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Young County, Texas
Confederate Pension Applicants


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission


Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Abernathy, Laban 12217 Young    
Adams, John William 20009 Young    
Adams, Sarah P. 35655 Young Adams, John William 20009
Alford, Amelia B. 49217 Young Alford, James Hamilton  
Alford, Sarah Ann 26326 Young Alford, Jacob L.  
Allen, J. B. 17062 Young    
Allen, Jessie A. 40596 Young    
Allen, Mollie 51546 Young Allen, Jessie A. 40596
Allen, Tabitha 47263 Young Allen, Andrew Jackson  
Armstrong, Sarah Jane 38626 Young Armstrong, John Bryant  
Beall, Elitha Heby 38621 Young Beall, Benjamin Holland  
Bennett, W. A. Rejected Young    
Blackwell, E. J. (Mrs) 31047 Young Blackwell, Joseph  
Blanton, Amanda Catherine 49662 Young Blanton, James Herod  
Blevins, L. P. (Mrs) 35642 Young Blevins, Squire Echols 34427
Blevins, Squire Echols 34427 Young    
Boyle, George Curling 23584 Young    
Boyle, Mary Francis 35654 Young Boyle, George Curling 23584
Braddock, Callie Dorria 51672 Young Braddock, Elbert Marion  
Brandon, Artimecia 29647 Young Brandon, Rufus Lafayette 24346
Brandon, Rufus Lafayette 24346 Young    
Brooks, Louis Pinkney 47447 Young    
Brooks, Louis Pinkney (Mrs) 50445 Young Brooks, Louis Pinkney 47447
Bush, Emma C. 17063 Young Bush, Louis B.  
Butler, Mary Ann 10790 Young Butler, Benjamin F.  
Cantrell, Jim 47357 Young    
Cantrell, S. S. (Mrs) 50741 Young Cantrell, Jim 47357
Carlton, G. W. 32843 Young    
Chandler, H. M. (Mrs) Rejected Young Chandler, John Lemuel  
Cheves, W. B. 49750 Young    
Clark, Daniel James Edwin 23421 Young    
Cochran, Emma A. Rejected Young Cochran, David Jackson  
Cochran, Emma Campbell 45092 Young Campbell, Louis  
Cook, S. D. 25164 Young    
Cowan, Stephen D. 34640 Young    
Dalrymple, Charles M. 10508 Young    
Day, George Washington 23544 Young    
Durham, Alice Rejected Young Durham, Rufus Edward  
Durham, Mary B. 26910 Young Durham, Francis Marion  
Durrett, Robert W. 9765 Young    
Eddleman, Harriet Emeline 6060 Young Eddleman, John A.  
Farley, James Martin 26047 Young    
Farley, Loretta 30363 Young Farley, James Martin 26047
Fields, H. C. 23027 Young    
Foster, Morry F. 6064 Young Foster, E. P.  
Freeman, E. E. (Mrs) 32616 Young Freeman, John Calvin  
Gage, James M. 11178 Missing Young    
Gant, Julia M. 40833 Young Gant, Absolem Bobo  
Garner, Elizabeth Ann 51445 Young Garner, John Daniel 36661
George, William Albert (Mrs) 28212 Young George, William Albert  
Gilmer, William Barr 49389 Young William Barr, Sr.  
Gough, Frank V. Rejected Young    
Graves, Jonathan Wolf 17061 Young    
Graves, S. C. (Mrs) 20328 Young Graves, Jonathan Wolf 17061
Groner, Tillie Gilchrist Rejected Young Groner, William Christopher 34886
Groner, William Christopher 34886 Young    
Guinn, M. S. (Mrs) 25207 Young Guinn, James Knox  
Harper, Dora A. 26432 Young Harper, John Polk  
Harrell, Madison Dodd (Mrs) 51435 Young Harrell, Madison Dodd  
Harris, Eudora 51933 Young Harris, James Monroe  
Harris, James Monroe 26045 Young    
Harris, John Thomas 7683 Young    
Harris, Martha 40812 Young Harris, G. C.  
Harris, Samantha 20350 Young Harris, John Thomas 7683
Havens, F. M. 19351 Young    
Hawley, Martha A. 18575 Young Hawley, James Linus 6734
Hefner, J. L. Rejected Young    
Higgins, Minerva C. 45723 Young Higgins, William M. 2202
Hill, Susan 27213 Young Hill, William R. 5564
Jack, J. B. 21195 Young    
James, S. H. 27331 Young    
Johnson, Hellen Rejected Young Johnson, William  
Johnson, Jesse 21583 Young    
Jones, Sarah Elizabeth 20700 Young Jones, Watts Roland  
Jones, Watts R. Rejected Young    
Kennedy, Mary Ann 11708 Young Kennedy, William Jasper  
Kerrigan, Ophelia 42772 Young Kerrigan, Harry 32254
Lacy, James Milton 31116 Young    
Lancaster, Artemissia Jane 20670 Young Lancaster, Joseph Thomas 11814
