Fannin County, Texas

Confederate Indigent Families



On November 24, 1863, the Texas Legislature passed a Joint Resolution stating that the government pledged "support and maintenance of [the soldiers'] families during their absence from home." In accordance with this Resolution, an "Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers" passed on December 15, 1863. The Act set aside $1,000,000 annually to be paid the "families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service." Chief Justices of the counties, on or before March 1 in 1864 and 1865, submitted lists of servicemen and the number of their dependents eligible for relief. The County Clerk administered the money distributed to the county for this purpose.

Adair, Young Adams, E H Adams, E H Adams, S
Alburty, Alexander,W Alexander,Wm Allen, W
Allen, Young Anderson, PJ Anderson,Wm Anderson,Wm
Armstrong, J Armstrong,JW Armstrong,JnW Arnott, W
Arnott, Wm Atkins, A G Atkins,James Atkins, S G
Baker, C Baker, C Baker, James Baldock, S
Baldock, S Baldwin, E E Baldwin, E E Baldwin,WH
Baldwin, W H Balthrop,W H Banland, R Banner,
Barrow, S Bennett, F Bennett,James Bennett, W
Bennett, W Bennett, W Bennett,Welcome Bennett,Welk
Bennett, Wilk Beths, M P Bettis, Bettis, James
Bettis, M Bingham,John Bingham,John Bingham, T
Bingham,Thos Birch, R Bird, S Black, Henry
Black, Henry Blain, H Blair, Charles Blair, Chas
Blanton, L Blaylock, H Blodget,Frank Bogart, M A
Bogus, Bone, Bone, A Bone, A
Bone, Jesse Bone, Jessee Boon, John Boone, John
Boothe, Borrow, S Bourland, R Boutwell,Riley
Boutwell,Riley Boutwell,Wm Boutwell,Wm Boyd, J
Boyd, J Bradfoot, A J Braidfoot,James Braidfoot,James
Bramleaf, Brazil, Brazill, M Bridge, A
Bridge, A Bridges, M A Bridges, M A Brimm, L
Brison, L Britton, A Brown, Brown, J
Brown,James Brown,James Brown, Jas Brown,Jasper
Brown,Jeptha Brownlee, N Buchanan, W Buchanan, W
Buchanan,Wm Burdin, G Burdon, C Burk, Aaron
Burke, A Burnet, F Burnett, Burriss, S
Burris, S Buster, Geo Buster,George Butler, Allen
Butler, Allen Butler, Jo Butler, John Butler, John
Butterfield, J Butterfield,John Byers, Danl Byers, Danl
Byram, Byrom, S Caldwell,OH Car, John
Care, Henry Carlisle, L B Carlisle, S B Carlisle,Wiley
Carlisle,Wylie Carpenter,Thos Carpenter,Thos Case, Henry
Casey, James Chaffer, L Chaffer, Sam Chaffer, Wm
Chambers,James Chandler, A Chandler,James Chandler, Jas
Chandler,Wm Chandler,Wm Cheek, James Cheek, Jas
Chipman, S Chipman, S Choat, E Choat, Jasper
Churchill, Clark, E Clark, Jeptha Clark, Jeptha
Clark, Jeptha Clark, W B Clawson, M Clay, M
Cline, Israel Cline, J Cline, Mat Cline, Maths
Cluck, B Cluck,Burgess Coleman,Larkin Colwell, O H
Compton,Jack Coney, Cook, L P Cook, L P
Coonrod, G Coonrod,James Coonrod, Jas Coonrod,John
Coonrod,John Coonrod, O Coonrod, O Coonrods, D
Cooper, J A Cooper, J A Copeland,Wm Couch, Pat
