Walker County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

Submitted by Veneta McKinney

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Abernathy, James M. 16901 Walker    
Archer, Peterson Clark 19624 Walker    
Archer, Sarah L. 21147 Walker Archer, Peterson Clark 19624
Bailey, Charles M. 11685 Walker    
Bailey, Elizabeth 51198 Walker Bailey, Charles M. 11685
Baker, James D. 14033 Walker    
Baldwin, Elizabeth Jane 42410 Walker Baldwin, William Franklin 19400
Baldwin, William Franklin 19400 Walker    
Barfield, Margaret Tabitha 39088 Walker Barfield, William 12675
Barfield, William 12675 Walker    
Barnes, Stephen 11283 Walker    
Bell, Sarah Annie E. Rejected Walker Bell, James H.  
Bennick, Jacob J. 6053 Walker    
Bloomfield, E. M. (Mrs) 29374 Walker Bloomfield, Robert Homes  
Bonds, Sarah R. 22787 Walker Bonds, Robert Richard  
Bowden, Henry A. 19453 Walker    
Branch, Bama G. 37526 Walker Branch, James Law  
Branham, John T. 23230 Walker    
Brooks, Mary Veracruse Rejected Walker Brooks, Robert Logan 16913
Brooks, Reding L. Rejected Walker    
Brooks, Robert L. (Mrs) 45571 Walker Brooks, Robert L. 16913
Brown, Francis Marion 4264 Walker    
Brown, James P. 13110 Walker    
Brown, P. M. 19319 Walker    
Brown, Rebecca 20518 Walker Brown, Francis Marion 4264
Cadenhead, Ephraim Sanders 13568 Walker    
Campbell, Charles Rejected Walker    
Carroll, Wilson R. 11686 Walker    
Carter, Margaret 13111 Walker Carter, Thomas J. 12673
Carter, Thomas J. 12673 Walker    
Cauthon, N. E. (Mrs) 9521 Walker Cauthon, William James (cauthron) 6351
Cauthron, William James 6351 Walker    
Chambers, Sarah Jane 38685 Walker Chambers, Oliver Perry 12544
Coleman, Cornelia S. 25862 Walker Coleman, William Gooden  
Cotton, William 16902 Walker    
Cox, Anna B. 18510 Walker Cox, Lewis Alexander  
Cox, Eliza B. Rejected Walker Cox, James Rambean  
Cubstead, Henry E. 26341 Walker    
Davenport, Irene M. 19469 Walker Davenport, William  
Davis, James H. 12192 Walker    
Doughtie, Mary S. 18512 Walker Doughtie, Jacob Franklin  
Farrington, Charles L. (Mrs) 46613 Walker Farrington, Charles Lafayette  
Farrington, Charles Lafayette Rejected Walker    
Farris, Edward P. 23889 Walker    
Farris, George Washington 19320 Walker    
Farris, Mary Jane 33084 Walker George Washington, Sr. 19320
Frazier, Milton Anderson 6591 Walker    
Gaines, T. L. 16900 Walker    
Garrett, Joshua H. 16899 Walker    
Gibson, Eliza J. 36622 Walker Gibson, John Baker  
Gibson, Mary A. 27287 Walker Gibson, George McIntosh Trup 6454
Goolsby, Sarah 4265 Walker Goolsby, W. F.  
