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Wood County, Texas



Source: GNIS

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Feature Name



City Cemetery 323919N 0952934W
Coldwater Cemetery 325347N 0951443W
Concord Cemetery 324411N 0952308W
Dumas Cemetery 323919N 0952317W
Fouke Cemetery 323753N 0951640W
Gentry Cemetery 323923N 0951920W
Green and Ford Cemetery 324021N 0953058W
Haney Cemetery 323637N 0951157W
Holland Cemetery 325339N 0953644W
Ingram Cemetery 324934N 0952603W
Jarvis College Cemetery 323509N 0951015W
Kay Cemetery 323706N 0951114W
Lee Cemetery 325610N 0951814W
Little Hope Baptist Church Cemetery    
Mansell Cemetery 324457N 0951742W
McGee Cemetery 325653N 0951600W
Mineola City Cemetery    
Monday Cemetery 325301N 0951451W
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 324416N 0951849W
New Hope Cemetery 323842N 0952506W
Old Fouke Cemetery 323733N 0951641W
Peyton Cemetery 324900N 0952740W
Price Cemetery 325126N 0952753W
Ray Cemetery 323753N 0951655W
Redlands Cemetery 323953N 0952034W
Reed Cemetery 324424N 0951704W
Robert Cemetery 324703N 0951330W
Rock Hill Cemetery 325540N 0952730W
Rockfield Cemetery 324101N 0952522W
Roselawn Memorial Cemetery 324225N 0952858W
Sand Springs Cemetery    
Searcy Cemetery 325047N 0953018W
Sharon Cemetery    
Sharp Cemetery 325444N 0953310W
Shiloh Cemetery 324749N 0952418W
Smith Cemetery 324936N 0951438W
Smyrna Cemetery 325631N 095.221W
Willard Cemetery 325702N 0951458W
Yantis Cemetery 325611N 0953407W


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