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San Augustine County, Texas

1850 Mortality Census


Submitted to Genealogy Trails by S. Williams

[Transcriber's Note: I believe that the U's stand for Unknown and that the W's are just overextended U's but cannot be sure as the enumerator put and Unk as one unknown place. I believe the T is for Texas but cannot be sure.]

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1850, in the County of San Augustine, State of Texas, enumerated by me, Wm. B. M. Shaw, Ass't Marshall








Place of Birth

Month Died



Days ill


John Howard 62 M     M GA March Farmer Bill Cholic 1 year  
Freeman Prather 38 M     M LA May Farmer Consumption 6  
Morris 3 M B S   T May   Worms 8 days  
Franklin Whitmin 3 M       Texas June   Unknown 6 months  
Alexander Henson 3 M       Ala Aug   Fever 4 days  
Francis Henson 5/12 M       Mi Aug   Fever 7 days  
Nathaniel hunt 66 M     M GA Sept Farmer Rheum Paines? 7 mos  
Frances M. Boyd 29 M     M Tenn Oct Farmer Bill H??? 7 days  
Wade W. Horton 34 M     M NC Nov Farmer Shot Accdy 3 wek?  
Jesse 1 M M S   T March   Fever 3 wek?  
Infant 1/12 M B S   T May   Unknown    
Marshal 1 M B S   T April   Pneumonia 10 ds  
Wesley 2 M M S   T July   W. Cough 3 mos  
Albert 1 M B S   T April   Brain Dis 4 mos  
Joseph Kelsey 4 M       Texas Jany   Croupe 1 day  
Elizabeth Payne 1 F       Texas Jany   Scar Fever 1 week  
Infant 4/12 M B S   Texas July   Unknown 1 week  
William 40 M B S   U Feby   Killed Accy    
Patsey 50 F B S   U July   Unknown Sud  
Infant 3/12 M M S   T Jany   Croupe Sudden  
Wm. Garrett 4 M       Texas Jany   Dropsey 2 yrs  
Frances Howard 1 F       Texas Sept   Cold 3 weeks  
Mary 4/12 F B S   T Dec   Burned    
John I. Nichols 24 M     M Tenn March Farmer Liver Dis 6  
Mary 24 F B S   W? April   Apoplexy Sudden  
Eliza 15 F B S   W? April   Scat. Fever 3 Weeks  
Malvina Anthony 8 F       Texas Octo   Palsey 2 weeks  
McEntush Anthony 1 M       Texas Octo   Unknown 1 week  
Stephen 5 M B S   Texas Feby   Scar Fever 3 weeks  
Moses 40 M B S   U? August   Unknown 7 days  
William 23 M B S   U? August   Consumption 1 year  
Terrissa L. Williams 3/12 F       T? June   W. Cough 10 days  
Henry 10 M M S   W? April   Fitts 2 years  
Lucinda 9/12 F M S   T? August   W. Cough 1 week  
Willoughby Hollis 18 M       Tennessee March Farmer Shot Acc Sudden  
Chaney 45 F B S   U? Nov   Consumpn. 1 year  
Pompey 19 M B S   U? August   Hem Lungs 5 mos  
Nancy 3/12 F M S   T? May   Smothered Sud  
Infant 10/12 M B S   T? June   W. Cough 2 mos  
John Bullock 7 M       Texas Jany   Cong Chill Sud  
Infant (Twin) 1/12 M B S   Texas April   Unknown Sud  
Infant (Twin) 1/12 F B S   Texas April   Unknown Sud  
Hannah 20 F B S   Unk May   Apoplexy Sud  
Infant 1/12 F       Texas June?   Unknown Sud  
Infant 1/12 M       Texas June?   Unknown Sud  
Elizabeth Thomas 25 F       Mi May   Unknown 7 weeks  
Lucinda 15 F B S   U? June   Consumption 6 weeks  
Ailsey 48 F B S   U? June   Womb. Com. 1 year  
Isaac Scott (Included in bracket with below) 60 M     M SC May Brick Mason Pleurisy 5 days  
Temperence Scott (Included w/bracket above) 47 F     W Tenn May   Unknown 5 days  
George 2 M B S   T? April   W. Cough 10 days  
Infant 3/12 M B S   T? May   W. cough 10 days  
Benjamin 15 M B S   U? Jany   Drowned    
Lewis Holloway 67 M     W NC June Farmer Dis of Lungs 15 days  
Julia 28 F B S   U? May   Unknown 2 mos  
Philip A. Sublell 49 M     M Ky Feby Farmer Dis lungs 3 mos  
Wm. B. Brooks 7 M       Texas Feby   Tifd. Fever 13 days  
Jackson 4 M B S   Texas Sept   Cong. Fever 1 day  
Jane 13 F M S   U? Nov   Cong chill 4 days  



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