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Antioch Cemetery Biardstown Community  33.546163  -95.508914 2 miles East of the intersection of FM 1497 & FM 1184
Arkansas Cemetery Roxton  33.571762 -95.715176 off FM 38 on CR 24800 (Arkansas Church Road)
Baptist Cemetery Paris  33.54562 -95.509081  
Benevolent Cemetery        
Bethlehem Cemetery Biardstown Community      
Biardstown Cemetery Biardstown Community  33.354974 -95.499393 Black Cemetery. 9.8 miles from intersection of Loop 286 & FM 1497. ake Farm Market Road 1497 to Biardstown, turn east on Farm Market Road 3426. There is no sign and it lies in a stand of trees about 1/4 mile from Farm Market Road 3426 and Farm Market Road 1497 on the right side of the road about 200 yards south of Farm Market Road 3426. It is at the dead end of County Road 13690
Binnion Cemetery Biardstown Community      
Blossom Cemetery Blossom      
Brackeen Cemetery aka Woolridge Paris  33.582949 -95.591798 6 miles south Paris, about 1/2 mile west of HWY 24-19 on CR 22860; Also called the Doyle or Wooldridge Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery - aka Camp Hill Oilfield Paris  33.591136  -95.61889 About 6 miles SW of Paris. Take Highway 137, then turn right (west) off of 137 onto Farm Market Road 1506, toward Ambia. It is located at the dead end of County Road 22910
Casey Cemetery Camp Maxey  33.789788 -95.584453 Inside of Old Camp Maxey.
Caviness Cemetery    33.770947 -95.646386  
Cedar Hill Cemetery Paris  33.665581  -95.596116 100 Yards North of the intersection of Graham St & 36th NW
Chisum Cemetery Paris  33.653528  -95.567322 West Washington St. in Block 203 in Paris
Clardy Cemetery    33.530278  -95.446667 The cemetery is .4 mile south of the intersection of County Roads 14570 and 14590; then 100 yards west of the County Road 14590.
Clark Cemetery Tigertown Community     Located north of Tigertown on property known in the 1960's as the Hutchinson place, the land grant map shows it on land originally granted to W. C. Clark. There are a number of broken and crumbled stones with names and dates destroyed.
Click Cemetery Viewpoint Community  33.58  -95.528889 from FM 1497, three tenths of a mile down County Road 12650 and 200 yards east of County Road 12550 near the Viewpoint Community
Compton Cemetery        
Corn Cemetery    33.749272  -95.441382  
Cottonwood Cemetery    33.711257 -95.784861  
Cunningham Cemetery Unity      
Dickie Cemetery    33.578328 -95.678181  
Durham Cemetery ** Faught     This abandoned cemetery is located about two miles west of Faught.
East Post Oak Cemetery Post Oak      
Egypt Cemetery Blossom  33.675930  -95.363448  
El Bethel Cemetery Paris  33.657076 -95.655665 4 miles west of Paris, and northwest of Toco, on County Road 33010 that runs west of the Flying Tigers Museum, between Highway 82 and Farm Market Road 1510. The cemetery is .2 miles south of Farm Market Road 1510. Also known as the Brookston Shiloh Cemetery
Elm Grove Cemetery Paris      
Evergreen Cemetery Paris  33.664420 -95.551622 On HWY 19-24 inside Loop 286
Fairland/Littlejohn Cemetery Paris  33.679497  -95.544988 NE part of city between Clement and Center Streets; Fairland and Littlejohn Cemeteries have been combined.
Faubian Cemetery Paris      
Forest Chapel Cemetery Powderly  33.863075  -95.594579  
Forest Hill Cemetery Forest Hill Community  33.650637  -95.820036 Take Highway 38 north from Highway 82 [west of Petty] for 3 miles.