Couch, Pat Coulter,Danl Coupland,Wm Covey, Jacob
Cowart, Peter Cowerden, Cox, Coxs, C
Crabtree, Crabtree, J Crawford, R Crawford,Robt
Crooks, Thos Crooks, Thos Crooms, J Crooms, J
Crooms, J M Crooms,Jesse Crooms,Jesse Cundiff, W
Cundiff, Wiley Cunningham, Cupp, H Dakin, T
Daniels, G Daniels, G W Darmon, J Darnell, R
Darnell, Wm Daugherty,Jason Daugherty,Jason Davis, J
Dearmon, J Decker, P Delay, Delny,
Divers, R Dixon, E S Dixon, E S Downing,
Downing, T Draper,George Draper,George Dulaney, J
Dulaney, J A Dunham,Elijah Dupee, Dupree, J
Dyer, C Dyne, C Eairp, Jo Earp, Joseph
Elam, Jessee Elam, Wm Elam, Wm Eleander, V
Elijah, Hall Ellam, Jesse English, Eubank, J
Evans, M Evans, M Evans, M Farrer, J
Farrow, J Farrow,Jacks Ferguson, Ferrell, J
Ferril, J Fitzgerald, J Fitzgerald,Thos Fitzgerald,Thos
Fitzgerald, W Fitzgerald,Wm Fletcher, Forbet, Hugh
Fort, S A Fort, S A Fowler, A Fowler, Alf
Freeman, Jo Freeman, Jo Freeman,John Fritz, Green
Fritz, Greene Furguson, M Gailey, Galespie, J
Galey, Gardner,James Gardner, Jas Garret, Jesse
Garrett, Garrett, J Gass, Wm Gass, Wm
Gay, Ellison Gay, Ellison Gay, Robt Gay , Robt
Gilbert, T Gilbert, Thos Gilcres, Wm Golden, Ira
Golden , Ira Golden,James Goodwin, Gordon, A J
Gordon, A J Grady, Grantneil,Wm Greathouse,G
Greathouse,G Green, P Green, P Grimes, R G
Grimes, R G Grooms, J M Gualtney,Wm Guin, John
Guinn, Gwin, John Hackley, Jo Hackley, Jos
Haddock, M Hade,George Haden, T Hale, David
Hale, James Haley, Wm Haley, Wm Hall, D
Hall, Elijah Hall, James Haney, T Hankins,James
Hankins,John Hanley, Jas Haral, J Harder, C B
Harder, C B Harper, Harris, C Hart, Alfred
Hart, Alfred Hart, N Hartsfield,Saml Hater, J
Hatfield, W C Hatfield,WC Hawkins, J Hawkins,James
Hayes, S Hays, Saml Heiston, F Henson, M
Hellums, W Helton,Harvey Helton,Henry Henkins,John
Henson, Highly, Highly, H Highly,Wash
Hiley, Wash Hill, J A Hilton,Harvey Hilton,Henry
Hincle, H Hodges, C Hodges, C Hoget, B
Hoket, Ben Holder, J C Holder, W C Hollon, John
Holloway, S Holloway, S Honey, Thos Howard, J
Howard,James Hughs, Hulsey, John Hulsey, W
Hulsey,William Hunley, Jas Hunt, James Hunt, Jos
Hunt, W Hunter, W Hurt, Hurt, M
Hurt, N Hutchens,Lewis Hutchins, L Jackson,
Jackson, E Jackson,Elliott James, B F James, John
James, John Jefferies, Jeffers, T J Jolley,
Jolley, J Jones,George Jones, H Jones, H
Jones, Isham Jones, Isham Jolly, J Jolly, J
Jones, A Jones, G Jones, A Jones,Philander
Jones, Thos Jones, Wm Jones, J N Jones, JohnW
Jones, P Jones, P Jones, Philander Justice, R
Justice, R Keen, Clay Keen, Clay Keen, S L
Keen, S L Keller, Arch Keller, Arch Keller, J
Keller, J Kellum, W C Kellum, W C Kennady,James
Kincade, A J King, Miles Kirk, J Kirkpatrick,S
Kirkpatrick,Saml Lamareth, D Lamask, H Lamkins, Jno
Lampkins, J Landreth,David Lankferd,Wm Lankford,Wm
Lankford,Wm Laswell, E Laswell,Elijah Latimer, S
