Notice in Probate for the Estate of Ola Mauvoreen Groves
The state of Texas. To the sheriff or any Constable of Lubbock county, Greeting: You are Herby Commanded to cause to be posted for ten days, exclusive of the day of posting, before the return day hereof, in three of the most places in your county, one of wich shall be at the Court House door,and no two of which shall be in the same city or town, copies of the following noticem and also cause said notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation, which has been continuously and regularly published for a period of not less than one year, in Lubbock County, Texas. The State of Texas. To all Persons Interested in the Estate of Ola Mauvoreen Groves, a Minor, and in the welfare of said minor, Mrs. Lee Ola Page had filed an application in the county court of Lubbock County, on the 27th day of December 1921, for appointment of guardian of the estate of said monor, which said application will be heardby said court on the 16th day of January 1922, at the Court House of said County, in Lubbock, Texas, at which time all persons interested in said estate and the welfare of said minor, are required to appear and answer said application, should they desire to do so. Herein Fail Not, but have you before said Court, on the first day of the next term thereof, this writ, with your return' thereon, showing how you have excepted the same. Witness my hand and official seal, at Lubbock, Texas, this 27th day of December 1921 SAM T. DAVID, Clerk, County Court, Lubbock County, Texas. [Source: Library of Congress: Lubbock Avalanche 03 Jan, 1922. Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]

    Citation by publication
    THE STATE OF TEXAS-To the Sheriff or Constable of Lubock County-Greeting:
    Oath therfeor having been made is required by law, you are hereby commanded that, by making publication of this citation is some newspaper publication in said county once a week for eight consecutive weeks precious to the return day hereof, you summon Mrs. E. Kenmpner. Mrs. E. Kempner Admx. of the estate of H. Kempner, dec'd the unknown heirs of H. Kempner dec'd and of Mrs. E. Kempner id deceased Defendants to be and appear before the District Court: to the holden in and for the afore said county of Lubbock at the Court house therof, in the town of Lubbock on the 2nd day of november 1908 then and there to answer petition of H. B. Reed Plaintiff. filed in said court on the 11th day of August 1908 and numbered on the docket of said court against the said Mrs. E. Kempner. Mrs. E. kempner admx of the estate of H. Kempner dec'd the unknwn herits of H. Kempner dec'd and alleging in substance as follows. That therefore to wit on the 23rd day of Oct 1896, Mrs. E. Kempner. Administratix of the estate of H. Kempner, dec'd, recovered judgement against plaintiff and W. Q. Connellee for the sum of $115.85 cost $11.90 attys fee $15.50 aggregation #143.22 with 8 percent from the date of judgment, which amounts to $289.12 July 23rs 1908, in the County Court of Eastland county Texas in a suit No 702 brought by Asministratix against plaintiff and W. Q Connellee on a note held against the two last named parties by the said H. Kempner before his death and which came into the hands of said Administratix in the course of administration of said estate. That there has never been but two executions issued on said judgement and they were both issued June 3rs 1887, one was returned no property found as was the other. These are all the executionsthat have ever been issued on the said judgement form the time of its rendition to the present tiem and therefore said judgement is dormant and has never been revived and more than ten years have elapsed since the judgement of the last execution on same.
    That said judgement is recorded in the minutes of the county court of Eastland county in Vol 4 on pages 168-7 of said minutes.
    That on April 30th 1901 plaintiffs in the judgement has an abstract of the same made out regularity by the County Clerk of the County of Eastland and sent the same and had it recorded in the Abstract of Judgement record of Lubbock County Texas un Vol 1 page 18 Abstract of judgemtnt records of said county. That the record of the Abstract of said judgement is regulat and in proper form and the record is correct in all thatings requited and provided in such cases and it casts a cloud on plaintiff's land in Lubbock County as an apparent lien against said land and withal the judgment shows an apparent indebtedness against plaintiff tesptresented by the amount of said judgement and lien. Whereas said judgement is long since dormant and no execution can issue thereon and it is barred and the lien is of no force and effect for more than ten years have elapsed been the issuance of executions.
    Issued this the eleventh day of Aug A. D. 1908. Whitness R. E. Brown clerk of the district court of Lubbock County. Given under my hand and the seal of this court at office, this the 11th day of August A. D. 1908. [Source: The Avalanche 02 Oct 1908 Transcribed by Danielle Swiney]