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In 1831 Austin received a second land  grant; the two grants, Mina Municipality, took in almost all of what is now Bastrop County. The district was presumably named in honor of Spanish general Francisco Xavier Mina. In 1834 the vast municipality, comprising all or part of sixteen present-day counties, was established by the government of Coahuila and Texas, and the town of Bastrop also took the name Mina.

When Texas became a republic, Mina Municipality assumed its place as one of twenty-three original counties. In 1837 the Congress of the Republic of Texas changed the county name to Bastrop in honor of the baron de Bastrop, an early Dutch settler and allowed the town to revert to the name as well. Congress also began whittling away at the boundaries of the huge county; in 1840, when Travis County was formed, Bastrop County shrank almost to its present dimensions.

Cities and Towns

Bastrop                             Elgin
Camp Swift                       Smithville
Circle D-KC Estates         Wyldwood

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Surrounding Counties

Williamson County (north)
Lee County (northeast)
Fayette County (southeast)
Caldwell County (southwest)
Travis County (northwest)

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