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Wichita County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applications


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission


Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Adair, Lucy F. 45552 Wichita Adair, Elisha Young  
Allen, Laura Eleanor 32960 Wichita Allen, Virgil Stanley  
Allen, Martha Melvina 49704 Wichita Allen, Cary Crawford  
Allen, Nellie Rejected Wichita Allen, Virgil Stanley  
Allison, Elizabeth Ann 51342 Wichita Allison, Samuel Hinton  
Arthur, Fannie L. 34284 Wichita Arthur, William Goodman  
Bain, Susan Caroline 50053 Wichita Bain, William Samuel  
Baldwin, J. G. (Mrs) 45383 Wichita Baldwin, J. G. 14393
Barker, Jesse C. 32083 Wichita    
Basey, Elizabeth 51612 Wichita Basey, William  
Beauchamp, Payton G. 41275 Wichita    
Beeman, Mary 46414 Wichita Beeman, Samuel H.  
Black, Amelia Hays Rejected Wichita Black, John Wesley  
Bledsoe, Sallie A. 33203 Wichita Bledsoe, Caleb Bailey  
Boswell, John Walker (Mrs) Rejected Wichita Boswell, John Walker  
Bowman, George Rejected Wichita    
Brack, Edward Dargan 45165 Wichita    
Brack, Susanna 40288 Wichita Brack, William Bolding  
Brackeen, Mary Francis 49606 Wichita Brackeen, Hiram Alonzo 35033
Brooks, Rachel 42463 Wichita Brooks, William Calvin  
Buchanan, Molly S. 42798 Wichita Buchanan, John C.  
Burgess, F. C. (Mrs) 4384 Wichita Burgess, W. H.  
Bussey, John Frazier (Mrs) 19538 Wichita Bussey, John Frazier  
Callaway, Melvina Elizabeth 46086 Wichita Callaway, Erastus Jasper  
Campbell, Ella R. 50931 Wichita Campbell, Elias Hardin  
Carroll, Rebecca E. 36914 Wichita Carroll, William George 9227
Carter, Nancy Catherine 25555 Wichita Carter, Louis McKendill  
Cates, Nancy 6891 Wichita Cates, R. B.  
Childress, Rufus E. (Mrs) 41654 Wichita Childress, Rufus E. 29290
Clark, Emily Silicy 21103 Wichita Clark, Michael J. 14241
Clynch, Alexander Knox 49113 Wichita    
Cobb, Robert 22204 Wichita    
Cobb, Virginia 28581 Wichita Cobb, Robert 22204
Coffield, S. T. 11697 Wichita    
Collard, Tennie Randall 45452 Wichita Felix Robert, Sr.  
Collins, Lucy Etta 27575 Wichita Collins, William Gregory 4709
Cook, Allen T. 40955 Wichita    
Cook, Henry H. 6889 Wichita    
Corder, Etna G. Rejected Wichita Corder, Joel Gillum  
Cox, Samuel Lee 21707 Wichita    
Crayton, Margaret Louise 45925 Wichita Crayton, Thomas Jefferson 31806
Crick, Cornelia W. Rejected Wichita Crick, Charles Newton  
Crummey, Nancy Elizabeth 45675 Wichita Crummey, William Ransom L. 30592
Daniel, Louisa 27720 Wichita Daniel, Wyatt Bibb  
Daniel, Mary L. 37514 Wichita Daniel, Joseph Anderson 11863
Davis, Artie 36624 Wichita Davis, Hilliard S.  
Davis, George Washington 23678 Wichita    
Davis, Jasper Marion 50751 Wichita    
Davis, John Mack Rejected Wichita    
Davis, Julia Caroline 51245 Wichita Davis, Raleigh  
Davis, Mary Francis 21497 Wichita Davis, Franklin B.  
Day, James D. Rejected Wichita    
Dees, Elmira Jane 41997 Wichita Dees, Aaron Sam  
Dial, Thomas C. 37681 Wichita    
Dillard, Rosa 27785 Wichita Dillard, James Eldredge  
Donalson, E. A. (Mrs) 38613 Wichita Donalson, Dan Webster  
Dowlen, Martha A. 51172 Wichita Dowlen, John W.  
