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Terry County, Texas

Index of Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Aston, Annie 50909 Terry Aston, John Monroe  
Bassham, T. F. Rejected Terry    
Bates, Margaret 43246 Terry Bates, Jeams Harvey  
Bradfield, Nettie 32920 Terry Bradfield, John Rufus 25183
Bragg, Melissa P. 19666 Terry Bragg, George Bruton  
Bryant, Joe 46496 Terry    
Bryant, Joe Eleck Rejected Terry    
Burnett, Francis M. 26942 Terry    
Carmack, David R. 41705 Terry    
Chrestman, Francis Lavisa Rejected Terry Chrestman, Thomas Jarrot  
Coble, J. R. 39215 Terry    
Cole, Larkin Granville Rejected Terry    
Cook, Almira 42453 Terry Cook, James Maderson 28686
Davis, Lucy Prudence Rejected Terry Davis, James Monroe  
Deshazo, L. C. (Mrs) 42028 Terry Deshazo, Thomas 26968
Deshazo, Thomas 26968 Terry    
Donathan, Francis Jane 49190 Terry Donathan, John Baptist  
Eastham, Mary Jane 30884 Terry Eastham, Wayne Bishop  
Epperson, M. C. Rejected Terry    
Ford, Julia Corene Dennis 52049 Terry Ford, William Madison 42822
Gainer, Lula 46210 Terry Gainer, John Thomas  
King, James B. 34494 Terry    
Lewis, Mary E. 38315 Terry Lewis, Robert R. 33804
Lewis, Robert R. 33804 Terry    
Lovelace, M. A. (Mrs) 45324 Terry Lovelace, Thomas E. 38908
Lovelace, Thomas E. 38908 Terry    
McPherson, Bart 37779 Terry    
Merck, Mary Rejected Terry Merck, Samuel Nelson  
Osborne, Mary J. 37188 Terry Osborne, Charles Pinkney 33510
Perry, J. Y. 39375 Terry    
Price, Rhoda C. 22796 Terry Price, Thomas Dixon  
Shepherd, Allen C. 26336 Terry    
Stilwell, Emma 49739 Terry Stilwell, Blooming Goodner  
Thomason, Mary Clementine 49283 Terry Thomason, James Polk  
Turner, Aron Loyd 47373 Terry    
Turner, James Monroe 40709 Terry    
Walker, Joel W. 18419 Terry    

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