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Shackelford County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants


Shackelford County
Index of Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
[Submitted by Veneta McKinney]


Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Adams, M. T. 36417 Shackelford    
Anderson, A. J. (Mrs) 41315 Shackelford Anderson, William Henry 22636
Anderson, William Henry 22636 Shackelford    
Andrews, Jochu Lee (Mrs) 36787 Shackelford Andrews, Jochu Lee 34067
Arthur, Rebecca 4683 Shackelford Arthur, George P.  
Ayer, Susan 28781 Shackelford Ayer, David  
Baker, T. V. 3614 Shackelford    
Biggs, James Harvey 11116 Shackelford    
Biggs, Sarah J. 29329 Shackelford Biggs, James Harvey 11116
Brazell, I. P. 47369 Shackelford    
Brewster, N. J. 47984 Shackelford    
Brownlee, Sallie C. 16485 Shackelford Brownlee, Benjamin Franklin  
Burton, M. A. F. (Mrs) Rejected Shackelford Burton, William Thomas Jarrell  
Chism, Mary A. 3613 Shackelford Chism, Jacob  
Click, M. L. (Mrs) 34015 Shackelford Click, Henry Tolliver 14878
Cole, Francis Asbury 19255 Shackelford    
Dewitt, Charles Asbury 34568 Shackelford    
Duke, Bell 36075 Shackelford Duke, Nick  
Dunn, Nancy Ann 33822 Shackelford Dunn, James  
Edwards, Mattie A. 22284 Shackelford Edwards, James  
Fite, S. A. (Mrs) 40049 Shackelford Fite, A. M.  
Forbess, J. M. 19256 Shackelford    
Freeman, Thomas M. 43991 Shackelford    
Frierson, E. A. (Mrs) 31795 Shackelford Frierson, James Madison 30217
Frierson, James Madison 30217 Shackelford    
Gardner, J. R. Rejected Shackelford    
Garrett, H. C. 23843 Shackelford    
George, Alfred Meriwether (Mrs) 46589 Shackelford George, Alfred Meriwether  
George, James B. 46573 Shackelford    
Glover, P. T. Rejected Shackelford    
Green, Stewart T. 22889 Shackelford    
Griffin, Rosa H. 32016 Shackelford Griffin, William Rupe  
Hall, Evelyn 37113 Shackelford Hall, Benjamin Warren  
Hanns, J. W. Rejected Missing Shackelford    
Harris, James Wiley 31385 Shackelford    
Harris, James Wiley (Mrs) 37817 Shackelford Harris, James Wiley 31385
Harrison, Loulie Francis Booth 16486 Shackelford Harrison, James Sands 13075
Hart, Martin P. 13979 Shackelford    
Havens, Charlotte 25402 Shackelford Havens, Richard Basher  
Holcomb, B. W. 6103 Shackelford    
Johnson, Charles 13057 Shackelford    
Kirkpatrick, Unity F. 23600 Shackelford Kirkpatrick, William Elliott  
La Blue, Josephine 9097 Shackelford La Blue, Alphonso  
Martin, Louisa 23485 Shackelford Martin, John Wesley  
Martin, W. T. 43339 Shackelford    
McDonald, Annie J. 29686 Shackelford McDonald, Robert 7364
McDonald, Robert 7364 Shackelford    
Meeton, W. P. Rejected Missing Shackelford    
Midkiff, Charley Sims 3615 Shackelford    
Midkiff, Mary Elizabeth 45537 Shackelford Midkiff, Charley Sims 3615
Morris, James P. 31402 Shackelford    
Newcomb, John W. 13058 Shackelford    
Pate, Jesse 3616 Shackelford    
Payne, Aron Flowerson 9098 Shackelford    
Pinnell, Elizabeth T. 33367 Shackelford Pinnell, Wiley E. 32888
Pinnell, Wiley E. 32888 Shackelford    
Plummer, Cordalean Rejected Shackelford Plummer, Allison Richard  
Pool, M. A. (Mrs) 28163 Shackelford Pool, John Councel  
Powell, Fannie 50699 Shackelford Powell, J. A. 41767
Powell, J. A. 41767 Shackelford    
Powers, M. E. (Mrs) 43461 Shackelford Powers, John Brown  
Reed, B. F. 6102 Shackelford    
Rodriguez, N. 3617 Shackelford    
Rodriquez, Jane 6106 Shackelford Rodriquez, N.  
Rooks, James M. 24575 Shackelford    
Royall, Thomas J. 8789 Shackelford    
Seela, Jacob 32411 Shackelford    
Stearns, Jesse G. 13978 Shackelford    
Steddum, Napoleon Bonaparte 46472 Shackelford    
Steel, Rosilius 23867 Shackelford    
Stockton, Mary C. 16484 Shackelford Stockton, Samuel Oliver  
Strickland, Mary Ann 30753 Shackelford Strickland, Thomas Jefferson  
Swope, R. B. 27178 Shackelford    
Terry, J. L. Rejected Shackelford    
Terry, Moses 9509 Shackelford    
Williams, A. J. 3618 Shackelford    
Williams, William Anderson (Mrs) 47266 Shackelford Williams, William Anderson  
Witty, Mary L. 29267 Shackelford Witty, James J.  




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