Gregg County, Texas

1889 Longview Directory



1889 Longview, Texas Directory
Southwestern Business Directory, published 1889 by McKenney Directory Co 
Transcribed by ©Sheryl McClure


 Alamo House, Mrs. A. Shoopman propr. 

Allen, W. B., job printer 

Barnes, L. J., tax assessor 

Bass, W. R., saloon 

Blanton & Whaley (J. S. Blanton and R. Whaley) attys. 

BORING, E. R. MRS., dealer in harness, saddlery, hardware, sewing machines and agricultural implements of all kinds, J. T. Buttrill manager 

Brown B. F., grocer 

Brown & Fleuellen, grocers 

Bruner, W. I., dry goods 

Buckelew, G. S., grocer 

Buil, F. N., saddles and harness 

Butt, W. T., grocer 

BUTTRELL, J. T., dealer in groceries, harness, saddlery, hardware, grain, implements of all kinds and New Home Sewing Machines 

Campbell, T. M., atty. 

Chaney & Foster, planing mill 

Clemmons, A. E. & Sons (A. E., J. R. and T. E.) bankers 

Clemmons J. R. & T. E., fire ins. agt. 

Cunningham, O., operator W. U. T. Co 

De Graffenried, R. C., atty. 

Echols, R. F., meat market 

Falcone, J. Mrs, restaurant 

Fisher, W. D., atty. 

Flewellen, T. A., confectionery 

Foster & Duncan (C. A. Foster and J. W. Duncan) grocers 

Gibbons, J. P., saloon 

Goode, W. J., wagon maker 

Goode, W. R., blacksmith 

GREGG COUNTY CLARION (The) official organ of the city, F Marschalk editor and publisher, office in Cruchner & Harrison Building, fine job printing a specialty 

GREGG COUNTY CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, C. C. Morgan superintendent, dealer in general merchandise 

Harrison, J. V., city marshal 

Herndon, W C, blacksmith 

Hirth, P. J., barber 

Hoskins, J. M., planing mill 

Hoyller, J. D., livery stable 

Isham, M. M., milliner 

Janneson & Pinkham (W. M. Janneson and D. D. Pinkham) hardware 

Kilgore, F. Mrs, postmistress 

Killingsworth A. A., sheriff and tax collector 

Lane, J. A., city assessor 

Lawrence, C. W., druggist 

Levy, R. B. Sr, district and county clerk 

Levy, R. B. Jr, atty. 

Long View Cycle (The) E. S. Terry editor and publisher 

Long View Junction House, George D. Flanders propr. 


MARSCHALK FRANCIS, editor and publisher Gregg County Clarion, job printing a specialty 

Marshall, B D, livery stable 

Mayfield & Luckett, gen. mdse. 

Mayfield, W. S., city treas . 

McKay, S. S. Mrs, milliner 

Merrill, G. T., grocer 

Mobberly House, Mobberly Bros proprs 

MORGAN, C. C. superintendent Gregg County Co-operative Association, dealers in general merchandise 

MUNDEN, J. B., dealer in choice whiskies, wines, cigars, cigarettes and tobacco 

Northcut, W. G., hardware and marble works and mayor of Long View 

Oden, A. N., barber 

Pacific Express Co, C. Foster agt. 

PATTILLO, L. W., scroll sawing and ornamental housework, rustic wood work of all description and furniture repairer 

Pegues, O. H., county treasurer 

Ragland, E. B., county atty. 

Reinhert, F. T., gen. mdse. 

Rogers, J. V., commission merchant 

Rosenfield, M., dry goods 

Roussell, E. T., wagon maker 

Smith, C. J., saloon 

Smith, J. T., county judge 

Smith, T. P. & Co, saloon 

Sparkman & McKain (J. M. Sparkman and R. B. McKain) druggists 

Taylor, A. S., atty. 

Terry, E. S., atty. and county surveyor 

Vinson, E. W., cotton buyer 

Wadel B. & Co, dry goods 

Walke, R. K., dry goods 

Whitelock, W. T., grocer 

Williams, W. A., grocer 

Womack & Perry, grocers 

Young, A., agt. T. & P. R. R. 



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