Gonzales County, Texas 
1850 Mortality Census

Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund

Transcriber's Note: It appears that two separate schedules were done, one by a person who clearly couldn't spell well and didn't quite know how to fill out the form.

There are three pages to the information - the first two have blank lines in them which appears to be the parent name, or household name followed by the name of the person who died. Page 2 of these has a big "Duplicate" written across it, but not page 1. Page 3 is the more normal one, but it does have slightly different information - sometimes the name of an infant wasn't stated on page 3, but is shown on pages 1 or 2. Sometimes it was just the last name spelled differently. Clearly page 3 has better causes of death.

By the dates on them, it looks like they sent back pages 1 and 2 to be redone in 1852

Line Number





Free or Slave

or Widowed

Place of Birth

Month died



Number of days ill

1Nash, William L. 
2Nash, William L.1/12F TexasMay Croup1
3Coon, Hugh 
4Coon, Hugh1/12M TexasApril Hives3
5Baty, John H. 
6Baty, John H.1/12M TexasNov Sanders1
7Coon, Isaac T. M 
8Coon, Mary E.11/12F TexasOct Fever2
Remarksthe lands of this county are as follows large bodies of Prairie, of fine soil Same Black Stiff lands but the major Part are black Sandy Soil on the wattercorses are Thickly Settled, any quantity of Rock for Building etc. there will Soon be large masheanryes under way in this County. Gonzales Cty Texas December 3 1850
C.P. Chambers Asst Marshal

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1Blanton, Henry 
2Blanton, Elijah41M MTennMarch Chronic365
3Porter, William 
4Porter, William1/12M TexasDec Unknown22
5Reams, S.Y. 
6Reams, James M.7M TexasMarch Chronic365
7Reams, Rosann4F TexasJanuary Chronic365
8Alford, Winfield 
9Alford, Jacob G.5M TexasOct Bilbs. F3
10Barer, Elizar A.6F TexasNov Chronic200
11Peck, B.B. 
12Peck, Ann E.1F TexasOct Diarear30
13Stewart, W.H. 
14Stewart, Ann4FBS MSJune Drowned 
15Stewart, C. J.1M TexasJanuary Unknown14
16Collins, W.V. 
17Servant2MBS TexasMarch Unknown700
18Townsend, Josiah 
19Townsend, Josiah1/12M TexasMay Hives2
20Clark, Easter 
21Clark, Lanzo11M TexasApril Fever4
22BerBerick, Charles 
23BerBerick, Terrier1/12F TexasApril Unknown2
24Putman, Ancael 
25Putman, W.17M LAMarch Unknown8
26Lee, T.S. 
27Lee, T.S.1/12F TexasMarch Unknown1
28Zumwalt, Adam 
29Zumwalt, John21M KYDecWaggonnerCholera 
30Pruill, James M. 
31Pruill, Julian3/12F TexasNov Chills60
32Davis, Sarah45F WALJanuary Chills6
33King, A.G. 
34Servant, L.5/12FBS TexasFeb Cramp3
the above County I Suppose is one of the finest in the State for I have been over half the state and never saw a more Prosperious one, the timber in most Parts of the county is plenty on Peach Creek there are plenty Pinaah the major Part of the timber is jrostaah as for water there are no Better any where fine Situations for mills and masheanry of every him /over
[Spelling and punctuation as written]

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1Blanton, Elijah40M TennMarchFarmerHeart Disease365
2Porter, Elijah1/12M TexasDecember Unknown21
3Reams, James M.7M TexasMarch Cronicyears
4Reams, Rosanna M.4F TexasJanuary Cronicyears
5Alford, Jacob G.5M TexasOctober Fever3
6Baren, Eliza Ann6F TexasNovember Cronic180
7Peck, Ann E.1F TexasOctober Bearshalle?30
8Stewart, Ann4FBS MississippiJune Drowned 
9Stewart, C. J.1M TexasJanuary Hydro Cephlum14
10Collins, Comanche2MBS TexasMarch Unknown700
11Infant to woman name not known1/12M TexasMay Hives2
12Clark, Alanzo11M TexasApril Fever4
13Berborick, Torius1/12F TexasApril Unknown2
14Putman, M.17M LAMarch Unknown8
15Lee, Infant F TexasMarch Still born 
16Zumwalt, John21M KYDecember Cholera1
17Pruitt, Julia J.C.3/12F TexasNovember Chill60
18Davis, Sarah45F WALJanuary Cronic6
19King, A.G.5/12FBS TexasFebruary Croup3
20Nash, Infant not named1/12F TexasMay Croup1
21Conn, Infant1/12M TexasApril Hives3
22Baty, Infant1/12F TexasNovember Jaundus1
23Conn, Mary E.11/12F TexasOctober Cronic2

Remarks: The Death of Texas was sent to 8th St. off Jany 30. 52 by order of [unreadable]
Rec'd 12th Feb /52 Billings

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