1850 Mortality Schedule


Name Age Sex Race Free or 
Married/  Widowed Place of Birth Month 
of Death
Cause of Death # days 
Collin A Brindlee 1 m       Tex Oct   Fever 42
Margrett J Carroll 3mo f       Tex Dec   Croup 1
Sarah  Wyson 35 f     married Va April   Child bed 2
Mary Hale 45 f     married NC Mar   Child bed 2
Nancy Leeper 41 f     married KY Mar   Infl bowels 12
M Johnson 1 f       Tex Nov   S Fever 6
A E Mayo 20 f     married Tenn Feb   Dropsy 42
Jas W Nowland 1 m       Tex Feb   Scr Fever 7
Danl Y Richerson 29 m     married Tenn Aug Farmer Typs fever 22
David Hicks 50 m     married SC June Farmer Conj Fever 13
Wm H Routh 6mo m       Tex Oct   Fever 7
Sarah L Horn 10mo f       Tex Oct   Fever 6
Lucindy M McCarty 10 f       Mo Nov   Scl Fever 3
Geo Crutchfield 24 m       Ga Feb Farmer Cold 2
M F Ortean 9mo f       Ill Nov   Infl Lungs 6
L Graham 22 f     married unk Jan   Dropsy 21
Jane Anderson 1 f       Tex Sept   Fits 4

-- Transcribed by Aurora Chancy



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