Lattimer, T C Ledbetter, L Lee, Frank Lee, Frank
Lee, James Lee, James Leeman,John Leman, John
Lewis, J Lewis, John Lewis, Silas Lewis, Silas
Lidston, T Lidston, T Ligon, T Linsey, E
Linton, D Linton, D Linton, J Linton, Joshu
Lisle, G Lovelace, L Lovelace, M Lucker, B
Lysle, G Maginnis, H Malengale, L Marchman, F
Marchman,M Marlin, T Marlow, Jas Marlow,Joseph
Marna, Marna, E Martin, J Martin,Joseph
Martin, Wm Mason, Saml Mason, Saml Mathis, M
Mattocks, Mauser,Henry Maxwell, D Maxwell,Saml
McBoom, J McCallum,M McCart,James Mcclenden,Henry
McCollum, J McCollum,W McCowan,JW McCown, JW
McDaniel, J McDaniel, J J McDaniel, J J McGinnis,Hugh
Mcknabb, W Mcmillan, Theo Mcmillin, Thos McMinamy, J
McMinerry, J McPhale, J McPherson, McQueen, J
Mcqueen, J Mercer, Mercer, C Messer,
Messer, B A Messer, C Methvin, L Methvin,Levi
Millburn, L Miller, G Miller, John Millum,Jonah
Mitchel, Mitchel, M Mitchell, R P Monser,Jessa
Moody, A Moore, R Moore, R C Moore,Richard
Moody,Andy Moody, G Moody, Geo Moody,George
Moody,Noah Moore, Mat Moore, Matt Moore, Rico
Moore,Roddy Moore, Wm Morgan, B L Morgan, B L
Morris, L W Morrison, Morrison, J Morrison, J J
Morrison, J J Morrow,JrJack Morrow,Thos Morrow, Z
Morrow, Z Morrow,Zach Moseley, J Mosely, John
Mosely, M Mouser,Jesse Mouser, M Mouser, R
Mugby, Murray, Murry, S G Myer, C
Myer, Chas Nance, M A Newberry,Arvill Newberry, E
Newberry,Jesse Newberry,Jesse Newberry,Wm Newberry,Wm
Newburry,Arville Newburry,Ed Newman, J Newman,John
Nichols, M Nix, Jasper Nix, M Nix, M
Norman, Grand Norman, Green Norman, Saml Nunnelee, Sam
Ocelm, O Ocelo, O Owens, H Owens, Hick
Pace, J Parker, P E Parker, P E Patillo,
Pearce, S M Penick, Thos Pennick, Tom Pennigton, N
Pennington,Ed Pennington,Ed Pennington,Noah Petty, Jack
Phelps, H Phelps, John Phillips, Phillips, J
Phillips, M J Phillips, Tim Phipps, Tim Pile, Barney
Pool, C C Poole, C C Price, E Price, E
Price, John Price, S M Privett, L Pruet, H
Pruett, L Pryer, S Pryer, W O Pryor, L
Pryor, W D Pyatt, Saml Pyle, Pyle, B
Rader, Rader, C Rainey, A R Rainey, H
Rainey, H Raney, A B Ratton, H Ratton, H
Ray, Isaac Ray, J Ray, R Rector,Preston
Rector, T Redwine,David Redwine,David Renner, T
Ribble, Ribble, M Richerson,James Richeson,James
Ridings, P Ridings, P Robinson,John Robinson,John
Roudon, E Sabastian, S Sadler, Andy Sanders, Benj
Sanford, H Scott, J Sadler, H Sadler,Henry
Sadler, Wirt Sadler, Wirt Sanders, Benj Scott, James
Scott, James Scrympshire,J Seals, James Seals, Presly
Searcy, J S Searcy, Saml Seitz, Wm P Self, G
Self, Geo Selvage, R Selvidge, R Sercey, Saml
Sersey, J S Shaffer, Saml Shaffer, Wm Sharp, C
Shelly, Wm Sherrer, Shoat, Sifford, E
Sifford, E Sifford, J Slagle, J H Smith,
Smith, F Smith, Rico Smith ,Robert Smith, Robt
Spelse, Jim Spelts, Zim Spence,William Stephens,


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