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During the First Congress of the Republic of Texas, the Red River district was little more than a vaguely defined area encompassing all or part of the land of thirty-nine present counties. Red River County was formally delineated by an act signed by President Sam Houston on December 14, 1837
On February 23, 1861, the voters of Red River County narrowly approved the secession ordinance by a vote of 347 to 284. With the outbreak of the Civil War, county support for the Confederacy was nearly unanimous.

In 1876 the Texas and Pacific Railway was completed through the county, and for the first time residents had relatively quick and dependable transportation to larger market centers.  Cotton dominated the local economy, with 17,669 bales reported in 1880 and 46,263 bales reported in 1920. For most residents, however, increases in population and cotton production did not necessarily mean increased prosperity. In fact, each census reported a smaller percentage of farmers who owned all or part of the land they farmed. By 1930 fewer than 30 percent of the county's farmers owned all or a part of their farms.

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