Parker County, Texas

The Old Settlers


The old settlers of 1856, who have moved into other counties and states, are John Adams, L. Adams, A. C. Amends, George N. Anderson, Ambrose Angerly, Robert P. Baker, William Baker, Joseph Barker, Joshua Barker, Martin Bates, Henry Beadle, James J. Beaman, C. Blair, Wesley Blanton, Richard Eleven, Benjamin Boston, M. J. Britton, A. B. Brown, Burrill Brown, T. C. Brown, Israel Burriss, Jas. Burriss, Thos. Burriss, Wm. Burroughs, Jackson Burrows, Rev. N. T. Byers, Elisha Cantwell, Wm. Cazort, Rosewell Clifton, Jno. C. Chapman, John F. Coffee, Richard Coffee, James Cook, J. Criswell, E. H, Crompton, Moses Damron, Harrison Dukes, Jackson Dukes, Jason Dukes, Littleton Dukes, Wm. Dennison, L. R. Dockrey, Thomas Draper, Edward Dubsey, David Eddleman, T. D. Ellis, Jackson Flint, John Fox, Leftwitch Francis, Rev. L. J. Francis, Thomas Gallagher, Robert George, Charles Gildon, James Givens, Isaac Gorman, Anderson Green, John Grisham, George W. Guest, Batch Guthrie, J. J. Hamilton, Howard Hayes, John Hefly, Wood Henry, J. H. Hewitt, G. Higgins, Allen Hill, Jackson Hill, Thomas Hill, Joshua Holman, Newman Holder, Hartford Howard, James Hudson, John Hunter, Joseph Hunter, David Harm, J. W. Johnson, Jehu M. Jones, Stephen F. Jones, Joseph Kauffman, William Layne, Dow Lee, George Lee, Sylvester Lee, John Leonard, George B. Loving, Bartholomew Majors, Seton Majors, Elam Martin, John L. Matlock, James Maybury, David Maybury, James Mays, Larkin McCarty, Isaac Meek, J. C. Meek, Stephen Mooney, Idle Morgan, H. R. Morris, Lewellyn Murphy, John Neill, J. T. Paschall, Green Pennington, John B. Pingston, Fred Pointer, G. Pointer, C. C. Porter, John F. Porter, Robert S. Porter, Jr., Angie Price, G. Rash, Joseph Raws, Care Remington, James Reynolds, Thomas Riley, Joseph Sea, Frank-Sowell, M. Sheen, L. T. Shepherd, Silas Shirley, Thomas Short, John Snider, John Spruell, John Squires, James Sprole, David Street, Rev. Pleasant Tackitt, Joseph Thomas, Alexander Thompson, Robert Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Joseph Thornburg, Wm. Tubbs, Aaron Tucker, Giles Upton, J. M. Upton, Monroe Upton, Thomas Upton, Daniel Wagner, David White, Thomas White, William Wilson, Felty Wampler, Martin Wampler, Rhoderic Wampler, Richard Wimberg, Benjamin Winchester, Robert Wright.

Death has gathered nearly one hundred of the old Parker County settlers into the harvest of Eternity. In a period of twenty-one years, more than twenty-five per cent have been called home—and let us trust that every one of the old frontier patriots have escaped further trials and vicissitudes and that their names are enrolled in the Lamb's Book of Life. The departed are Reuben Allen, William Arthur, Thomas Billingley, Luke Blevin, John Brashears, Matthew Brashears, Burrill Brown, George J. Brock, John Brown, Elias Burriss, Thomas Burriss, William Burriss, Philip Burrough, Hezekiah Caldwell, Chas. Cabiness, Drew Coen, William Coffee, E. N. Clement, John Clifton, Eli Cox, I. P. Davis, Allison Dotson, Washington Dunkin, A. J. Dyke, Charles Erwin, Ezekiel Fleming, W. B. Fondren, Calvin Gage, James Gilpin, Nathan Gilpin, Green Givens, Arthur Graham, James Hand, John Hill, Joshua Hill, Erasmus Jones, Andrew Jones, James Kidwell, W. B. Kid well, Thomas Lack, C. Landmore, Isaac Lane, John Lee, M. Lee, Samuel Leonard, Jr., Samuel Leonard, Sr., John C. Light, Rev. M. C. Light, William Light, Giles Littlefield, William Littlefield, Wilson Littlefield, Asa Long, Henry Lontz, J. G. Lontz, Oliver Loving, Thos. Martin, William Mays, Rev. P. McDonald, Thos. C. McGew, Rev. — McKnight, Ebenezer Miller, Fuller Millsapp, John Montgomery, Sr., Newman, S. P. Newsome, John Parker, R. S. Porter, John H. Prince, James Prindle, W. T. Reynolds, D. C. Rose, Frank Sanches, John See, Michael See, Tip See, W. V. D. Shirley, Calvin Tharp, Joseph Thornburg, Rev. R. S. Tierce, William Trimble, Joseph Tucker, Jefferson Turner, William Upton, Charles Walker, Dock Walker, Joseph Walker, William Wilson, Young Warren, William Welch. 
--Historical Sketches of Parker County and Weatherford, Texas by Henry Smythe.  Published by Louis C. Lavat, Job and book printer, St. Louis, 1877. Transcribed and Submitted by Veneta McKinney



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