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 Hopkins County Court House

The first legislature of the State of Texas on March 25, 1846, created the County of Hopkins from land formerly in Lamar and Nacogdoches counties. The local commissioners were William Barker, Robert Hargraves, James E. Hopkins, James Ward and Williams Wilkins. Among other duties, they were commissioned to find the geographical center of the country and there place the county seat, to be named "Tarrant," in honor of General Edward H. Tarrant (1796-1858), a hero of some of the wars of the United States and the Republic of Texas and a resident of the nearby area.

It was stipulated in the act to establish the county that after choosing the site for the courthouse, "…the Commissioners shall proceed to lay off a town and sell the lots therein at public auction, on a credit of 21 months; and all or other donation, shall be applied to the erection of public buildings for the use of the county."  Eldridge Hopkins, whose family had been honored in the naming of the county, gave land for the town site of Tarrant. The earliest public business was conducted in the open air because there was no building for official use. A log cabin was soon erected for temporary courthouse, which had to be used for the ensuing five years, as financial arrangements could not be made for a permanent building. It appears likely that the credit extended for town improvements was slow to bring in revenue.  

Cities and towns

Como     Sulphur Bluff     Cumby

Sulphur Springs     Gafford      Tira

Saltillo     Who'd Thought It  

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