Sabine County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants



The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

[Submitted by Veneta McKinney]

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Allen, M. E. (Mrs) 16436 Sabine Allen, James Thomas  
Anthony, Thomas B. 6923 Sabine    
Baldree, Jim Marion 26089 Sabine    
Baldree, Mary Elizabeth 39667 Sabine Baldree, Jim Marion 26089
Beall, Elias Neal 18314 Sabine    
Beall, Fannie E. 21005 Sabine Beall, Elias Neal 18314
Berry, R. W. Rejected Sabine    
Bickley, J. S. 26436 Sabine    
Bickley, J. S. 14093 Sabine    
Bickley, M. H. (Mrs) 28739 Sabine Bickley, William Washington  
Birdwell, J. A. 17154 Sabine    
Bonneau, Ella Rejected Sabine Bonneau, Arnoldus 20092
Bonneau, H. S. 8562 Sabine    
Bright, Alice 39576 Sabine Bright, J. S. D. 33266
Browning, Perry 28150 Sabine    
Browning, William 27215 Sabine    
Burkehalter, Frances Rejected Sabine Burkehalter, James D.  
Busby, William Henry Harrison Rejected Sabine    
Caldwell, Harriet A. 13975a Sabine Caldwell, Hugh Lawson 13975
Caldwell, Hugh Lawson 13975 Sabine    
Caraway, Mary A. 8061 Sabine Caraway, N. J.  
Carlton, Henry Harrison 16412 Sabine    
Carlton, Laura Elizabeth 20903 Sabine Carlton, Henry Harrison 16412
Chandler, Ann V. Rejected Sabine Chandler, John  
Clark, Elizabeth 9330 Sabine Clark, Paschal 3552
Clark, M. J. (Mrs) 29753 Sabine Clark, Elias  
Clark, Paschal 3552 Sabine    
Click, Joseph H. 7956 Sabine    
Cobb, Lydia A. 16435 Sabine Cobb, Lafayette  
Cole, Providence William 26435 Sabine    
Cole, Providence William (Mrs) 40109 Sabine Cole, Providence William 26435
Cook, John 34748 Sabine    
Cooper, Amelia 42744 Sabine Cooper, James Amberson 33200
Cooper, James Amberson 33200 Sabine    
Cooper, W. H. 31440 Sabine    
Cordray, Martha 31279 Sabine Cordray, Daniel C.  
Coussins, Julia G. 27759 Sabine Coussins, William Thomas  
Craig, Joel 26425 Sabine    
Crowell, Henry 25672 Sabine    
Crowell, Laura 50299 Sabine Crowell, Henry  
Curl, O. C. 29394 Sabine    
Daimwood, Susan 8931 Sabine Daimwood, Henry  
Davidson, J. O. 25774 Sabine    
Davidson, James T. 27214 Sabine    
Davidson, Pedras Philips (Mrs) 36776 Sabine Davidson, Pedras Philips  
Davidson, Sarah Josephine 43382 Sabine Davidson, William Richard 16431
Davidson, Thomas B. 6812 Sabine    
Davidson, William Richard 16431 Sabine    
Davis, N. V. (Mrs) 3548 Sabine Davis, Robert H.  
Dees, John C. 25159 Sabine    
Denby, John Henry 25263 Sabine    
Denby, John Henry (Mrs) Rejected Sabine Denby, John Henry 25263
Dent, Anna M. 45365 Sabine Dent, John Turner 27305
Dent, John Turner 27305 Sabine    
Dickerson, John Cullen 8930 Sabine    
Dickinson, Mary C. 16430 Sabine Dickinson, James Lenard  
Drennan, Bettie 35356 Sabine Drennan, Jim Moses 25571
Drennan, Jim Moses 25571 Sabine    
Dry, Hattie 34337 Sabine Dry, William Rufus 9211
Edmondsond, Sallie 3549 Sabine Edmondsond, John H.  
Edwards, Owen C. Rejected Sabine    
Ellison, Minerva A. 6813 Sabine Ellison, Mancel  
Errington, Francis M. 14397 Sabine    
Farrell, Frances A. Rigsby (Mrs) 38783 Sabine Rigsby, John Lewis  
Ferguson, Alexander 9827 Sabine    
Ferguson, Julian Virginia 25760 Sabine Ferguson, Alexander 9827
Ferguson, Nancy Jane 26250 Sabine Ferguson, Jeremiah Alexander  
Ferguson, William 3543 Sabine    
Finley, Mary A. 3550 Sabine Finley, Samuel A.  