Dunaway, Rebecca Clara Rejected Wichita Dunaway, James Cicero  
Duren, Calvin (Calvonestic) A. 35504 Wichita    
Duren, Calvonestic A. (Mrs) 36306 Wichita Duren, Calvonestic (calvin) A. 35504
Elmore, Sarah A. 43389 Wichita Elmore, James Christopher 39341
Farmer, Nancy Ellen 24953 Wichita Farmer, James Monroe  
Fellows, Anna Rejected Wichita Fellows, Edwin Jackson  
Ferlman, Louis 12197 Wichita    
Ficklin, Thomas A. 4388 Wichita    
Fowler, Reuben Samuel 21757 Wichita    
Freeman, Abraham 23264 Wichita    
Funston, Sarah E. 33420 Wichita Funston, John H. 11018
Garner, John Daniel 36661 Wichita    
Gause, Virginia A. 7548 Wichita Gause, Olin B.  
Gilliam, Elizabeth C. 23761 Wichita Gilliam, Robert Edward  
Goodloe, Hattie 47205 Wichita Goodloe, Robert Garrett  
Grady, Martha Jane Rejected Wichita Grady, Dennis Jackson  
Green, Samuel F. 10782 Wichita    
Ground, Mary J. 50550 Wichita Ground, John  
Hales, Amanda Jane Rejected Wichita Hales, Warren Robert  
Hamilton, Anna F. 44070 Wichita Hamilton, Samuel Virgil 24914
Hancock, James 9526 Wichita    
Handcock, Mary J. Rejected Wichita Handcock, James  
Hardin, S. E. (Mrs) 4385 Wichita Hardin, A. J.  
Herrin, Silas Wright 45767 Wichita    
Hester, Margaret 38317 Wichita Hester, Obediah B. 26168
Hill, Udora 46600 Wichita Hill, Hiram  
Holcomb, Sallie M. 33180 Wichita Holcomb, Joseph Franklin  
Holder, S. F. (Mrs) 42883 Wichita Holder, Elisha Green 30312
Hollingsworth, Sarah Jane Turner 43993 Wichita Turner, Thomas William  
Howell, David 22239 Wichita    
Huey, George Dallas 33232 Wichita    
Huey, Manuria A. 38803 Wichita Huey, George Dallas 33232
Humphrey, Eliza 36444 Wichita Humphrey, John Rufus 2201
Humphreys, George Uriah 7387 Wichita    
Humphreys, Rebecca Elizabeth 19331 Wichita Humphreys, George Uriah 7387
Hutchins, Malinda Adaline Oatery 47272 Wichita Oatery, George  
Johnson, Marcus 23265 Wichita    
Jolly, Ellen Victoria Rejected Wichita Jolly, William S.  
Jones, Mary Elvira 23093 Wichita Jones, Enoch  
Jones, Mattie 30036 Wichita Jones, Robert Singleton  
Jones, Mattie J. 39439 Wichita Jones, Gideon T. 11156
Jordan, Martha Isabella 25915 Wichita Jordan, William Stephens 20431
King, Nancy Jane 43280 Wichita King, John  
Light, James Young 35688 Wichita    
Lowrance, Mary Epilena 46837 Wichita Lowrance, Newton Lock 43565
Lowrance, Newton Lock 43565 Wichita    
Mann, Elizabeth Rejected Wichita Mann, Joel Turner  
Matthews, Martha Evelyn Rejected Wichita Matthews, Asberry Hilliard  
McAdams, Lucius M. Rejected Wichita    
McCaghren, Maggie Exzine 49798 Wichita McCaghren, William Franklin  
McCracken, Francis Jane 43537 Wichita McCracken, John Vann  
McCracken, Joseph C. 50375 Wichita    
McDugold, James 37408 Wichita    
McHam, William Dickson 47170 Wichita    
McKeehan, Sue L. 32158 Wichita McKeehan, John Chadwell 10612
McPhaul, Nancy Catherine 25769 Wichita McPhaul, Evander  
Miller, William H. (Buck) 9525 Wichita    
Montgomery, Alice 35444 Wichita Montgomery, William Thomas 20159
Montgomery, William Thomas 20159 Wichita    
Moore, Harbin H. 31599 Wichita    
Moore, S. A. (Mrs) 40035 Wichita Moore, Asbury Henderson  
Morrison, Susan A. Rejected Wichita Morrison, William Jasper  
Nabors, Ada Amanda 47719 Wichita Nabors, Thomas Samuel  
Nelson, Rebecca Catherine 51350 Wichita Nelson, Robert W. 42083
Norton, A. 14476 Wichita    
Norwood, George Washington 49965 Wichita    
Norwood, Henry J. 21460 Wichita    
Norwood, L. J. (Mrs) 50689 Wichita Norwood, George Washington 49965
Oldham, Franklin Columbus (Mrs) 26667 Wichita Oldham, Franklin Columbus 15104
Palmer, Bettie Eugenia Rejected Wichita Palmer, James Asa  
Pinkerton, Elizabeth F. Rejected Wichita Pinkerton, Thomas Urban  
Pipkin, Addie 29872 Wichita Pipkin, Louis Province  
Presler, M. G. (Mrs) 7549 Wichita Presler, J. M.  
