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Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks and other Calamities

Gilmer, Tex., Jan 6 - News has reached here of the burning of what is known as the old Goode homestad near Bettie, in which the five year old son of Wm. Wright lost his life.  Mr. Wright was away from home when the house caught fire at night, and his wife picked up the baby in her arms and led the boy by the hand and escaped from the building, but in the excitement, the boy walked back into the house, crawled in bed, covered up and was burned.  [The Jennings Daily Record. (Jennings, La.), January 07, 1902]

- - 1911 - - MRS. BRATON BURNED

Gilmer, Upshur Co., Tex., Feb. 8. - While burning brush in a field about eight miles north of here this morning, Mrs. Jim Bratton's clothes caught fire and she was seriously burned.
[Dallas Morning News (Texas) Thursday, February 9, 1911, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]

- - 1912 - - M. & E. T. DEPOT AT RHONESBORO BURNS.
Marshall, Tex., Feb. 9. - Fire at Rhonesboro, Upshur County, destroyed the Marshall and East Texas depot, a car loaded with lumber and a store and hotel combined. From the general offices here it is learned that the loss on the depot was about $1,000. The car was valued at perhaps $600, but the value of the lumber is not known. The store and hotel, together with contents, were perhaps worth $2,000, they being the property of J. B. Johnson. The fire started in the hotel, but how, is not known. The railroad property was insured and the depot will be rebuilt. All the freight in the depot was saved.
[Dallas Morning News - Dallas, Texas, Saturday, February 10, 1912, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman] 


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