1850 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1850
in the County of Navarro, State of Texas
Enumerated by me, William Hogan

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

Name A
Place of Birth Mo. of Death Occupa.

Cause of Death

Eli Kifaine? 44 M   M unk Jan Farmer Pneum.
James Smathers 21 M   TN Apr Farmer Pneum.
Laszarus C. Spurlan 22 M   AL Nov Farmer Cankers on Mouth
William A. Spurlan 26 M   AL Dec School Teacher Cankers on Mouth
Sarah A. Snuden 21 F   TX Oct   Fever
Absam Porter 1 M   TX Aug   Cholera Infantile
Emma J. Newton 6 F   MA Apr   Cholera Infantile
A. M. Moore 30 M   M TN Mar Black Smith Coryza Brain
Amanda M. F. McCabe 5/12 F   TX Oct   Coryza Brain
Mary E. Branan 11/12 F   TX Jan   Worms
Racheal Waulland 56 F   M TN Nov   Worms
M?ader White 33 M   M NC Nov Farmer Inflam. on Brain
Infant of W. & J. A. Roberts 2 da M   TX Nov   Sick from Birth
W. C. Watkins 54 M   M KY Mar Farmer Pneum.
William Barnett 48 M   M GA Oct Farmer Pneum.
Jessee Ammons? Carroll 1 F   TX Sept   Typhoid Fever
John Williams 25 M   OH Mar Farmer Pneum.
John Martins 23 M   M AR Aug Farmer Scarlet Fever
Nathan Dabney 21 M   IL Dec Farmer Coryza Child?
Lydia Dillow 51 F   W TX Sept   Coryza Fever
Bezabub Harris 76 M   M VA Apr Farmer Glandular Fever
Emaline B. Guemn? 35 F   M NC Feb   Puerperal fever
Amanda J. Watson 3 F   MS Sept   Typhoid Fever
Eliza Deorman 16 F   AL Mar   Pleurisy
Sarah E. Zonners 11 F   MO Sept   Coryza Child
Lucinda Price 13 F   TX Mar   Spasms
S. H. Estes 9 M   MO Oct   Cholera Infantile
Servant John Welch 24 F B S   VA June   Chronic
Harriet W. Eight 22 F   AR Nov   Chronic
Servant of G. W. Hill 9 F B S   TX Mar   Burned
James Ramsey 48 M   M NC May Farmer Cholera
William Dannel? 20 M   M TX May Farmer Cholera
M. C. Ramsey 3 F   KY May   Cholera
Ezekial Ramsey 3 M   M KY May House Carpen. Cholera
Hughy Ramsey 64 M   M KY May Farmer Cholera
A. H. Porter   M   M SC Dec Farmer Cholera



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