Prewett, Josiah 4386 Wichita    
Prewett, Mary 10235 Wichita Prewett, Josiah  
Price, Julia Ann 32752 Wichita Price, Benjamin Franklin  
Prichard, George Meflin Dallas 25993 Wichita    
Prichard, Versa 31797 Wichita Prichard, George Meflin Dallas 25993
Quinn, Nonymus Gorden 26555 Wichita    
Rankin, Lucinda Jane 33989 Wichita Rankin, William Franklin  
Reeves, John L. Rejected Wichita    
Richardson, John William (Mrs) 51791 Wichita Richardson, John William  
Riddle, Thomas Evans 50600 Wichita    
Rives, Edmond H. 28775 Wichita    
Robertson, Rhoda 51265 Wichita Robertson, Samuel Luther  
Robinson, William M. J. (Mrs) 38031 Wichita Robinson, William M. J. 36178
Rochester, Mary P. Rejected Wichita Rochester, R. S.  
Samples, Manerva Rejected Wichita Samples, John  
Sanders, Tennessee Josephine 42119 Wichita Sanders, Augustus  
Sanderson, J. R. 4387 Wichita    
Satterfield, Malinda 42383 Wichita Satterfield, Elijah Parker (parks) 41788
Satterwhite, Amanda Elmira 38913 Wichita Satterwhite, J. T. 13739
Sauls, Emily Sophia Rejected Wichita Sauls, Henry Robert 15484
Shaver, William Kirk 22609 Wichita    
Sherrod, William Crawford 27258 Wichita    
Sherrod, William Crawford (Mrs) 35078 Wichita Sherrod, William Crawford 27258
Sibley, James Madison 25057 Wichita    
Skeen, Sarah Emily 16961 Wichita Skeen, William Parks  
Smith, Arabella Matilda 51348 Wichita Smith, William Jasper  
Smith, J. E. (Mrs) 40397 Wichita Smith, Whiteford Laken  
Smith, J. K. P. 40354 Wichita    
Smith, Mary Elizabeth 25688 Wichita Smith, Lorenzo Benson  
Smith, Olena 49913 Wichita Smith, Sidney W.  
Snell, L. D. 9830 Wichita    
Snow, Martha A. 22177 Wichita Snow, Wiley H.  
Sowell, E. D. W. 6890 Wichita    
Stone, Cynthia E. 45654 Wichita Stone, John R.  
Swaringen, Virginia 36713 Wichita Swaringen, Green S. 6711
Taylor, Sallie Ann Rejected Wichita Taylor, John  
Terrett, Lucy M. 45813 Wichita Terrett, Thomas Jefferson 45006
Terrett, Thomas Jefferson 45006 Wichita    
Tiller, William Henry Cornelius 13118 Wichita    
Tillery, Lindsey M. 40588 Wichita    
Tipton, Sarah Ann Rejected Wichita Tipton, Phylander S.  
Trevathan, Arena 50177 Wichita Trevathan, Richard Edwin  
Tucker, James Thomas Rejected Wichita    
Turner, Urena E. 36935 Wichita Turner, Benjamin Wylie  
Vaughan, Laura M. 47927 Wichita Vaughan, Thomas Robert  
Voss, Lucy A. 36058 Wichita Voss, Lucius Polk 5752
Walker, Margaret Ann 31879 Wichita Walker, Albert Marion 1949
Wigley, Margaret Palometta 51240 Wichita Wigley, Henry Allen  
Williams, Hessie F. 37767 Wichita Williams, John Henry 37322
Williams, John Henry 37322 Wichita    
Wilson, Edward Cortes 35200 Wichita    
Wilson, Euphremia M. 51323 Wichita Wilson, Edward Cortes 35200
Womack, Susan 50847 Wichita Womack, James Andrew  
Wood, Nettie 49924 Wichita Wood, David Dickerson  
Woodhouse, John Throughgood 32445 Wichita    
Woodhouse, Sarah 50971 Wichita Woodhouse, John Throughgood 32445
Worbington, Isabell 38024 Wichita Worbington, Horatio E. 17971
Young, Lizzie Parker 49819 Wichita Young, Henry Clay  



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