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1854 - 1860 MARRIAGES

Copied from the original handwritten records in the Falls County Court House at Marlin, Texas by Mrs. Louis C. Hill in May 1965.  The very earliest records (August 1850 to August 1854) are missing; the County Clerk, Margaret H. Denard, stated that she had never been able to locate their whereabouts.  The records abstracted for this volume (Book A) are for both white and colored marriages.   It appears that although some of the brides and grooms are indicated as "colored" they are not always so identified.  When a minister made a marriage return but failed to sign it, he is shown as "no entry" in these abstracts.  Usually the names were listed 3 times: 1.  at the top of the license, 2. in the body of the license, and 3. in the minister's return.  As a rule, the license for each marriage was copied, and then the spelling of the names was compared to the other 2 listings.   If a name appeared with a different spelling at the top or in the return, it was added in parenthesis.   The following abbreviations or symbols (sometimes in combination) were used for the titles, etc. of the officiants:

C - County
CCC - CLerk County Court
CJ - Chief Justice
CMC - Christian MG
CPM - Cumberland Presbyn. M.
D - Deacon
DC - Deputy Clerk
E - Elder
FC - Falls County
G - Gospel
J - Judge
JP - Justice of Peace
JPbyD - JP by Deputy
L - Lay or Local
M - Minister
MC-S - Methodist Church - South
MEC-S - Methodist Episcopal Church-South
MG-S - Minister of Gospel or God - South
OMG - Ordained MG
OO - Ordained Official (?)
P - Pastor or Preacher
PC - Pastor in Charge
PE - Presiding Elder
E - Reverend
ROMG - Regular Ordained Minister of the Gospel
TAC - Texas Annual Conference (Methodist Church)

Source: Catalogue Number 496717 Falls County, Texas Records by Mrs. John T. Martin and Mrs. Louis C. Hill
Those Records were Transcribed and Contributed
by Friends For Free Genealogy for Genealogy Trails

(This is not a complete list) 

Name Spouse Date Marriage Performed Page
Adams, D.G. Iola L. Capps 27 Mar. 1862 A.J. Loughridge (p64)
Arnold, Geo. Mina Schneider 13 Mar. 1855 H.J. McKenzie, CJ FC (p.4)
Arnold, Thomas Heneretta Vary 9 May 1855 H.R.T. Outlaw, MG MECS (p.8)
Barclay, Charles T. B. Forbes 31 Sep. 1855 W. Wharton, MG (p. 13)
Barclay, Samuel D. Lucia Stewart 2 Aug. 1861 W.J. Wright, JP (p.59)
Barnes, Franklin Elimira E. Sites 30 Nov. 1854 H.J. McKenzie, CJC (p.2)
Barry, N.S. Rebecca A. Church 19 June 1862 H.B. Eaves, OH (p.65)
Barton, L.B. Susan King 16 Aug. 1854 G.H. Cain, JPC (p.l)
Batte, John G. N.A. Edwards 4 Mar. 1856 J.W. Baldridge,MG (p.15)
Bell, Jas. A. Amanda H. Erskine 7 Sep. 1861 A.J. Loughridge (p.60)
Bennett, James W. Nancy Tucker 22 Oct. 1858 G.W. Gatewood, OMG HECS (p.24)
Bird, Samuel V Delila Jane Smith 21 July 1863 H.W. South, TACMECS (p.70)
Blythe, Anthony H. Casia F. Folson (Cassia A. Folson) 29 June 1859 J.J. Boytor,MG (p.35)
Boothe, Robert Eliza Reed 7 May 1855 Wn. H. Wright, JP FC (p.8)
