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Stephens County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applications

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names, counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between 1899 and 1975.
Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}

Applicant Name



App #

Adams, Adam 23155    
Akin, Annie 49034 Akin, Edward P.  
Alexander, Isa 46838 Alexander, James Marshall  
Alexander, Mary 49032 Alexander, Alford Dewit  
Andrews, Jochu Lee 34067    
Armstrong, Mary Francis 20088 Armstrong, William W. 3382
Ault, James B. 11758    
Bailey, Tabitha Rejected    
Bargsley, Andrew J. 28353    
Barnett, Nancy V. 25468 Barnett, Marcus McKinley  
Billingsley, Joseph W. 22419    
Boles, Virginia 30210 Boles, John Ashley  
Bradshaw, William Franklin 33399    
Branch, William 20732    
Brown, Benjamin F. 28349    
Bruce, Martha 7665 Bruce, Phillip A.  
Carter, Jennie 45798 Carter, Clark Britton  
Chalker, Emily Amanda 30281 Chalker, John Marshal  
Chancellor, A. L. A. (Mrs) 25959 Chancellor, Wesley Houston  
Chastain, Ezriah (Mrs) 20130 Chastain, Raney Franklin  
Connally, Sarah C. 40364 Connally, George Birdwell  
Cox, Elizabeth 9755 Cox, Ephraim 7170
Craighead, William Alexander (Mrs) 47441 Craighead, William Alexander  
Davis, George Washington 50285    
Davis, George Washington (Mrs) 50707 Davis, George Washington 50285
Davis, John L. 29259    
Day, Robert M. Rejected    
Deaton, Sarah Elizabeth 46499 Deaton, Isaac Morrison  
Doyle, Mirabeau Monroe 30301    
Ellis, Sam C. 46248    
Evans, Elvira C. 08476 Missing    
Evans, Joseph M. 6188    
Fambrough, Celia A. 8791 Fambrough, James M.  
Ferguson, James Madison 6185    
Ferguson, Martha Ann 20390 Ferguson, James Madison 6185
Fish, Frances 12626 Fish, Joseph A. 10285
Fish, Joseph A. 10285    
Flippen, Nancy 43770 Flippen, Thomas Jefferson  
Gantt, Cora 28350 Gantt, James Addison  
Gentry, Gilbert L. 23917    
Glenn, John 49969    
Graves, J. A. (Mrs) 38926 Graves, Jessie C. 20266
Gray, J. D. 14422    
Greenlee, Eliza Winifred 46084 Greenlee, David Jasper Newton  
Hagar, Rachel C. 7967 Hagar, Samuel T.  
Hall, Taney G. (Mrs) 47588 Hall, Taney G.  
Hall, Yancy David (Mrs) Rejected Hall, Yancy David  
Hamil, Alexander C. 8792    
Hamil, Cornelous Marcelous 43205    
Hamil, Mattie 45680 Hamil, Cornelous Marcelous 43205
Hardy, Mattie M. Rejected Hardy, George Washington 33167
Harrell, William Henry 19971    
Harris, Henry C. 29441    
Harris, Hiram Woodward (Mrs) Rejected Harris, Hiram Woodward  
Harris, Nannie 45015 Harris, George William  
Harwell, M. D. 27517    
Heatley, Coleman Rejected    
Hefner, Sarah J. 18398 Hefner, William L.  
Hewlett, William A. 8793    
Hibbert, H. B. 35947    
Hodges, Bettie Rejected Hodges, Riley Jordan  
Hodges, Riley J. 30633    
Hood, W. S. 43019    
House, Sion 9564    
Hunt, J. M. 14421    
Jackson, Louisa A. 18395 Jackson, Joseph K.  
Jackson, W. A. 24254    
Jackson, William Newton 28347    
Johnson, George 39849    
Johnson, Parilee 41670 Johnson, George 39849
Johnson, William T. G. Rejected    
Keith, T. E. 23503    
Kirkland, Laura T. 18396 Kirkland, Isaac Pollard  
Lacy, I. S. 38708    
Lane, Addison Birdet 26712    
Lane, Mary D. 35966 Lane, Addison Birdet 26712
Langford, Agnes Malissia Rejected Langford, George Augustus 19956
Langford, George Augustus 19956    
Lester, J. T. 25546    
Lindsey, Lucy Ellen 34866 Lindsey, William Henry  
Love, Emma T. 6187 Love, William P.  
Lynn, James M. 16629    
Martin, Martha Ann 14420 Martin, Austin  
Mayfield, Anna M. Scarlett Rejected Scarlett, Minor  
McCleskey, Sarah A. 41913 McCleskey, James Benson 25239
McDaniel, Raymond R. 7747    
McDonald, Ella Josephine 49280 McDonald, William Franklin 11546
McFarland, James 18394    
McGowen, Eveline 6186 McGowen, John B.  
McKay, Daniel Webster 43294    
McMeen, Bettie 26112 McMeen, Joel Barnard  
McMurry, Eugenia Blanch 42468 McMurry, John Boman  
Meaders, Carrie Kimbrough 21462 Meaders, Berry Barton  
Miller, Annie C. 30757 Miller, Thomas Jefferson  
Mills, Elizabeth O. 18397 Mills, John  
Mills, S. T. J. 23612    
Newman, A. M. (Mrs) Rejected Newman, Simpson  
Parks, Mary Ann 9563 Parks, George W.  
Popejoy, Simon M. Rejected    
Raines, Nancy C. 37283 Raines, James David  
Richardson, Mathias 49361    
Ridling, William Washington Rejected    
Riley, Annie J. 28549 Riley, Edmund Balenger 27011
Riley, Edmund Balenger 27011    
Savage, H. F. 14419    
Sawyer, David Martin 45059    
Sawyer, David Martin (Mrs) 50937 Sawyer, David Martin 45059
Shaw, Sarah C. 49145 Shaw, Eldridge Geary 8771
Shepard, Frank 12627    
Sherman, Emily L. 18399 Sherman, William H.  
Sidney, Ella May Rejected Sidney, David  
Smith, M. J. (Mrs) 12628 Smith, O. P.  
Smith, William Thomas Rejected    
Stanford, John H. Rejected    
Stapp, Milton Cook 3764    
Stapp, Nancy 34795 Stapp, Milton Cook 3764
Steel, George Washington 42813    
Steel, R. L. (Mrs) Rejected Steel, George Washington 42813
Sutphen, Samuel Crisman (Mrs) 46208 Sutphen, Samuel Crisman  
Sutphen, Saphronia Ann Rejected Sutphen, Samuel C.  
Taylor, Benjamin F. 42455    
Thompson, W. F. 24278    
Trammell, Josie Elenora Blackburn 49030 Blackburn, William R.  
Turrentine, Wilson E. 8873    
Veale, Christopher Columbus 18732    
Veale, Henry C. Rejected    
Walker, Arrah V. 34842 Walker, Henry W. 27000
Wall, Donnie Lue Rejected Wall, Joseph Wylie 36970
Wallace, Kate 18711 Wallace, James Monroe  
Warren, Emiline 40471 Warren, John T. 14956
West, Joshua B. 24708    
Whitmire, William H. H. 32795    
Wilson, M. A. (Mrs) 24149 Wilson, Monroe D.  
Wilson, Nancy E. 45443 Wilson, Henry Slaughter 20207
Wright, S. A. (Mrs) 20779 Wright, James Pinckney 6693
Yocum, J. N. Rejected    
Young, Samantha A. 20126 Young, William D.  


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