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Mitchell County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants


Source: Transcribed from The Texas State Library and Archives

by Patty Ewing Robichaud 

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Adamson, Amelia J. 16051 Mitchell Adamson, Lawson P.  
Altman, M. A. (Mrs) 21105 Mitchell Altman, Bradford Henderson  
Andrews, O. S. 6349 Mitchell    
Arnett, David Nathan 49599 Mitchell    
Arnett, Ophelia 51395 Mitchell Arnett, David Nathan 49599
Bedford, James Holleell 49672 Mitchell    
Bedford, Lou J. 51352 Mitchell Bedford, James Holleell 49672
Beeman, Sam M. 39535 Mitchell    
Bell, Ruth 27540 Mitchell Bell, McCollum  
Benson, W. F. 8768 Mitchell    
Bettis, John B. (Mrs) 43192 Mitchell Bettis, John B. 27135
Blakeley, Gertrude 19135 Mitchell Blakeley, Samuel Thomas  
Blakemore, John Thomas 3034 Mitchell    
Brooks, John D. 25642 Mitchell    
Brown, R. G. (Mrs) 14341 Mitchell Brown, H. D.  
Browne, Mary Elizabeth 51042 Mitchell Browne, Needham Pearson Polk  
Bryson, S. M. (Mrs) 36757 Mitchell Bryson, J. D.  
Bullard, Mary A. 34945 Mitchell Bullard, James Francis  
Bullion, C. A. (Mrs) Rejected Mitchell Bullion, George Wilson  
Butler, James Rejected Mitchell    
Callan, Alice 31633 Mitchell Callan, Marian Maxamillian  
Callan, M. M. 27350 Mitchell    
Carley, S. A. (Mrs) 6809 Mitchell Carley, J. W.  
Clark, Minerva J. 40459 Mitchell Clark, John J.  
Cobb, J. W. 14340 Mitchell    
Collins, Nancy 33129 Mitchell Collins, Levi Feaster  
Cook, W. H. Rejected Mitchell    
Cook, William J. 23445 Mitchell    
Cooksey, Catherine 26873 Mitchell Cooksey, Samuel  
Cooksey, Sam Rejected Mitchell    
Cooper, Burwell Zacariah 16050 Mitchell    
Cooper, Laura Sophronia 37103 Mitchell Cooper, Burwell Zacariah 16050
Cox, Sarah Ann 33969 Mitchell Cox, Polk  
Dale, Elizabeth Rejected Mitchell Dale, Edward  
De Moss, James 11257 Mitchell    
De Moss, James (Mrs) 12069 Mitchell De Moss, James 11257
Doss, J. L. Rejected Mitchell    
Fitzpatrick, Granville 9291 Mitchell    
Foster, William A. Rejected Mitchell    
Franklin, Francis Rebecca 49369 Mitchell Franklin, James Allen  
Frazor, E. Rejected Mitchell    
Fuller, Emma 41463 Mitchell Fuller, William Arter  
Garrett, George Washington 16052 Mitchell    
Garvin, Perryman M. (Mrs) 34836 Mitchell Garvin, Perryman Madison 1279
Goodwin, Rosa M. 34365 Mitchell Goodwin, James  
Madison Gore, J. R. 19665 Mitchell    
Grantland, Sarah Elizabeth 51819 Mitchell Grantland, Robert Emmett 9768
Graves, John Ray 19136 Mitchell    
Gustine, Carrie E. 36629 Mitchell Gustine, Samuel  
Haley, Nannie 50873 Mitchell Haley, John H.  
Harrison, J. R. 10159 Mitchell    
Hiser, James Franklin 27794 Mitchell    
Hiser, Nannie E. 44021 Mitchell Hiser, James Franklin 27794
Holley, J. H. Rejected Mitchell    
House, J. H. Rejected Mitchell    
Hull, M. L. 26868 Mitchell    