Boren, H.A. Amanda E. Wallace 8 May 1861 Z.N. Horrell, MG (p.56)
Bouldin, E.S. Sue E. Compton 29 Dec 1859 Wm. M. Newton, JP FC (p.37)
Bowls, Jesse P. Mattie Norwood 22 May 1855 Levi Tenny, MG (p.9)
Bowman, Leonidas F. Margaret J. Bowman 1 Jan. 1861 W.J. Wright,JP FC (p.48)
Boyter, J.J. S.M. (Cynthia M.) Rosin 18 Nov. 1855 Levi Tenney, HG (p.11)
Brabbin, H.J. Susan Irvin 4 May 1859 K.S. Johnson, JP (p.30)
Brown, C.F. Nancy Thomson 17 Feb. 1859 L. Tenney, MG (p.31)
Brown, James K. Mousira Martin 31 Oct. 1854 H.J. McKenzizie, CJ FC (p.2)
Brown, S.M. Miss Ardenia Willson 29 Jan. 1857 R.W. Scott, JP FC (p.22)
Brown, Solomon M. Miss Francis Pippins 22 Dec. 1858 P.W. Jolly, JP (p.26)
Bryan, H.C. Miss Sophia Hyres 9 Jan. 1859 P.W. Jolly,JP FC (p.32)
Burall, R.B. Caroline Steele 22 Sep. 1859 P.H. Jolly, JP FC (p.29)
Burgess, Thos. H. Miss Martha Parsons 28 Sep. 1859 P.W. Jolly, JP FC (p.37)
Busby, Tillman C.A. Wiggins 21 Feb. 1862 Hark Allin (p.63)
Cain, Dr. Giles H. Ellen K. Parker 10 Dec. 1861 W.B. Eaves (p.62)
Carnelison, Jesse Mary Saxon 31 Sep. 1855 W. Wharton, MG (p. 14)
Causler, J.M. Harriet(t') E. Hard 6 Mar. 1861 Henry Hilton, MG (p.52)
Chambers, Elisha Louisa A. Horrel (Horrell) 25 Dec. 1859 H.B. Eaves, OM (p.36)
Chambers, Robert Emelia A. Webb 14 July 1858 P.W. Jolly, JP (p.24)
Collins, R.B. Francis E. Wheeler 23 Mar. 1859 N.H. Crain, OM (p.33)
Coursey, Francis M. Harriet (Harrett) J. Coursey 6 Aug. 1856 Geo. S. Gatewood,GM (p.17)
Covington, John Henry Elizabeth Boren (Borin) 4 Jan. 1860 J.D. Oltorf, CJ (p.38)
Craik, James Miss Lidie A. Norwood 12 Feb. 1857 R.N. Drake,GH HECS (p.23)
Crosby, William Exah Moore 14 Oct. 1856 Lewis B. Whipple, GH MEC (p.20)
Cunningham, David Nancy C. West 8 May 1861 Z.N. Horrell,MG (p.56)
Curry, Thos. L. E.A. Etheridge 21 Feb. 1861 A.M. Chamberlain,JP (p57)
Daughtery, E. Miss A. Dixon 1 Jan. 1857 F.W. Capps, CJ (p.21)
Davis, A.J. Mary E. Wimberly 23 Nov. 1858 P.W.Jolly, JP (p.25)
Dobbs. James Sarah J. Boatright 30 Oct. 1861 P.W. Jolly, JP (p.61)
Ellis, Milford Amanda A. Learsen 4 Jan. 1863 J.G.W. McCabe,JP (p.67)
Erskine (Earskine), James D. Clairinda Sparks 2 Sep. 1856 John Forbes, GM (p.18)
Erskine, Wm. R. Mary McDowell 13 July 1856 W. Whorton, MG (p.17)
Estes, James M. Nancy Greer 2 May 1855 John H. Pierson, JP FC (p.7)
Etheridge, Km. G. Ellen S. Birkes (S.E. Birke) 13 Nov. 1859 J.J. Boytor, MG (p.34)
Fairchild, Henry Cynthia Etheridge 6 Dec. 1860 W.J. Wright, JP FC (p.46)
Fedriod (Feanca?), Francis Hanah Crawford 3 Feb. 1856 R.W. Scott, JP FC (p.15)
Floyd, Samuel R. Frances C. Elles 15 Nov. 1860 Henry Hillen,MG (p.46)
Fortune, Hiram H. Miss Mary Hoore 8 Dec. 1859 W.B. Evans (Eaves?]MG (p.35)
Garrett, R. Jas. Mollie Smith   2 June 1863 H.W. South,TAC (p.70)
Goodwin, J.N.A. Nancy Guffy 27 Feb. 1859 Wm. H. Newton, JP FC (p.33)
Griggs, Francis M. Sarah Saliway (Satiway) 15 May 1863 Levi Tenny,GM (p.69)
Haley, Charles Q. Joy M. Williams 29 Mar. 1855 John J. Haggard, HG MEC (p.6)
Hallace, Thomas J. A.E. Long 31 Oct. 1855 John Forbes, HG (p.11)
Hanks, W.W. M.C. Day 27 Aug. 1863 F.W. Capps,CJ FC (p.72)