Friendship Cemetery Biardstown Community  33.526141  -95.506964 Located behind the Friendship Baptist Church on CR 14750
Garner Cemetery Gadston Community  33.492397  -95.580261 East off Highway 19/24 onto FM 1184. Proceed .5 miles to CR 14760 and turn south. Cemetery is on the right 2.3 miles south of the intersection of 1184 and 14760. It is behind a house at 2352 CR 14760 on the right side of the road.
Garretts Bluff Cemetery/Community Hall Garretts Bluff Community 33.867137 -95.719948 Near the Red River Farm Market Road 1499
Georgia Cemetery Tigertown Community  33.757194  -95.829761 19 Miles NW of Paris - Highway #79 to Farm Market Road 2820 to Highway #38 to Farm Market Road 2352, northwest of the Tigertown community.
Glory Cemetery - aka Price Cemetery Glory Community  33.526954  -95.526078  
Gough Cemetery    33.571507 -95.727445  
Grandview Cemetery        
Greenwood Cemetery        
Harmon Cemetery Harmon Community  33.524045  -95.828277 off Farm Market Road 824, near the Harmon Community. Turn west onto County Road 27450 about three miles south of the intersection of Farm Market Road 824 and Farm Market Road 137. Cemetery is about one mile down County Road 27450 on the north side of the road, behind the old Harmon school.
Haynes Cemetery Razor      
Hazel Dell Cemetery aka Wright Cemetery Slabtown Community  33.467902  -95.519016 Farm Market 1498, near the Slabtown Community. Turn south off 1498 on to County Road 15900, cemetery is 1/4 mile from main road about 100 feet east of the road across a barbed wire fence. AKA Lee Cemetery.
Heavenly Hills Cemetery        
Hendricks Black Cemetery Paris  33.678484 -95.56971 this cemetery is located in the 11-1200 block of Center St., within the city limits of Paris, four tenths of a mile east of 19th NW
Hickory Grove Black Cemetery Petty Community  33.552375  -95.814306 16 miles southwest of the city limits of Paris off Highway 82 from Petty, south on Farm Market Road 137.
Hickory Grove Cemetery Petty Community  33.552375  -95.814306 16 miles southwest of the city limits of Paris off Highway 82 from Petty, south on Farm Market Road 137.
Highland Cemetery    33.540974  -95.343316  
Holt Cemetery    33.638918 -95.323479  
Holy Cross Columbarium Paris      
Hopewell Cemetery Hopewell  33.704581 -95.631068 about 4 miles northeast of the intersection of Loop 286 and Highway 79 on Farm Market Road 2820,.2 miles from the intersection of Highway 79 and FM 2820, near Hopewell
Howland - Faith Cemetery Paris      
Huff Cemetery        
Jackson Cemetery Hopewell  33.697922 -95.665063  
Jewish Cemetery    33.662999 -95.53763 On the eastern side of the Oddfellow Cemetery
Jones Cemetery Jennings Community  33.575378  -95.474927 Off FM 905 in Jennings.Turn west on to County Road 13500 then south on County Road 13600 about a half mile down. Cemetery is about 1/4 mile from the turn on the east side of the road.
Killingsworth Cemetery - aka Gaugh Cemetery and Gough Cemetery Roxton  33.571507 -95.727445 It is on County Road 24800
Kitchens Cemetery Blossom      
Knights of Honor Cemetery    33.656585 -95.368863  
Lamar County Cemetery/Silver Cross/Lamar County Paupers Cemetery    33.678573  -95.528549 AKA Silver Cross Cemetery; On Farm Market 195 less than a mile from the intersection of Farm Market Road 195 and Loop 286 on the left side of the road going northeast.