Ford, John E. 13052 Sabine    
Fullen, John W. 16433 Sabine    
Fullen, W. M. 16432 Sabine    
Garlington, Mariola 3545 Sabine Garlington, Dalphon R.  
Gellately, Mary C. 49588 Sabine Gellately, William M.  
Gellatly, David 16438 Sabine    
Gellatly, Peter 19782 Sabine    
Gellatly, Sallie 22516 Sabine Gellatly, David 16438
Gilbert, William Bird 7954 Sabine    
Giles, Angeline Rejected Sabine Giles, Clark  
Glover, W. F. Rejected Sabine    
Gooch, P. D. 29818 Sabine    
Goodrich, Leah Elizabeth 26532 Sabine Goodrich, John Smith  
Gordon, Susanah M. 3547 Sabine Gordon, William L.  
Grant, W. J. 16437 Sabine    
Gray, Barion 10191 Sabine    
Halbert, Mary 45388 Sabine William Washington, Sr. 39515
Halbert, Phebe Rejected Sabine Halbert, James  
Halbert, W. W. 28592 Sabine    
Halbert, William Washington 39515 Sabine    
Hamilton, Pulaski R. 13974 Sabine    
Hammock, Amanda B. 16409 Sabine Hammock, C. W.  
Hammond, Job C. 26093 Sabine    
Hammond, Job C. (Mrs) 33913 Sabine Hammond, Job C. 26093
Harris, S. J. (Mrs) 16429 Sabine Harris, Joseph Lawson  
Harvey, Z. C. (Mrs) 36843 Sabine Slocum, Thomas Walker  
Henson, Isiah Rejected Sabine    
Hogan, William I. 16416 Sabine    
Holbert, Phebe Rejected Missing Sabine    
Hopkins, J. S. Rejected Sabine    
Houghton, Mary Elizabeth 50234 Sabine Houghton, John Pinkly  
Huffman, C. B. 9751 Sabine    
Isom, J. D. 9750 Sabine    
Isom, R. L. 3546 Sabine    
Jacks, B. K. 16420 Sabine    
Jacks, Marion 10464 Sabine    
Jacks, Mary 13053 Sabine Jacks, Marion 10464
Johnson, Felix S. 18315 Sabine    
Johnson, Sarah A. 19238 Sabine Johnson, George L.  
Johnson, Theodocia White 39861 Sabine Johnson, Jacob D.  
Jones, Brown V. 18316 Sabine    
Jones, Sallie N. 42535 Sabine Jones, Hardin R.  
Jordan, Josephine M. 3551 Sabine Jordan, Lewis  
Key, Lizzie Rejected Sabine Key, Enoch  
King, A. D. (Mrs) 19858 Sabine King, Martin  
King, F. C. 33856 Sabine    
King, Philip Millhouse (Mrs) 45512 Sabine King, Philip Millhouse 25833
Layfield, Seth Marion 3542 Sabine    
Layfield, Susan F. 16422 Sabine Layfield, Seth Marion 3542
Lee, Richmond 3544 Sabine    
Lisenby, H. 19601 Sabine    
Lisenby, Martha 50269 Sabine Lisenby, H. 19601
Loggins, James T. 8563 Sabine    
Low, Samuel T. 46094 Sabine    
Lowe, Olevia 42635 Sabine Lowe, V. C. 16421
Lowe, V. C. 16421 Sabine    
Lowe, W. L. Rejected Sabine    
Lowe, William Leon 30440 Sabine    
Magee, V. C. (Mrs) 13499 Sabine Magee, Green F.  
Martin, W. F. Rejected Sabine    
Mason, Elisha J. 10466 Sabine    
Mason, Napoleon B. 16419 Sabine    
Mason, Susan Rejected Sabine Mason, James Governor  
Maund, Henry Clay 27953 Sabine    
Maund, Pattie E. 36952 Sabine Maund, Henry Clay 27953
Maxey, John J. 18313 Sabine    
Maxey, Sarah 39597 Sabine Maxey, John J. 18313
Mays, Mary E. 20191 Sabine Mays, George Washington  
McCall, Sefrona E. 19873 Sabine McCall, Charles Augusta  
McClanahan, G. B. 11625 Sabine    
McClelland, T. R. (Mrs) 3556 Sabine McClelland, Samuel D.  