Hannah, Samul Eliza N. Davis 28 Feb. 1863 J.L. Pinson, GM MG (p.68)
Hard, Thos. J. Henrietta (Harreitt?) E. Milton 10 June 1859 Henry Milien, MG (p.57)
Harlan, Charles Martha E. Long 6 June 1861 A.J. Lough ridge, OMG (p.58)
Harper, John M.E. Treble 29 Mar. 1855 John J. Haggard, M MEC (p.5)
Harris, William Susan Cage 4 Oct. 1855 P.C. Nhitaker,JP FC (p.12)
Himberley, James Mary Reddell 23 Dec. 1855 Wm. M. Wright, JP FC (p.10)
Hinds, Thomas Miss Reachel Weathers 18 Sep. 1856 John J. Long, JP FC (p.18)
Hinton, Wm. J. M.A. Bennett 2 Nov. 1856 P.C. Whitaker, JP FC (p.20)
Holoway, John Dinah Pond 16 Aug. 1855 John H. Pierson, JP FC (p.12)
Hordlaw, John R. Miss Harriett F. Barton 15 Dec. 1859 J.D. Oltorf, CJ (p.36)
Horriss, James H. Mary C. Smith 9 Oct. 1862 A.J. Loughridge,OM (p67)
Huffman, N.W. E.A. Easley 15 Jan. 1864 F.W. Capps,CJ (p.73)
Jackson, C.R. Susan Bull 17 Jan. 1861 G.W. McDonald,MG (p.50)
Jones, S.M. Martha Burlason 26 Mar. 1859 (license date no return) (p.34)
Jones, T.S. (S.T.) Frances E. Pruett 5 Feb. 1861 W.B. Eaves (p.50)
Jones, Thomas B. Elemira P. Capps 21 Oct. 1856 F.W. Capps, CJ FC (p.19)
Killebrew, Buckner Miss Allice Fortune 28 Apr. 1859 Km. B. Eaves, MG (p.28)
Kimbrough, Willian H. Melissa A. Horriss 31 Jan. 1860 J.D. Oltorf,CJ FC (p.39)
Knighton, J.O. Rachel Murchison 30 July 1863 Levi Tenney,GH (p.71)
Kock (Koch), George Louisa Udah 6 Feb. 1862 H.B. Eaves (p.64)
Lambert, B.B. Erneline Easley 2 May 1861 F.W. Capps,CJ (p.55)
Lea, Hash. H. Sarah M. Dalton 2 May 1861 W.J. Wright, JP (p.54)
Lloyd, John Rebecka E. Price 15 May 1860 H.W. South of theT.A.C. (p.42)
Long, Geo. T.V Miss Martha E. Wardlaw 19 Aug. 1863 B.L. Wright,MG (p.71)
Long, James H. Martha P. Barclay 29 Mar. 1855 John Forbes, MG (p.5)
Menefee, Thomas S. Miss Luana (?) (Lucinda) L. Barclay 11 Jan. 1857 F.W. Capps,CJ FC (p.22)
Messick, William Saphronia Montgomery 12 Mar. 1860 P.W. Jolly, JP FC (p.40)
Mixon, T.J. Cynthia Masters 27 Jan. 1861 (no entry) (p.49)
Moore, William Jereisa Snidicun (Snedicun?) 13 May 1863 W.B. Eaves, OM (p.69)
Mullins, J.P. N.A. Morgan 17 Sep. 1856 R.W. Scott, JP FC (p.19)
Names Marriage Date Married By Page  
Neel, J.M. Mary A. Morgan 21 Mar. 1861 F.W. Capps,CJ (p.51)
Norwood, John H Miss Adeline Moore . 29 Oct. 1856 L. Tenney, MG (p.31)
Padgett, James M. Mary A. Vanalstine 29 Aug. 1861 John Forbes, M. (p60)
Peaks, James K. Sarah A. Sowders 26 Dec. 1858 A.J. Laughridge,OMG (p.26)
Pearce, Jacob Mrs. Martha Fullertin 16 Oct. 1859 Hm. Clark, MG (p.29)
Perkins, John H. Miss Lizzie Coleman 23 Feb. 1860 W.B. Eaves, MG (p.40)
Petty, Thos. F. Mary Jane Rogers 20 Dec. 1860 H.W. South, M. TAC FC (p.48)
Pfannie, Fred Nancy L. Smith 3 May 1860 J.D. Oltorf, CJ FC (p.41)'
Pfannie, Fred Nancy L. Smith 3 May 1860 J.D. Oltorf, CJ FC (p.43)
Pierson, John Martha Grice 14 June 1860 P.W. Jolly,JP (p.45)
Ponder, J.F. Sallie V. Thomason 9 June 1861 Z.N. Horrell (p.59)
Pool, Wat S. Miss Sarah A. Moore 1 Mar. 1855 R.H. Scott, JP FC (p.4)
Reed, Henry Elila Green 24 Nov. 1854 David Barclay, JP FC (p.6)