Lee Roxton Cemetery Roxton  33.532705  -95.76892 About 4 miles west of Roxton, off Farm Market Rd. 137, on the Packard Ranch (now owned by Mr. Currin), between Roxton and the Noble community. AKA Moon Cemetery
Little Vine Cemetery Globe Community  33.733367 -95.720125 About 3/4 mile south of the Globe community off Highway 79, south on 34250 for .6 miles
Littlejohn Cemetery Chicota  33.874157 -95.576359  
Long Cemetery   33.776432   -95.486996  
Macedonia Cemetery    33.882848  -95.634656  
Mallory Cemetery Ambia Community  33.563915  -95.662235 About 1 1/2 mile South of Ambia. On CR 24200 about one mile off FM 2122.
Marris Cemetery Deport Community      
McDonald Cemetery Paris  33.522144  -95.60225  
McEwin Cemetery Caviness  33.760452  -95.59474  
McGlasson Cemetery    33.518745  -95.685074  
Meadowbrook Memorial Park Cemetery    33.631174  -95.473204  
Milton Cemetery Milton      
Minter Cemetery    33.471149  -95.403386  
Moore Springs Cemetery Reno  33.651943  -95.487449  
Mount Olive Cemetery        
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Deport Community  33.53864 -95.341321 About .5 mile south of road that turns to go to Highland Cemetery. It is located behind a feed store that used to be a church
Mount Tabor Cemetery Caviness  33.757084  -95.623606  
Mount Vernon Cemetery Globe Community  33.726062  -95.736736 AKA Perryman Cemetery; County Road 34430 between Highway 75 and Highway 38 about 2 miles southwest of Globe community, or 2 miles northeast of Maxey community, or 3 miles southeast of Unity community.
Neathery Cemetery Marvin Community  33.585541  -95.486879 off Farm Market 905. In the Marvin Community, turn off 905 west onto County Road 13500; follow this 3/4 mile to a Y. Turn west on 12530 and go 1/4 mile. Cemetery is in a pasture about 200 feet from the road on the south side of the road.
New Dora Cemetery Glory Community  33.509093  -95.544231 west of Farm Market Road 1498 about 1 3/4 miles south of the Glory community. It is located west of the intersection of Farm Market Road 1498 and Lamar County Road 14690. Turn west on County Road 14700
Newbether Cemetery    33.762653  -95.490381  
Nixon Cemetery Maxey  33.706339  -95.759763 located 11.9 miles by road from the intersection of Loop 286 and Highway 79, in the woods north of Highway 38 or Farm Market Road 2352,
Oak Hill Cemetery    33.850833  -95.47959  
Odd Fellows Cemetery - IOOF Paris  33.66338 -95.538592 located on Pine Bluff and East Price Streets in the northeast portion of the City of Paris
Old City Cemetery Paris  33.664499  -95.561564 bounded by Graham St., 5th NW, W. Cherry and 6th NW streets
Old Denton Cemetery Roxton  33.54682  -95.73242 located on Farm Market Rd. 137 west of Roxton
Old Shiloh Cemetery    33.658717  -95.665057 AKA Morgan Cemetery; northwest quadrant of the county off Farm Market Road 1510 at the dead end of County Road 33015 west of the road in the edge of the woods.
Old Slave Cemetery Blossom      
Overstreet Cemetery Globe Community      
Palestine Cemetery        
Paris City Cemetery Paris      
Paupers Cemetery - aka Silver Cross/Lamar County Cemetery Paris  33.678573  -95.528549  
Pinhook Cemetery Pin Hook      
Pleasant Hill Cemetery West Lamar and High Communities  33.638749  -95.745851 About 8 miles West of Paris off HWY 82; County Road 24900.
Post Oak - aka West Post Oak Arthur City  33.814793  -95.714096  
Powell Cemetery Marvin Community  33.584368  -95.48029 In the Marvin Community, turn west onto a gravel road; follow this 3/4 mile to a Y, continue south. Approximately 50 feet from this Y, there is a dirt road turning off to the east into a pasture. Graves are in the trees south of this pasture and about 125 feet from the gravel road.
