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Lavaca County Court House

Indian raids, particularly by the Comanches and Tonkawas, were common in the late 1830s, but several defeats forced the Indians to withdraw to the west, and after 1841 the attacks ceased. In 1842 the Republic of Texas Congress established a judicial county from portions of Fayette, Colorado, Jackson, Victoria, and Gonzales counties and named it La Baca County.

In 1846 the area was renamed Lavaca County, and it became a regularly constituted county with 140 taxpayers. Petersburg and Hallettsville vied to be county seat, and after two hotly contested elections Hallettsville won the contest in 1852; only by force of arms, however, were the men of Hallettsville able to liberate the county records from Petersburg.

Lavaca County men volunteered for the Confederate Army in large numbers, many of them serving in Whitfield's Legion, the Eighth Texas Cavalry (Terry's Texas Rangers), and other volunteer units. Some of the early volunteers saw considerable action during the conflict, and a sizable number of them were killed or injured.

The country is much broken, and diversified with hills and valleys: the hillside springs send forth their brooks and rills, to make this charming region more lovely, and permeate the virgin soil with their life-giving powers. Stock of all kinds do well; and it is said that the soil and climate are well adapted to the extensive culture of grapes and other fruit. This county is fast filling up with substantial settlers, who are reaping the benefits of cheap lands. It is one of the most healthful counties in the State. There are many indications of valuable metals and minerals here.  Submitted by Candi H.

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