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Nacogdoches County, Texas

1850 Mortality Census

Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund





Free or Slave

Married or Widowed

Place of Birth




Number of
days ill

Page 4                    
Dick 4/12 M B S   Texas February   Smothered Sudden
Thomas Russel 87 M     W Georgia March Farmer Pneumonia 6 weeks
Mary Spencer 54 F     M Georgia February   ??? of ??? 3 months
Sam 40 M B S   Virginia December Laborer Dropsey 1 year
Mariah 39 F B S   Virginia May   Dropsey 6 months
Elizabeth Gaylor 1 F       Mississippi June   Diarrhea 18 days
Houston 3/12 M B     Texas May   Smothered Sudden
Elizabeth Murphy 61 F F [sic]   W Virginia February   Cold 2 weeks
Harriet A. Rook 1 F       Texas July   Hives 1 day
Moses 80 M B S   Virginia March Laborer Phthesic [sic?] 2 years
Mary Perry 8/12 F       Texas March   Whooping Cough 6 weeks
Mary 1 F B S   Texas April   Unknown 2 months
Elijah Hill 26 M       Tennessee February Farmer Typhus Fever 11 days
Willis 30 M B S   Unknown January Laborer Cold 1 month
Samuel C. Royallin 3 M       Mississippi January   Scarlet Fever 3 weeks
Unnamed 3/12 F B S   Texas February   Unknown 3 months
Caroline Remnule 2 F       Texas October   Conjestive Fever 2 days
Haydan Edwards 73 M       Virginia August None Old Age 2 months
Henry Bainer 4 M       Texas January   Dropsey 9 days
Mary Weeks 7/12 F       Texas January   Hives 3 days
Charles Cage 3 M       Texas February   Scarlet Fever 5 days
William Gilber 1 M       Texas July   Disease of the heart 17 days
Page 2                    
Alfono 43 M B S   Georgia June Laborer Disease of the heart 9 months
James Skillern 63 M       Kentucky May Farmer Disease of the heart 2 months
Martha W. Kelliam 21 F     M Alabama July   Conjestive Fever 4 days
Oscar 50 M B S   Maryland May Laborer Unknown 2 weeks
Alec 24 F B S   Arkansas March   Unknown 7 weeks
Alfont 22 M B S   S. Carolina February   Poisoned 3 years
James Whititusa 5 M       Alabama May   Drowned Sudden
Martha A. Byor 10/12 F       Texas June   Hives 4 days
Leai Martin 31 M       Alabama March Farmer Pneumonia 4 days
Harriet A. Morrison 1 F       Texas November   Wormes [sic?] 4 months
Henry H. Chapman 10 M       Mississippi April   Unknown 2 years
Sam 20 M B S   Alabama May Laborer Drowned Sudden
Caroline Remnule 1 F B S   Texas July   Disease of the heart 5 days
Mereweather 30 M B S   Virginia May Laborer Drowned Sudden
Prissilla 2 F B S   Texas December   Scarlet Fever 3 days
Newton Smith 7 M       Texas April   Scarlet Fever 2 days
George Mathews 66 M       N. Carolina August Carpenter Unknown 1 year
Stephen 50 M B S   Virginia January Laborer Scarlet Fever 3 weeks
James M. Martin 5 M       Texas July   Scarlet Fever 2 months
Harriet 10 F B S   Texas July   Scarlet Fever 12 days
Margaret Thamasan 3 F       Texas August   Unknown 1 year
Mealnina Simpson 9 F       Texas June   Unknown Sudden
Casander Bell 34 F       N. Carolina November   Unknown 1 year
Ben 45 M B S   Virginia January Laborer Consumption 6 months
Martha I. McElroy 10 F       Texas January   Scarlet Fever 1 day
Unnamed 3 F       Texas January   Scarlet Fever 5 days
William Mora 34 M       Louisana June Farmer Consumption 5 years
Albert Byron 2 M M Free or Slave   Texas February   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Leonidas Williams 24 M       Tennessee April None Dropsey 10 years
Mary I. Williams 10 F       Tennessee April   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Frances Williams 8 M       Louisana May   Scarlet Fever 3 days
Marcial R. White 12 M       Mississippi October   Dropsey 3 years
Arnelia Williams 7 F       Mississippi July   Dropsey 1 month
Erwin R. Gill 1 F       Texas October   Diarrhea 3 months
Sufrana 4 F B     Texas February   Scarlet Fever 1 month
Remarks: The last two winters and springs have been unusually cold and wet and the later part of the summer dry and hot which were the cause of crops having been short. There are no minerals in this county.


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