Lawrence, W. B. 6062 Young    
Lee, Martha A. 6061 Young Lee, Abel  
Lemmond, John L. Rejected Young    
Lindsey, Romulus 23814 Young    
Long, J. W. 32524 Young    
Long, Mattie 43485 Young Long, Jacob Watson  
Mabry, L. C. (Mrs) 43067 Young Mabry, Robert Evans 42050
Mabry, Robert Evans 42050 Young    
Masters, M. C. (Mrs) 51701 Young Masters, John Wesley 28695
Matthews, Lou 50799 Young Matthews, William M. 41100
Matthews, William M. 41100 Young    
Maupin, Margaret Rejected Young Maupin, Patrick  
Mayes, Robert K. 30273 Young    
Mays, Francis Augustus 17065 Young    
McClanahan, Mary 50321 Young McClanahan, Petter Alexander  
McGee, J. L. Rejected Young    
McPhaill, R. C. 17260 Young    
Melton, M. A. (Mrs) 38724 Young Melton, Obadiah Meador 13579
Melton, Obadiah Meador 13579 Young    
Miller, Benjamin F. Rejected Young    
Morrison, John P. 19653 Young    
Morriss, Annie S. 40051 Young Morriss, Abney Young 36936
Mundell, James Abner 17064 Young    
Mundell, Margarete E. 21223 Young Mundell, James Abner 17064
Newman, Sam 34180 Young    
Oldham, Mason 7428 Young    
Parker, H. J. 6059 Young    
Payne, Susan Isabel 47555 Young Payne, Benjamin Hill  
Petty, Martha W. 43037 Young Petty, Jeptha  
Price, Isaac Rejected Young    
Price, John B. 39500 Young    
Pritchard, Sarah E. Rejected Young Pritchard, William Benton  
Pugh, A. A. (Mrs) 6058 Young Pugh, Henry B.  
Quinn, Nancy Rebecca 35772 Young Quinn, William Orange 16996
Ray, L. C. 20655 Young    
Ribble, Edward J. 9376 Young    
Richardson, C. T. 24532 Young    
Robinson, J. W. 45447 Young    
Robinson, Reuben R. Rejected Young    
Robinson, William M. J. 36178 Young    
Rogers, Sam P. 35734 Young    
Scarborough, Eliza J. 49233 Young Scarborough, Thomas Green  
Shannon, J. W. Rejected Young    
Shannon, Minerva 6063 Young Shannon, James  
Sikes, Mary Etta 38159 Young Sikes, Benjamin Franklin 1303
Smith, Thomas Edward (Mrs) 29513 Young Smith, Thomas Edward  
Smith, W. H. (Mrs) 43981 Young Smith, W. H.  
Stanford, Philip 27239 Young    
Starrett, A. J. (Mrs) 17066 Young Starrett, John Standford  
Starrett, J. S. Rejected Young    
Steadham, Jane R. 25225 Young Steadham, John Edward  
Stewart, William A. 24526 Young    
Still, John William 22334 Young    
Still, Mary E. Rejected Young Still, John William 22334
Stoffers, C. 28587 Young    
Sullivan, Martha J. 51595 Young Sullivan, James Franklin  
Tate, Maria L. Rejected Young Tate, John Scott  
Thigpen, Mary M. 26946 Young Thigpen, Fredrick Stanton  
Tipton, J. A. (Mrs) 39820 Young Tipton, Samuel Houston 17060
Tipton, Samuel Houston 17060 Young    
Tollett, M. 27240 Young    
Townsend, J. C. Rejected Young    
Tucker, Amos Barnes 25299 Young    
Tucker, Harriet S. 35675 Young Tucker, Amos Barnes 25299
Turner, Samuel Eson 26485 Young    
Turner, Samuel Eson (Mrs) 30011 Young Turner, Samuel Eson 26485
Vest, Maranda 41338 Young Vest, James M.  
Waddell, N. A. Rejected Young    
Wade, Mary Etta 30725 Young Wade, Milton McClure  
Walker, R. G. 28525 Young    
Wells, R. A. (Mrs) 46372 Young Wells, James Reese  
White, A. C. 25285 Young    
Wideman, S. I. (Mrs) 40696 Young Wideman, Frank 31322
Wilkinson, L. M. (Mrs) 47513 Young Wilkinson, William Calhoun  
Williams, Fannie 52071 Young Williams, Robert Lenora  
Williamson, Samuel Daniel 24947 Young    
Willis, Hannah 44036 Young Willis, Griffin Green  
Wood, John Henderson 26320 Young    
Wood, Mary Wade 45956 Young Wood, John Henderson 26320
Woodward, Elizabeth 42515 Young Woodward, Thomas William Taylor 21380
Woodward, Thomas William Taylor 21380 Young    
Wootton, J. L. 23103 Young    
Wright, A. J. 19350 Young    
Wright, Benjamin A. 11177 Young    
Yarbrough, M. E. (Mrs) 41159 Young Yarbrough, William David 23371
Yarbrough, William David 23371 Young    
Young, H. P. 25728 Young    



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