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Freestone County Court House

An Act to amend an act to create the County of Freestone, approved December 6th, 1850.Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That the town of Fairfield, in Mound Prairie, is hereby declared the County Seat of Freestone county. That the judicial proceedings of the County Courts of Freestone County heretofore holden in the town of Fairfield, are hereby declared as valid and binding, as if the said town of Fairfield had been the county seat of said county. That the District and County Courts of the county of Freestone, shall be holden at the said town of Fairfield. That all laws contrary to this act, are hereby repealed; and that this act take effect from and after its passage was approved, November 24. 1851.

By 1846 a fairly large settlement, later called Troy, had been established along the west side of the Trinity River near Pine Bluff, and in 1848 a few isolated settlers appeared in the southern and central sections of what is now Freestone County. Sometime around 1847 the steamboat Reliance made its way up the Trinity River. Others soon followed, bringing supplies for the many settlers moving into the area. Often the heads of families arrived on prospecting missions, then returned home to bring their families back with them. Since the population of Limestone County was rapidly expanding, in 1850 the Texas legislature divided it to form Freestone County. By 1851 the county had been organized; the town of Mound Prairie, in the center of the county, was chosen to be the county seat, and its name was changed to Fairfield. Some other early towns were Cotton Gin, Avant Prairie, Butler, and Bonner Community .It is bounded on the east by Anderson County, on the south by Leon County, on the west by Limestone County, and on the north by Navarro and Henderson counties.


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May 2017: County Records:  1900 Fugitives from Justice

Surrounding Counties:

Henderson County (north)

 Anderson County (northeast)

 Leon County (southeast)

Limestone County (southwest)

 Navarro County (northwest)







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