Rusk County, Texas

1850 Mortality Schedule

 Transcribed by Jan Stypula
or Slave
Married Status
Month Died
Harrel, F. M. 22 M       Alabama August Machinist B. Fever 4
Blythe, Thos 8 M       Tennessee January   Infl Brain 3
Armstrong, Isabella 1/12 F       Texas Sept   Croup 5
Harris, A. S. 33 M     M Unknown August Preacher M E C Infl Brain 5
Hudson, Joshua


M       Arkansas December Farmer Infl Brain 4
Turner, Oliver H. 25 M       Tennessee March Farmer Infl Brain 21
Turner, Miss Infant 1 F       Texas July   Scrofula disease from birth
Turner, Miss Infant 1 F       Texas August   Scrofula disease from birth
Lane, Robert L 57 M     M Georgia February Farmer Infl Bowels 5
McGuire, Mary A. 10 F       Texas August   Diarrhea 15
Whetstone, Georgia Ann 3 F       Louisiana Sept   B Fever 35
Lovel, Sarah E 3 F       Georgia Oct   Burn Sudden
Smith, Dewit C. 2 M       Texas December   B Fever 15
S R Brown s Servt, Jesse 40 M B S   Texas June   Diarrhea 4
S R Brown s Servt, Betty 45 F B S   Texas August   Female disease 6 months
Bill, Mary 16 F     M Mississippi January   Infl Brain 3
Lewis, Charlotte 12 F       Texas Sept   Worms Sudden
** Dyers Servt, Phillip 4/12 M B S   Texas May   Fever 1
Nancy 34 F B S   Unknown April   Child Birth 30
Shedd, Thos W. 36 M     M N York May Lawyer Laryngetis 13
Cornelius, John L. 13 M       Alabama August   Infl Brain 3
Oliver, Thos 70 M     M N Carolina June Farmer dead Palsey 4 months
Brown, Anna 35 F     M Tennessee May   Consumption 8 months
Amey 14 F B S   Tennessee Sept   Scrofula 5 months
Ailstalk, John W. 1 M       Texas August   Infl Bowels 15
Savage, Mary A 28 F       Tennessee January   consumption 12 months
Robinson, Isaac D 55 M     M Unknown January Farmer consumption 5 months
Pingston, Harriet 44 F     M S Carolina May   cancer 6 months
Mullins, Sarah 45 F     M Kentucky December   Female disease 21
Holloway, John 40 M     M Tennessee January Farmer Cholera 3
Berry, William 6 M       Illinois May   Cholera 3
Tomlinson, Leonard 43 M     M Georgia August Farmer B. Fever 24
Saturn, Ida 2 F       Alabama February   Pneumonia 20
Cesar 60 M B S   Unknown February   Pneumonia 14
Grant, Eliza J. 2 F       Mississippi July   B. Fever 8 months
Yarbrough, Lycurgus 4 M       Texas February   B. Fever 19
Grothro, Clavicus J 17 M       Alabama March   Pneumonia 14
Jane 19 F B S   Alabama Sept   Dropsey 3 months
Gilkerson, Robert 43 M     M Kentucky July CP Clergyman Infl Lungs 9
Curtis, Samuel T. 1/12 M       Texas June   Unknown 20
Ross, Hugh 10 M       Texas February   Scarlet Fever 30
Ross, Stephen 4 M       Texas February   Scarlet Fever 8
John 3/12 M B S   Texas March   Scarlet Fever 7
Ferguson, Isaac D 3 M       Texas June   Infl Brain 3
Sanders, Infant 1 F       Texas Oct   Croup 1
Sanders, Infant 3/12 M       Texas July   Chills 3 months
Smith, Newton 9/12 M       Texas April   Infl Brain 15
Parsons, David 28 M       Louisiana Sept   Congestive Chill 4
Parsons, Wm B. 19 M       Louisiana August   Congestive Chill 6
R Magee s Servt, Sarah 35 F B S   Unknown Sept   Female disease 50
Antony 1 M B S   Texas Oct   Unknown Sudden
Simpson, Martha 4 F       Arkansas July   Infl Brain 45
Guthrie, Martha 50 F     M Alabama Sept   Female disease 32
Wood Sollomon 50 M     M Georgia June Farmer Dropsey 90
Pirtle, George W 36 M     M Tennessee May Merchant Consumption 50
Catherine 6 F B S   Texas December   Cholera 1
Johnson, Stephen 49 M       S Carolina January Farmer Consumption 5 months
Henry 21 M B S   S Carolina June   Unknown 4 months
Gibson, John 33 M     M Georgia May Lawyer Pneumonia 9
Maria 4/12 F B S   Georgia March   Croup 1
Boyd, John A 22 M     M S Carolina January Farmer Cholera 1
Gentry, Eli 23 M     M Georgia January Carpenter Cholera 2
Barton, Sarah 26 F     M Georgia January   Cholera 2
Holt, Harrison 29 M       Alabama March Farmer T Fever 15
Lawson Francis S. 25 M       Georgia April Student Medicine Chronic disease  



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