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Red River County, Texas

1850 Mortality Schedule


Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in --------, in the County of Red River, State of Texas, enumerated by me, A. S. Baker, Ass't Marshal.

Name of every person who died during the year ending 1st June, 1850, whose usual place of abode at the time of his death was in his family.

Name Age Sex Color Married or Widowed Place of Bith Month in which the person Died Profession Occupation or Trade Disease or cause of death Number of days ill
William Davis 38 M   M Tenn Mar Farmer Accident Sudden
Cothorin Smothers 38 F   M No Carolina Dec Landlady Unknown 14
Lucinda Umphrys 2 F   S Texas Apr   Hurt 14
Dederich P. Simes 32 M   M Ala Jun None Unknwn 8
Harrah A. Davis 7 F   S Ind Jul   Fever 4
Wm. Davis 4 M   S Ind July   Fever 5
James Scaff 10 M   S Miss Nov   Fever 30
Tennessee Pope 10/12 F   S Texas Nov   N. Couch 30
James Colby 5 M   S Texas Feb   Fever 30
Nancy Blanton 11 F   S Texas Dec   Gangasou 2
Camel 05/12 M B S Texas July   Diarrhea 3
Evelina 05/12 F B S Texas July   Diarrhea 8
Amanda 09/12 F B S Texas Jun   Croop 10
James Edmesson 3 M   S Texas Oct   Chills 3
Rebecca Caudle 57 F   Wid No Carolina Jun Landlady Consumption 120
Henry Smith 01/12 M     Texas Nov   Croop 2
Julia Reed 1 F     Texas Jul   Pison 1
Mary Calhoun 01/12 F     Texas Dec   Unknown 12
Rames 43 M B S Md Aug   Fever 9
Joshua 46 M B S Unknown Jun   Fever 1
Denoh 17 F B S Texas Dec   Fever 9
Francis 17 F B S Texas Dec   Cold 9
Dublin 90 M B S Africa May   Old Age  
March 60 M B S So. Carolina Mar Ploney 12
Daniel 45 M M S Va. Apr   Drowned  
John Moutihause 57 M   M England Oct Merchant Congestion 14
Wm. Bagby 18 M   S Tenn Sep   Unknown 3
Susanah Enuiss 1 F   S Texas Dec   Chills 1
Lucinda Richey 4 F   S Texas Feb   Fever 1
Lewis 2 M B S Texas Mar Fever 20
Malinda 15 F B S Arcansas Dec   Tumor 365
Rebecca Clark 38 F   M Ky Oct Landlady Diarrhea 77
Sandy Russel 28 M   M No Carolina Jun School Teacher Inflamtion 3
Louisa Adams 14 F   S Arcansas Feb None Chick 2
Felix Scarbury 45 M   M Unknown Feb None Consumption 80
Mary Slaven 37 F   M Arcansas Feb Landlady Dispepsia 3
Susanah Stout 11/12 F   S Texas Jan None Choked 7
Mary Stullings 33 F   M Tenn Feb Landlady Dropsy 90
Jano An Walker 20 F   M No Carolina Feb  Landlady Consumption 180
Dorinda Wagley 16 F   S La Nov None Diarrhea 28
Loucinda Novls 24 F   M Texas Oct Landlady Fever 4
James Newman 7 M   S Arcansas Oct None Chills & Fever 3
Sarah Dean 45 F   M Ky Dec   Childbirth Sudden
John Sanders 52 M   S Va. Mar   Consumption 190
Ann DeMorso 4 F   S Texas June   Burnt 2nd
Mary Caton 74 F B S Tenn Aug   Fever 75
Elizabeth 28 F B S No Carolina Apr   Chronic Consumption  
William Raggers 19 M   S Ala May Painter Pneumonia 21
Cornelius 2 M B S Texas July   Inflamation 60


I, A. S. Baker, Adjutant Marshal of the County of Red River, State of Texas, do solemnly swear, that the returns contained in the foregoing pages, one and one half in number, were made according to my oath and instructions, to the best of my knowledge and belief.        A. P. Baker


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 28th day of December,. A. D. 1850.  


Witness my official signature and seal of office.   Georg H. Lawter, Clk


C. C. R. R. County


Transcribed and Contributed by:  Frances Cooley    


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