Graybill, Emma 16914 Walker Graybill, Camillus  
Green, J. W. Rejected Walker    
Halligan, Elizabeth 30509 Walker Halligan, John Holland  
Hardy, H. F. 23009 Walker    
Hardy, James Montgomery 19884 Walker    
Hardy, S. R. 33765 Walker    
Hardy, W. S. 19885 Walker    
Harman, John Godfrey Pierce 16903 Walker    
Harman, Mary A. 33661 Walker Harman, John Godfrey Pierce 16903
Henderson, Thomas Hogan 4267 Walker    
Henley, William C. 4266 Walker    
Herndon, Ardale Josephine 23010 Walker Herndon, Richard Augustus  
Herrington, Henry C. 19321 Walker    
Hightower, J. O. 25994 Walker    
Hill, Laura J. 37886 Walker Hill, William Henry 21553
Hill, William Henry 21553 Walker    
Hogue, Joan D. 32562 Walker Hogue, Josiah Franklin 13631
Hopper, G. M. 16904 Walker    
Hubbard, F. J. 4279 Walker    
Hudson, Elizabeth 34051 Walker Hudson, James 7546
Hudson, James 7546 Walker    
Hunter, Mattie 49656 Walker Hunter, William Makham  
Jeffcoat, James Jasper 9522 Walker    
Jeffcoat, Martha Ann 32109 Walker Jeffcoat, James Jasper 9522
Jenkins, Sudie 18508 Walker Jenkins, Thomas Cicera  
Jenkinson, Mattie E. 16909 Walker Jenkinson, Garrett Beachman  
Jergins, Elizabeth Rejected Walker Jergins, Jesse J.  
Jergins, Jesse J. Rejected Walker    
Jordy, Louis P. 11162 Walker    
Josey, Ezra M. 25793 Walker    
Justice, C. J. 11163 Walker    
Kay, George W. 26782 Walker    
Keeland, Margaret E. 8008 Walker Keeland, Sam E.  
Keenan, Walter A. 11688 Walker    
Kelley, Sarah A. 31683 Walker Kelley, Jefferson  
Kelly, L. S. (Mrs) 38107 Walker Kelly, William Alexander 16467
Kirby, Edward Stanley 35991 Walker    
Lane, Susan S. 36157 Walker Lane, Christopher Columbus 13838
Lang, Charles R. Rejected Walker    
Lee, J. B. 46105 Walker    
Lee, John S. 10777 Walker    
Lee, Lewis M. 12674 Walker    
Lindsey, Mary E. 25963 Walker Lindsey, Thomas Rusk  
Lloyd, Katie 45887 Walker Lloyd, William Gilford 31124
Lockett, Caroline Henrietta Rejected Walker Lockett, Benjamin Franklin  
Long, C. R. 40703 Walker    
Mann, Robert T. 16907 Walker    
Manning, J. W. 30247 Walker    
Manning, John Williamson 6054 Walker    
Mayes, Augustus Presswood 4272 Walker    
Mayes, Rebecca Scott 16908 Walker Mayes, Augustus Presswood 4272
McConnell, M. E. (Mrs) 38355 Walker McConnell, John Jefferson  
McCormack, Sarah 4268 Walker McCormack, John F.  
McGowen, Robert Leroy 12193 Walker    
McGuire, Seaborn (Mrs) Rejected Walker McGuire, Seaborn  
McLendon, Mary A. 30756 Walker McLendon, William Blakely  
McMillian, D. G. 11161 Walker    
McMillian, Nancy Jane 50156 Walker McMillian, William Robert  
Merideth, E. A. (Mrs) 6352 Walker Merideth, John  
Moody, Ornolda A. 33845 Walker Moody, John Wesly  
Moore, Mattie J. 22249 Walker Moore, David Peoples  
Morrison, R. P. (Mrs) 47737 Walker Morrison, Jonathan Robert Asap  
Morse, James 4269 Walker    
Murray, Estelle 33688 Walker Murray, John Adair 31832
Murray, John Adair 31832 Walker    
Murray, Leona 37460 Walker Murray, Christopher Columbus 13856
Neiderhofer, Francis 6055 Walker    
Neves, Daniel 27828 Walker    
Nixon, Emma Briscoe 16906 Walker Nixon, Isaac Pipkin 8007
Nixon, Isaac Pipkin 8007 Walker    
Oliver, Alethia E. 18509 Walker Oliver, Robert Franklin  
Palmer, Francis E. 37961 Missing Walker    
Palmer, Francis E. 37761 Walker Palmer, William Rector  
Palmer, John Martin 7547 Walker    
Parish, Sue B. 29515 Walker Parish, Joel  
Parker, Franklin 10791 Walker    
Parks, R. S. 26819 Walker    
Pearce, Sarah A. Rejected Walker Pearce, Luizy C.  
