Early County History

Lamar County was organized 1841. Its area is 900 square miles; present population, 42,000; whites, 34,000; colored 8,000; scholastic population, 15,000; wealth valuation of the county, $17,000,000; assessed valuation, $11,500,000; per cent of taxes on the $100, 70 cents; available funds of the county, $ 36,000; bonded debt, $44,500 ; number of acres of school lands in the county, 1,200; number of acres of improved land, one-third of county, valued at $13.50 per acre; unimproved land, two-thirds, valued at $5 per acre; about one-third of county is timbered land; about two-thirds of county is prairie land; soil, gray and black; average farm productions per acre are cotton, from one-half to one bale; corn, 20 to 65 bushels oats, 60 bushels per acre. The following fruits are successfully grown : Peaches, pears, apples, plums, grapes, figs strawberries and black berries. Coal is found in the county- It is watered by springs, rivers and creeks; has three lines of railroads, T. Sc P., St. Louis & San Francisco, G. .C. & S. F. ( Paris M. & Sabine Pass graded) passing through the county. It has 65 churches, 133 schools, 40 mills and 9 manufactories. The court house is valued at 175,000; the jail at $38,000; poor farm at $7,000.

The above is prepared with great care and may be relied on. Sam H. Hancock, County Clerk .

Paris , the county seat of Lamar, has a population of 13,000. 1ocation is just is the edge of the timber, the oaks and elms, which reach back to Red river, twenty miles north of the city. The principal part of the city lies high and dry, on sandy ground, very little being on the black sticky soil, which stretches south over rolling prairies, thirty miles to the Delta county line.

For ten years Paris had but one railroad, and as an unflavored station on a single line of railway, her population grew to 1,000 vs. a mere station, she shipped more cotton annually than Dallas , Ft. Worth or Waco . Now Paris has three railroads in operation, viz: the Texas and Pacific, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe , and the St. Louis & San Francisco. These roads connect Paris with all the principal marts of the V. S. Besides these three lines in operation, there are two other lines under way of construction, and will be completed to Paris in the near future. One of these will give us a short route to New Orleans
. The outlier will connect us with the coal fields on the north.

has a fine system of waterworks; fine churches, fine schools public and private, male and female.

Every day people are coming from the various cities and states, and casting their fortunes with the enterprising, moral and social citizens who have made Paris what it is, and who extend a hand of welcome to those who will come and make Paris what it is to be— a city of 25,000 souls.

The above was kindly furnished by Early & Early, Real Estate and Loan Agents, No. 112 S. Main Street , Paris .  The Immigrants Guide to Texas Giving Descriptions of Counties, Towns and Villages, with Valuable Historical and Statistical Information ... Dallas, Tex., Wilmans Bros., printers, 1888 dd



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