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Wilbarger County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants

 The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
[Submitted by Veneta McKinney]

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Akin, Susan T. 26294 Wilbarger Akin, Robert Jasper  
Alexander, Bandey M. 29505 Wilbarger    
Ballman, M. E. Pool (Mrs) 38928 Wilbarger Pool, George Washington  
Barker, William 11696 Wilbarger    
Baskerville, Richard H. 38566 Wilbarger    
Bradford, Martha Virginia 29055 Wilbarger Bradford, Samuel G. 27414
Bradford, Samuel G. 27414 Wilbarger    
Bradstreet, Clara Amando Josephine 44065 Wilbarger Bradstreet, Joseph Rawls (broadstreet) 11948
Brock, M. E. (Mrs) 39347 Wilbarger Brock, Lewis  
Brooks, William Lunsford Rejected Wilbarger    
Bryant, N. J. (Mrs) 24973 Wilbarger Bryant, George J. Nitcheltree  
Carter, Mary 20939 Wilbarger Carter, Charles Wasten  
Carter, Virginia F. 21318 Wilbarger Carter, Lewis (louis) Allen 5875
Castleberry, Ida Mae Rejected Wilbarger Castleberry, Archibald H.  
Chandler, Clara 49059 Wilbarger Chandler, H. G. 23360
Chandler, H. G. 23360 Wilbarger    
Clay, L. E. (Mrs) 49972 Wilbarger Clay, James Monroe  
Clopton, Henry Harrison 33341 Wilbarger    
Clopton, Mattie 45468 Wilbarger Clopton, Henry Harrison 33341
Coleman, Ellen 38857 Wilbarger Coleman, William Henry  
Coleman, William Henry 9524 Wilbarger    
Collins, S. K. 11695 Wilbarger    
Compton, Mary Elizabeth 47275 Wilbarger Compton, Smith Nathan  
Cook, Martha E. T. 10503 Wilbarger Cook, Henry H. 6889
Cooney, Sarah 49713 Wilbarger Cooney, Patrick  
Corbell, Maloney E. 32614 Wilbarger Corbell, Felix Houston 9010
Corzine, S. A. (Mrs) 14478 Wilbarger Corzine, G. J.  
Cox, Belle C. Muller 46011 Wilbarger Muller, Christopher  
Culver, Joseph 33229 Wilbarger    
Dalby, Bettie 16963 Wilbarger Dalby, Benjamin Bullock  
Davis, Macon F. (Mrs) 9577 Wilbarger Davis, John P.  
Dyer, James G. 19333 Wilbarger    
Earls, Richmond N. 29489 Wilbarger    
Ferguson, James A. 14044 Wilbarger    
Ferrell, William S. 23868 Wilbarger    
Flynt, Mariah Whitfield 6057 Wilbarger Flynt, Amasa  
Frazier, John N. 38733 Wilbarger    
Haney, E. J. 25511 Wilbarger Haney, Joseph Brewer 970
Harbison, William H. 43620 Wilbarger    
Harbour, Mintia C. Rejected Wilbarger Harbour, Obed Wesley  
Harper, Cane D. 5065 Wilbarger    
Harper, Susan 9124 Wilbarger Harper, Cane D. 5065
Harrell, Carrie Elizabeth 50175 Wilbarger Harrell, Albert  
Hawkins, Eliza Ann 46590 Wilbarger Hawkins, John Henry  
Hays, Mary A. Lowe Rejected Wilbarger Lowe, Benjamin Franklin  
Henderson, Harvey Columbus 40641 Wilbarger    
Hodges, C. A. 19332 Wilbarger    
Hooper, Elizabeth L. 44086 Wilbarger Hooper, William Robert  
Howard, Sarah J. Rejected Wilbarger Howard, Madison  
Jacks, Isaac M. 5086 Wilbarger    
Jasper, William Rejected Missing Wilbarger    
Johnston, Mattie T. 45936 Wilbarger Johnston, John William Allison  