Reed, W.H. Rebecca McFarland 24 Nov. 1861 A.J. Loughridge,OMG (p.62)
Reis, Daniel Elizabeth Swoboda 16 July 1862 F.W. Capps,CJ (p.65)
Richey, J.L. S.A. Wilson 31 May 1860 P.W. Jolly,JP (p.43)
Robert(s), ThOs C. Sarah H. Greer 19 Sep. 1861 Mark Allin,HG (p.61)
Roberts, Elias Mrs. Halvina Bowers 26 Apr. 1860 P.W. Jolly, . JP (p.41)
Roberts, Elias Malvina Bowers 26 Apr. 1860 P.W. Jolly, JP FC (p.42)
Shelton, William B. Sarah A. Walker 13 July 1858 P.W. Jolly, JP (p.23)
Shields, Saal. W. Miss Emma Barnes 5 Nov. 1856 J.D. Oltorf, JP FC (p.21)
Simmons, Geo. W. Elizabeth C. Polk 17 Jan. 1861 Sam Baines, JP FC (p.49)
Smith, Henry Sarah Ruble 22 Sep. 1862 Henry ToIsen, JP (p.66)
South, W.S. Mary A. Burlison 21 Mar. 1861 H.W. South, MEC FC (p.52)
Sowders, A.J. M.J. Erskin 18 Jan. 1859 (license date no return) (p.27)
Sowders, William D. N.A. Maulding 19 July 1855 John Forbes, M. (p.10)
Sparks, Tillman (Tillinan) Aley Sparks (Peavehouse) 13 May 1861 P.H. Jolly, JP FC (p.58)
Springfield, James M. Crecidas C. McKindly (McKendly) 27 May 1855 S.D. Tucker, JP FC (p.9)
Stallworth, Francis H. L.H. Jones 15 June 1856 Levi Tenney, HG (p.16)
Stanley, Hillis Jane Powell 22 May 1861 F.H. Capps, CJ (p.55)
Sterley, S.F. H.M. Ellis 26 Oct. 1854 M. Yell, M HEC (p.l)
Stevenson, John Mary Blasingame (Blassingame) 17 Feb. 1863 Levi Tenney, (p.68)
Steward, J.F. Eliza J. Whitaker 20 Dec 1860 F.W. Capps,CJ FC (p.47)
Steward, Washington Rebecca J. Whitaker M 21 Sep. 18624 John R. White, (p.66)
Stewart, Chas. Rachael Barry 6 June 1860 S.G. O'Brien,Elder (p.44)
Stockman, David Miss Margaret Grice 23 Aug. 1859 J.D. Oltorf, CJ (p.28)
Stone, William A. Eliza J. Rodgers 30 June 1863 A.J. Loughridge,CMC (p.72)
Strange, William F. Luedicy Boren 13 Dec. 1860 F.W. Cappa,CJ (p.47)
Stuart, E.C. Miss Hillie (Hillia) A. Norwood 5 Jan. 1860 M. Yell (p.38)
Tailor, B.H. Hattie (Martha) J. Martin 11 Feb. 1862 D.H. Barclay, JP (p.63)
Taylor, James Sarah Shives 25 Feb. 1861 F.W. Capps, CJ (p.5l)
Tenney, Levi N.E. Sherman 10 Apr. 1856 T. Alexander, MG (p. 16)
Thompson, James A. Nancy Williams 26 Jan. 1860 Levi Tenny, MG (p.39)
Tolson, Henry Ann E. Irvin 8 Aug. 1860 J.J. Boyter,MG (p.45)
Whatly, Jas. 0. May J. Duty 17 Jan. 1859 (license date no return) (p.27)
Wheeler, James W. Harella Capps 28 Dec. 1854 G.H. Cain, JP FC (p.3)
White, Henry C. Elizabeth Holcomb 23 Aug. 1860 Wm. J. Wright,JP FC (p.44)
White, J.F. Eveline Cornutt 21 Apr. 1861 J.W. Whipple,MG (p.53)
Williams, H.A. Miss Jemima T. Wheeler 23 Mar. 1859 N.W. Grain, OM (p.32)
Williams, H.T. Emma E. Pierson 1 Sep. 1859 J.D. Oltorf, CJ (p.53)
Williams, James M. Sarah L. Henry 12 Apr. 1855 Levi Tenney, MG (p.7)
Wilson, Hugh Mrs Elizabeth Ried 23 Nov. 1858 A.J. Laughridge,OMG (p.25)
Wimberly, James Annis Eastwood 10 Dec 1858 Sam Barms (Barnes?)JP (p.30)
Woodland, Henry Tabitha B. Barclay 20 Sep. 1855 H.J. McKenzie,CJ FC (p. 13)
Wright, William M. Caroline D. McDonald (Wright) 14 Jan. 1856 R.W. Scott, JP FC (p. 14)







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