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On January 28, 1850, the state legislature formed Falls County from Limestone and Milam counties. The falls of the Brazos gave the county its name. Since Falls County was established its boundaries have not changed. The legislature stipulated that Viesca would be the county seat, but the citizens petitioned for another location because most of the residents lived east of the Brazos River. The citizens voted 20-0 in favor of Adams, which officially became the county seat on January 30, 1851. Soon after, the town was renamed Marlin in honor of the Marlin family. The settlers of Falls County came from the slaveholding South, primarily Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Marlin, the largest town and county seat

Cities and towns
Bruceville-Eddy (mostly in McLennan County)
Chilton (unincorporated)
Golinda (partly in McLennan County)
Tomlinson Hill (unincorporated)
Westphalia (unincorporated)


State Bird

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Surrounding Counties

Limestone County (northeast)

Robertson County (southeast)

Milam County (south)

Bell County (southwest)

McLennan County (northwest)

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