Johnson, Martha Marion 50919 Mitchell Johnson, William Henry  
Jowers, Henry Newton 16049 Mitchell    
Justice, Lula 52077 Mitchell Justice, William Samuel 27071
Justice, William Samuel 27071 Mitchell    
Keller, John R. 7297 Mitchell    
King, M.E. McCullough (Mrs.) Rejected Mitchell McCullough, John Wesley  
Kitchens, D. M. Rejected Mitchell    
Kitchens, Sarah Rodicy Rejected Mitchell Kitchens, Bray Coleman  
Langley, John 14339 Mitchell    
Lasseter, J. E. 50614 Mitchell    
Lefevre, Susan 30964 Mitchell Lefevre, Frances Emerson  
Leonard, James F. 3035 Mitchell    
Lowrie, M. J. (Mrs) 39018 Mitchell Lowrie, Robert Berry 36782
Lowrie, Robert Berry 36782 Mitchell    
Martin, Margaret 41612 Mitchell Martin, Daniel Greer  
Martin, Rosa Anna 38354 Mitchell Martin, Abram Dallas  
Mason, Sue 27738 Mitchell Mason, William  
May, Annie A. 49760 Mitchell May, Thadus William  
McArthur, Kizzie Elizabeth 46108 Mitchell McArthur, Joseph Montgomery  
McBryde, William C. (Mrs) 42769 Mitchell McBryde, William Clay 34384
McCulloch, M. E. (Mrs) 41049 Mitchell McCulloch, John Wesley  
Meriwether, Mattie P. 41603 Mitchell Meriwether, John Williams  
Mills, Gideon Rejected Mitchell    
Moore, S. J. (Mrs) 33480 Mitchell Moore, Jesse Redwine 4842
Morgan, Syntha Ann 18138 Mitchell Morgan, John W.  
Morris, W. H. 3036 Mitchell    
Morrison, J. E. 23435 Mitchell    
Morrison, Mattie 39680 Mitchell Morrison, J. E. 23435
Mullin, Thomas Q. 3037 Mitchell    
Nunn, John Wesley 29667 Mitchell    
Nunn, Susan Harriett 41684 Mitchell Nunn, John Wesley 29667
Oliver, James W. (Mrs) 43003 Mitchell Oliver, James W.  
Padgett, J. W. Rejected Mitchell    
Phillips, S. P. 16053 Mitchell    
Pool, Nancy 51879 Mitchell Pool, Thomas Yancy  
Pool, Thomas Yancy 51776 Mitchell    
Richardson, Geo. H. (Mrs) 47903 Mitchell Richardson, George Hole  
Richardson, M. A. (Mrs) Rejected Mitchell Richardson, George H.  
Riddle, W. S. 16048 Mitchell    
Roach, George R. 16047 Mitchell    
Roberson, E. C. 28833 Mitchell    
Robertson, E. C. Rejected Mitchell    
Seymour, W. K. 25764 Mitchell    
Shoemaker, W. P. 10280 Mitchell    
Shuford, Jacob M. 37795 Mitchell    
Smith, Laura L. 49982 Mitchell Smith, George Washington  
Smith, Margaret Elizabeth 41310 Mitchell Smith, Mack Donald  
Smith, William Henry 20244 Mitchell    
Smith, William Henry (Mrs) 33893 Mitchell Smith, William Henry 20244
Stephens, Sarah E. 27217 Mitchell Stephens, William C.  
Terrell, E. T. (Mrs) 30816 Mitchell Terrell, Edward Thomas  
Thomas, Daniel E. 24734 Mitchell    
Tidwell, Daniel W. Rejected Mitchell    
Van Zandt, John L. 33515 Mitchell    
Van Zandt, M. L. (Mrs) 36399 Mitchell Van Zandt, John L. 33515
Waller, M. M. (Mrs) 32904 Mitchell Waller, John Robert  
Welch, Stephen E. Rejected Mitchell    
Wood, James 25260 Mitchell    
Wyatt, J. A. 26542 Mitchell    



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