McCord, Mary A. 16410 Sabine McCord, William Walter  
McCord, W. W. 3541 Sabine    
McDaniel, Martha 38041 Sabine McDaniel, Samuel William 16411
McDaniel, Samuel William 16411 Sabine    
McDaniel, Zerowine Joan 18318 Sabine McDaniel, William Watson  
McGee, William L. 41093 Sabine    
McGown, John F. Rejected Sabine    
McGraw, Albert 8564 Sabine    
McGraw, Bird 38572 Sabine    
McGraw, Rebecca 12124 Sabine McGraw, Albert 8564
Meador, James T. 16423 Sabine    
Meeks, Mary A. 28752 Sabine Meeks, John Cleveland  
Moran, W. F. 16424 Sabine    
Morris, Benjamin Franklin Rejected Sabine    
Morris, John A. 16408 Sabine    
Morris, Larkin Newton (Mrs) 38570 Sabine Morris, Larkin Newton  
Oliphint, G. E. (Mrs) 16417 Sabine Oliphint, Seaborn Harris  
Patterson, Melissa E. 16414 Sabine Patterson, Jarrott Hoston  
Pentecost, Bettie 32476 Sabine Pentecost, Jacob Wesley  
Polley, Angelina A. 7957 Sabine Polley, Oliver J.  
Pratt, Eliza W. 29310 Sabine Pratt, Marshall Jay  
Pritchard, John L. 7025 Sabine    
Pulliam, S. E. (Mrs) 35912 Sabine William Turner, Sr. 16413
Pulliam, William Turner 16413 Sabine    
Reese, Jane 38298 Sabine Reese, Allen  
Rice, Mathias 16440 Sabine    
Robbins, Henry Bennett 16441 Sabine    
Robbins, Jane 31783 Sabine Robbins, Henry Bennett 16441
Roberts, Turner Ingram Rejected Sabine    
Rollins, M. H. 26587 Sabine    
Russell, Fannie L. 23266 Sabine Russell, Ransom Levi  
Sanders, B. F. 16439 Sabine    
Scoggins, Louisa 6924 Sabine Scoggins, William C.  
Smith, C. E. Rejected Sabine    
Smith, Edward 28593 Sabine    
Smith, John A. 10465 Sabine    
Smith, L. J. 11627 Sabine    
Smith, Mary Ann Rejected Sabine Smith, Henry C.  
Smith, Mary Ann Patrick Rejected Sabine Patrick, Henry  
Smith, William Harris 16407 Sabine    
Smith, William Harris (Mrs) 22643 Sabine Smith, William Harris 16407
Speights, Green W. 3553 Sabine    
Story, J. M. 3554 Sabine    
Stott, J. T. Rejected Sabine    
Strather, M. M. (Mrs) 16415 Sabine Strather, Samuel Nail  
Strickland, William 30830 Sabine    
Travis, Amos 11113 Sabine    
Travis, Sarah J. 12125 Sabine Travis, Simpson 11626
Travis, Simpson 11626 Sabine    
Travis, Sophronia P. 7955 Sabine Travis, Cannon  
Tucker, George 12601 Sabine    
Vanschoubrock, Silas Henry 18317 Sabine    
Walker, Eunice C. 34690 Sabine Walker, John Baley 19454
Walker, John Baley 19454 Sabine    
Walker, Margarett 16427 Sabine Walker, Jackson G.  
Walker, W. J. 30212 Sabine    
Warren, T. G. 3555 Sabine    
Watson, Mary E. 16428 Sabine Watson, Thomas Barden  
Went, J. E. 16426 Sabine    
White, Ary Adney 17153 Sabine White, Amsire Hardon  
White, E. J. Rejected Sabine    
White, E. J. 29408 Sabine    
Whitehead, Charles Tomlinson 16425 Sabine    
Whitehead, Francis Elizabeth 22397 Sabine Whitehead, Charles Tomlinson 16425
Whitehead, Martin 11624 Sabine    
Whitehead, Mary J. 25935 Sabine Whitehead, Martin 11624
Williams, Lewis S. 26823 Sabine    
Williams, Lewis S. (Mrs) 32757 Sabine Williams, Lewis S. 26823
Williams, P. K. (Mrs) 51496 Sabine Williams, P. K. 16445
Williams, Samuel Rejected Sabine    
Wilson, T. G. 29071 Sabine    



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