Jolly, Alfred A. 24259 Wilbarger    
Jones, Mahala Rejected Wilbarger Jones, John Joseph  
Jordan, Henry Reed 5070 Wilbarger    
Jordan, Nancy E. 30276 Wilbarger Jordan, Henry Reed 5070
Kyle, William 6056 Wilbarger    
Lamb, Emma A. 33457 Wilbarger Lamb, Jesse Alford  
Land, Elias M. 16965 Wilbarger    
Lang, John Anderson Rejected Wilbarger    
Langley, Minerva E. 23850 Wilbarger Langley, Hugh B.  
Leak, Sarah N. 45920 Wilbarger Leak, Whitfield  
Linton, Mary Lou 39717 Wilbarger Linton, Marcus Edward 7881
Little, Julia A. 32156 Wilbarger Little, James Jernigan  
Lockett, Amanda Jane 21876 Wilbarger Lockett, Thomas  
Lockhart, Robert Henry 12677 Wilbarger    
Loftis, James Monroe 28774 Wilbarger    
Loftis, Matilda J. Rejected Wilbarger Loftis, James Monroe 28774
Long, John A. Rejected Missing Wilbarger    
Low, P. A. (Mrs) 35257 Wilbarger Isaac Barton, Jr. 19859
Lowrie, G. A. 29803 Wilbarger    
Lundy, William C. 16964 Wilbarger    
Lynn, William F. 16962 Wilbarger    
Lyon, James Monroe 23901 Wilbarger    
Marshall, Maria 40217 Wilbarger Marshall, George Nubern  
Marshall, Thomas Carl 13119 Wilbarger    
Mason, Jennie S. 31626 Wilbarger Mason, Harry Seward  
McCaskill, Susan Permelia 47124 Wilbarger McCaskill, Spears Thomas  
McKinney, W. A. 5192 Wilbarger    
Mears, G. W. (Mrs) 51506 Wilbarger Mears, G. W.  
Milner, S. C. (Mrs) 36420 Wilbarger Milner, Jonathan 15475
Monkres, Robert Pope Rejected Wilbarger    
Morris, Sarah Elizabeth Collins 49399 Wilbarger Collins, James Archibald  
Nabours, Georgia 47349 Wilbarger Nabours, Jim E. 11006
Newton, Lewis D. 24420 Wilbarger    
O'Keeffe, Sallie A. 37494 Wilbarger O'Keeffe, Arthur H. 36761
Perkins, Lee N. 11169 Wilbarger    
Pierce, John Brown Rejected Wilbarger    
Piper, Margaret A. Rejected Wilbarger Piper, Leonidas Zebedee  
Pool, Elvira Eugenia 46198 Wilbarger Pool, John Washington  
Price, William Shadford 19608 Wilbarger    
Ratcliffe, Frederick Charles 12714 Wilbarger    
Reed, Hugh 51433 Wilbarger    
Richie, C. A. 25317 Wilbarger    
Rivers, R. B. 31170 Wilbarger    
Roberts, Ellen 30075 Wilbarger Roberts, John William 21154
Roberts, John William 21154 Wilbarger    
Rousseau, W. T. 14046 Wilbarger    
Sanders, S. A. (Mrs) 5085 Wilbarger Sanders, W. P.  
Scott, C. M. (Mrs) 46579 Wilbarger Scott, J. T.  
Scott, J. T. 35222 Wilbarger    
Shumate, James P. 27621 Wilbarger    
Snipes, E. J. (Mrs) 39190 Wilbarger Snipes, Benjamin B.  
Stalcup, L. H. 35890 Wilbarger    
Staton, James J. 20201 Wilbarger    
Theus, R. A. 14045 Wilbarger    
Thomas, James Sims 21490 Wilbarger    
Thomas, Susan E. 33351 Wilbarger Thomas, James Sims 21490
Thompson, Sallie Tarpley 49911 Wilbarger Tarpley, George Washington  
Ware, William Jasper Rejected Wilbarger    
Webb, Sarah E. 41579 Wilbarger Webb, Albert 30724
Welch, John 14477 Wilbarger    
Williams, Orlenia E. 32232 Wilbarger Williams, John Nelson  



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