Prairie Ridge Cemetery Sumner Community  33.748639  -95.64737 AKA Sumner Academy Cemetery; about 7 miles northwest of the intersection of Loop 286 and Highway 79, about one mile east of the Sumner community. It is on County Road 33250 one mile north of Highway 79 and about one mile south of the Emberson community
Presbyterian Cemetery Chicota      
Price (Glory) Cemetery Hickory Creek Community  33.526954  -95.526078 County Road 14650, .7 mile west of the intersection of County Road 14650 and Farm Market Road 1498.
Pride Cemetery        
Providence Cemetery Paris      
Pyles Cemetery    33.781855  -95.783444  
Razor Cemetery Powderly      
Red Hill Cemetery    33.851274  -95.480708  
Red Oak Cemetery Blossom  33.678993  -95.321085  
Reeds Chapel Black Cemetery        
Reeds Prairie Cemetery Paris      
Reid Cemetery    33.88157  -95.638028  
Restland Cemetery Cunningham  33.424175  -95.350991  
Restland Cemetery Roxton  33.540612  -95.728767 southwest of the community of Roxton on Highway 38
Restlawn Gardens Cemetery Paris  33.725388  -95.54748  
Rice Cemetery Brookston and Ambia Communities  33.595099  -95.63817 Between towns off FM 1506 at the end of CR 23110 on North side
Rich Hillo Cemetery        
Rocky Ford Cemetery Roxton  33.54701  -95.742677 West of Roxton on HWY 137
Roxton Cemetery Roxton      
Saffold Hill Cemetery Paris      
Shady Grove Cemetery Pattonville  33.568251  -95.429583 Located at FM 905 from Clardy in the middle of no where near Paris
Shiloh Cemetery Paris      
Sikes Cemetery    33.737561  -95.435862  
Silver Cross Cemetery - aka Lamar Paupers/Lamar County    33.678573  -95.528549  
Slabtown Wright Cemetery Slabtown Community  33.464568  -95.533564 southwest of the community of Roxton on Highway 38
Springhill Cemetery Medill Community  33.791023  -95.406913 on Farm Market Road 2648 in the Medill Community about 7.25 miles from the intersection of Highway 271 and Farm Market Road 2648.
Stallings Family Cemetery        
Starksville Cemetery        
Strother Cemetery        
Sumner Cemetery    33.77241  -95.660982  
Sylvan Cemetery Sylvan      
Taylortown Union Cemetery Taylortown  33.458028  -95.474027 on Farm Market Road 1498 near the southern county line and Sulphur River. It is about 1.5 miles from the intersection of Farm Market Road 1497 and Farm Market Road 1498
Tigertown Cemetery Tigertown Community  33.708937  -95.806474 On HWY 38; It is 14.9 miles from Loop 286, west on Highway 79, to Farm Market Road 2820, through Hopewell community, to Highway 38, through Maxey Community to Tigertown.
Tinnin Cemetery Midcity      
Toppings Cemetery    33.533905  -95.680329  
Union Grove Cemetery    33.663568  -95.474164  
West Haven Cemetery    33.693618  -95.72123  
West Post Oak Cemetery - aka Post Oak Cemetery    33.814793  -95.714096  
Whittenburg Cemetery    33.483283  -95.841983  
Wilson Cemetery Faught      
Woodard Cemetery Minter  33.461091  -95.366651  
Wooldridge Cemetery    33.534722  -95.604167 The original cemetery of what was thought to be only three graves is in a field northwest of Brackeen Cemetery at the dead end of the road leading to Brackeen Cemetery.
Wright - Hill Cemetery Tigertown Community     Located SE of Tigertown on county road on private land, in heavy tinber and is abandoned.
Wright Cemetery - aka Hazel Dell Cemetery Slabtown Community  33.467902  -95.519016 Off FM 1498 on CR 15900 in the Slabtown Community. East side of the road about 100 feet from the road

Latitudes and Longitudes submitted by Lee Donlon

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