.  [Source: Lubbock Avalanche 06 Jan, 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

Marriage Lisence
    Gilbert Norther, of Ropesville, and Miss Donna Millsap, December 30. [Source: Lubbock Avalanche 10 Jan 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Sybil Jean Jordan and Lt. John B. Pugh, who planned to be married here at the Harding Field Air base chapel on February 12, will be married instead at Lubbock, Tex., where he is stationed, since he is unable to secure a leave.  The wedding date remains the same.  Sybil Jean and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jordan plan to leave for Lubbock on February 8. (Source: Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA), Feb. 2, 1943)

    Married Sunday - Harry M. Reed and Mrs. Mattie J. Sanders, were united in marriage last Sunday about noon and left on the afternoon train for Kansas , where Mr. Reed now holds a responsible position. Mr. Reed is one of the sons of H. B. Reed, of this city and has a large number of friends in this city who will join us in extending congratulations. Mrs. Sanders is well known in this city, having resided here a number of years and has a host of friends, who will wish them the greatest of success and prosperity.  [Source: "Avalanche (Lubbock, Texas)", Thursday 26 October 1911 - MZ, Sub by FoFG]

    Mr. Sam Mixon and Miss Edith Lyle Robertson were quietly married last Friday night at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. J. T. Griswold performing the ceremony.  The bride is one of the efficient and popular nurses of the West Texas Sanitarium and has a large circle of friends who bid her God-speed.  The groom is a young ranchman and is held in high esteem by the people of Lubbock and vicinity in which he lives. Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Mixon motored to their ranch were they will make their home. (The Lubbock Avalanche, Lubbock, Tex, Feb 26, 1920)

    Lubbock, Texas, Dec. 21 - William Walter Royalty and Miss Lyda Alice May were married at the residence of the bride's parents in West Lubbock this week. (Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX, December 22, 1907)

    Troy Stambough surprised a few of his friends last week when he returned last Thursday from a few days trip to southwest Texas with a bride. Mr. Stambough left last week, presumably by some of his friends, on a business trip, which proved to be a personal trip of Mr. Stamboughs. The wedding took place at the bride's home in Rowena, Texas, whose name was Miss Elvis Dalgreen, and one of the leaders in church and social work of that little town, and very popular among the young people. [Source: The Lubbock avalanche 13 Jan 1922. Transcribbed by Danielle Swiney]

    Alier Tannerhill, and L. E. Knotts, both of Abernathy, were brought to the Lubbock Sanitarium last week, where they underwent operations today. [Source: Lubbock Avalanche 10 Jan, 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Lubbock, Tex. Oct 17 - Mr. M. R. Useleaman and Miss Viola Shackleford, two prominent young people of the eastern part of the county, were married Monday evening at the residence of the bride's parents. (Fort Worth Morning Register, Fort Worth, Tex, Oct 18, 1901)

    The wedding bells were ringing here on Dec. 28th, when Mr. Clarence Warden, of Russellville, KY., was married to Minnie Williams, at the parsonage in Lubbock, by the Cumberland Presbyterian preacher, Mr. Baker. Only a few close friends knew of this romance of long standing, which terminated in this union. Mr. Warden is a stranger to us, but come highly recommended by those who know him. Miss Minnie is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Williams, who live 2 miles south of Monroe, and is a young woman of Savory, Texas, Where she grew to womanhood. Mr. and Mrs. Weden will make their home here, and our sincere wish is that they may be very happy and successful. [Source: Lubbock Avalanche Jan 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Lubbock, Tex, Feb. 24 - Sam West, outfielder of the Washington Senators, and Miss Grace Cross of Rule, Tex were married here Sunday.  Mrs. West formerly taught in the city school. (Omaha World Herald, Omaha, Neb., Feb 25, 1930)

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