Rains County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names, counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved, rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between 1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

Applicant Name App # Husband

Husband's App #

Adams, L. P. (Mrs) 42430 McAlpin, John Thomas  
Allen, Georgia 22512 Allen, Leroy Moore 17209
Allen, Leroy Moore 17209    
Armstrong, William W. 3382    
Barrett, S. E. Rejected    
Bevil, M. E. (Mrs) 18267 Bevil, William Thomas  
Bevil, William T. 16287    
Bibb, Eli Rejected    
Bishop, George W. 7945    
Booker, James L. 13037    
Booker, Mary C. 26450 Booker, James L. 13037
Boyer, G. M. Rejected    
Braziel, Elizabeth 18268 Braziel, Thomas Butler  
Brown, Mary A. 12106 Brown, William S.  
Bullard, Jap 3383    
Burgess, F. J. (Mrs) 31508 Burgess, Ellis Green  
Burgess, F. J. (Mrs) Rejected Burgess, J. T.  
Burnside, Fannie E. 24766 Burnside, S. N. 3384
Burnside, S. N. 3384    
Carter, Mary A. 39740 Carter, Blake Anderson  
Cherry, Jesu W. 8447    
Childers, James A. 23124    
Childers, Mary Emily 31244 Childers, James Anderson  
Coats, W. B. 18265    
Cochran, Amanda 35946 Cochran, John Edmond 5109
Cochran, John Edmond 5109    
Coker, Nancy Elizabeth 35331 Coker, Squire John 3387
Coker, Squire John 3387    
Cole, Martha A. 31504 Cole, Acy Thomas  
Cooper, Cain 3385    
Cooper, R. A. (Mrs) 35414 Cooper, Cain 3385
Courtney, Jacob 3386    
Covey, G. C. (Mrs) 40884 Covey, George C. 13964
Covey, George C. 13964    
Crable, J. M. 10733    
Davidson, L. A. (Mrs) 9745 Davidson, W. L.  
Davidson, W. L. 3388    
Davis, Kate 51994 Davis, Edward Benton  
Dodson, Elizabeth J. Rejected Dodson, George Hampton  
Donaldson, W. J. W. 3389    
Dreher, Benjamin F. 3400    
Elliott, M. E. (Mrs) 23604 Elliott, Simon Peter  
Etheridge, J. H. Rejected    
Ethridge, J. S. 5122    
Fisher, F. M. 3390    
Flowers, J. C. Rejected    
Forbis, Octavious S. 3392    
Ford, H. C. 8584    
Foreman, Frank B. 3391    
Foreman, Judith C. 32946 Foreman, Frank Bouden  
Freeman, J. K. 29966    
Gatlin, William J. 8446    
Giles, C. C. (Mrs) 12105 Giles, John Thomas  
Gilley, Ben W. 3393    
Gilley, Margaret Samantha 12578 Gilley, Ben W. 3393
Glisen, J. H. 28389    
Grayham, Isabelle B. 31793 Grayham, William Titus  
Hagar, Julia A. 9944 Hagar, George W. (hager) 5125
Hager, George W. (Hagar) 5125    
Hagler, C. C. 5123    
Harlan, Virginia A. 28902 Harlan, John Marshall  
Harrison, W. P. 12107    
Hawkins, W. P. 13602    
Henderson, Hiram L. 24776    
Herrell, J. H. 21298    
Herring, M. C. I. (Mrs) 16286 Herring, B. F.  
Hickman, R. D. Rejected Missing    
Hickman, Robert Donnell 11097    
Hill, Asberry 3394    
Hooker, Walker 3395    
Hooks, A. C. 10734    
Horsley, William H. 19818    
Hughey, M. J. (Mrs) 32255 Hughey, Thomas Madison  
Irwin, N. A. (Mrs) 27626 Irwin, E. M.  
Jarratt, H. E. (Mrs) 26834 Jarratt, N. R. 3396
Jarratt, N. R. 3396    
Jinkins, M. J. (Mrs) 3397 Jinkins, J. W.  
Johnston, Martha J. 34342 Johnston, Willis Green Lee  
Lanfair, James C. 3399    
Lawhon, G. W. 3398    
Lennon, M. C. (Mrs) 30413 Lennon, Charles Henry  
Linehan, H. E. (Mrs) 26797 Linehan, William  
Lovell, Sarah 33272 Lovell, William Russell  
McClure, W. G. 3403    
McKay, C. E. (Mrs) Rejected McKay, J. E.  
McKay, T. A. 27459    
Miller, Nathan 24773    
Mills, John J. 34602    
Mills, William Henry 3401    
Moody, E. C. (Mrs) 24607 Moody, John Marshall  
Murff, Jerry M. 10736    
Myers, Susan 31284 Myers, Jacob  
Newman, Athalena 3402 Newman, M. D.  
Nichols, William H. 10735    
Ogburn, William H. 13038    
Osborn, Piney (Mrs) 3404 Osborn, William  
Pippin, Sinah (Mrs) 6292 Pippin, James S.  
Potts, Mary E. 3405 Potts, Charles H.  
Pound, Thomas J. 24428    
Rains, Presly P. 3406    
Rhoton, John Franklin 29045    
Rhoton, Simme 36602 Rhoton, John Franklin 29045
Rice, M. A. (Mrs) 18266 Rice, Samuel Johnson  
Rice, S. J. Rejected    
Robertson, S. C. (Mrs) 25848 Robertson, Robert J.  
Rodes, David M. 16285    
Rowell, Abigail 3407 Rowell, James A.  
Russell, Wilson A. 7532    
Sanford, W. N. 3408    
Settle, James M. 18264    
Settle, S. F. (Mrs) 21137 Settle, James M. 18264
Slider, J. R. Rejected    
Sosby, David Lafayette 5124    
Sparks, Martha Virginia 52000 Sparks, Abner Evans  
Stuart, Sarah Jane 36168 Stuart, Stephen James Marshall Head 29981
Stuart, Stephen James Marshall H. 29981    
Tate, James M. 36609    
Tate, Mittie 49201 Tate, James M. 36609
Taylor, Andrew Carroll 13036    
Thornton, M. C. (Mrs) 9943 Thornton, E. F.  
Tidwell, A. J. Rejected    
Tinnin, J. A. Rejected    
Trimble, Sarah E. 08448 Missing    
Tunnell, J. A. 3409    
Turner, Jennette 42873 Turner, John B. 17324
Turner, M. A. (Mrs) 3410 Turner, Lasael  
Wade, Eliza J. 50372 Wade, John Daniel  
Wafer, Mabry 20063    
Wallace, John J. Rejected    
Ward, P. E. (Mrs) 9321 Ward, Ira 2054
Ward, William 9094    
Watkins, M. J. (Mrs) 39763 Watkins, William Jackson 3414
Watkins, William Jackson 3414    
Weaver, Mark 7654    
Wells, J. T. 3413    
Wells, M. E. (Mrs) 33353 Wells, John Thompson  
Wever, Mary T. 49085 Wever, John William Worth  
Wheeless, L. M. 3412    
Whitwell, Allen 3411    
Wilkinson, James M. 38682    
Wilkinson, Nancy Jane 38993 Wilkinson, James M. 38682
Williams, George H. 24787    
Wilson, S. A. (Mrs) 6575 Wilson, W. E.  
Worthington, Joseph C. Rejected    
Yarborough, Ann 3415 Yarborough, Henry  


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