Name Birthdate

   Place of Birth

Edgar W Henslee 21 May 1881 Burleson M R Henslee (F)
Robert Willis Imes 3 Jan 1890 Burleson Wm J Imes  (F)
Alta Jack 24 Nov 1876 Near Burleson J P Jack  (F)
William Robert McCaulay 16 May 1876 Caldwell  L A McCaulay  (F)
R C Porter 7 Dec 1859 Burleson Effie T (M)
Burton McMillan Siddall 3 Dec 1875 Near Caldwell William  Siddall  (F)
B J Sparks 22 Apr 1869 Hix Burleson J H Sparks  (F)
Rector Mc Donald Thomson 12 Jan 1849 Burleson Thomas C Thomson  (F)
Thad A Thomson 17 Jan 1853 In Burleson Thomas Coke Thomson  (F)
Carrie G. Holmes 12-Sep-1918 Burleson  
Sarah E Jackson 12 Jan 1883 Burleson  
Guy E Knolle 3 July 1899 Burleson  
Horace Thomson 18 Jan 1870 Burleson  
Lawrence Oliver Ward 22 Apr 1904 Burleson  

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