Perry, B. B. 13567 Walker    
Perry, Nancy M. 16905 Walker Perry, B. B. 13567
Phegley, Sallie 51248 Walker Phegley, Thomas L.  
Powell, Elizabeth 51765 Walker Powell, James Rodney 22603
Powell, James Rodney 22603 Walker    
Prescott, Amanda E. 19478 Walker Prescott, William David 11687
Prescott, William David 11687 Walker    
Randall, Julia B. 16912 Walker Randall, Edward Dudley  
Randolph, W. S. 12676 Walker    
Rawls, Simeon Hancock 18611 Walker    
Reynolds, Milda 51750 Walker Reynolds, John Carroll  
Rigell, William Henry 51946 Walker    
Roark, Ellen 29747 Walker Roark, Napoleon Bonaparte  
Roberts, George G. 21426 Walker    
Robinett, Fredrica 10778 Walker Robinett, Wiley G.  
Robinson, Frances E. 27753 Walker Robinson, William  
Rogers, John S. 19977 Walker    
Rome, Clara A. (Alcena C.) Rejected Walker Rome, William Booth  
Rook, J. R. Rejected Walker    
Ruff, Elizabeth M. 18511 Walker Ruff, John Hosea  
Samuel, Newman Jackson (Samuels) 24336 Walker    
Samuels, Eliza J. Rejected Walker Samuels, Newman Jackson (samuel) 24336
Sandel, Jack Rejected Walker    
Shannon, Anna 45941 Walker Shannon, Benjamin Franklin  
Shelton, T. B. (Mrs) 22080 Walker Shelton, Jackson Van Buren 5479
Shepperd, A. W. 18610 Walker    
Sims, Charlotte 40508 Walker Sims, James Armistead 16911
Sims, James Armistead 16911 Walker    
Skelton, William R. 16910 Walker    
Sledge, James Marion 26814 Walker    
Smith, William Archer (Mrs) Rejected Walker Smith, William Archer  
Thigpen, Emma Agnes 47828 Walker Thigpen, John Allen 27660
Thigpen, John Allen 27660 Walker    
Thomas, Sarah Ann Appling Rejected Walker Appling, John Loyal  
Turner, Henry A. 19322 Walker    
Vann, Mattie E. 24550 Walker Vann, Joseph Lafayette  
Vause, Adnoiram Ephraim 29413 Walker    
Vause, Laura J. 31739 Walker Vause, Adnoiram Ephraim 29413
Vickers, Annie Kelley 51197 Walker Kelley, Thompson  
Walker, Jasper Newton 16917 Walker    
Ward, Nancy E. 26965 Walker Ward, James Henry Harrison  
Warren, J. K. P. 11689 Walker    
Warren, Rachel M. 16916 Walker Warren, Andrew Jackson  
Wellborn, I. S. 24212 Walker    
Wells, Emily K. 12672 Walker Wells, John  
Wells, Marian 45130 Walker Wells, Robert Crittendon 16915
Wells, Robert Crittendon 16915 Walker    
White, Esther 33482 Walker White, Stephen Henry 27260
White, Mary Louise 24300 Walker White, John Allen  
White, Stephen Henry 27260 Walker    
Wiley, Hallie P. 37115 Walker Wiley, James Orville  
Wiley, James O. Rejected Walker    
Wilson, James Reed 42987 Walker    
Winslow, W. G. 27735 Walker    
Wofford, Alice H. 38511 Walker Wofford, Joseph B.  
Wood, James E. 24562 Walker    
Woodall, Augusta B. 4270 Walker    
Zeigler, W. P. 4271 Walker    



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