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Red River County Newspaper Articles

Runaway Caught
[Source: The Northern Standard (Clarksville, TX) - Thursday, June 29, 1843--Submitted by Jim Dezotell Added 30 Jan 2014]

Lodged in the Jail of this County, on the 29th day of May, a black negro man, about 5 feet 10 inches high, a little round shouldered, weighs about 160, and aged about 23 years. He says his name is ELI. The negro has a remarkably good countenance, is quite intelligent, and says that he belongs to Vernon Lee, of Liberty County. That he was brought from Abbeville, South Carolina, by a man named Murrell Oliver. The owner of said negro is hereby notified to come forward, prove property, and pay all necessary charges and take him away, otherwise he will be dealt with as the law directs.

Edward West, Sheriff,
Red River County

Another Indian Horde routed.
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

For about four years the citizens of Red River & Fannin Counties have been occasionally molested by a horde of Indians who have hitherto eluded all pursuit. General TORRENT of Bowie Co., lately raised a company of about 70 men & after traversing a large portion of the county west of the Cross Timber, about 400 miles from the settlements & finding on signs of the enemy, concluded to return. On the afternoon of the 24th ult., they discovered and Indian trail & following it, came directly upon an enemy village about 3 PM; they instantly rushed into it, driving the savages before the, who fled towards another village a few rods from the first. Gen. TORRENT and his gallant band charged through this in the same manner and through another., when they came upon a large town, where the savages had collected in such numbers that they did not consider it prudent to attack. They accordingly fell back gathering up all the "plunder" they could find, consisting of some 35 horses, a few cattle, a large quanity of powder & lead, buffalo robes, saddles &c., which they sold in the settlements for $2000. Fifteen of the enemy were killed & a large number were wounded. In the charge Capt. J. B. DENTON was killed gallantly urging is steed into a thicket filled with savages. Capt STOUT was slightly wounded.
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --23 Jun 1841

A Gang of Horse Thieves Discovered
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

A few weeks since the citizens of Clarksville, in Red River Co., were alarmed by the cries of a man who came rushing into the village shouting Indians! Indians! Indians! Murder, Murder! As this fellow had long been suspected as a horse thief, the citizens very coolly arrested him. Soon after another man came in with the same alarm & was likewise arrested. Soon a party of citizens repaired to the spot where the Indians has committed such deeds & were alarmed to find a man named BROOKS weltering in his own blood; he had but lately left the village with his negro & a yoke of oxen & some articles for his farm. These had evidently been stolen. Suspicion fell on the two arrested men, one of who was named FAULKNER. Both men denied it. The citizens tied FAULKNER to a black jack & and after giving him a few hundred lashes, obtained the confession that the murders were a gang that had long resided at the house of one named FURGUSON & had long been the rendevous point of these robbers. It is believed they were also associated with another gang in Arkansas. The individuals belonging to this gang are FAULKNER, and his son Green, YOUNG, BOON, CRAIG, ROBERTSON, HILL, the last three of which were engaged in the murder. The citizens, after obtaining this confession, despatched a company to FAULKNER"s house to secure the remainder of the gang. They had not returned to Clarksville when our informant left.
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --14 Jul 1841

Report of Indians
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

We have been informed by the Hon. Mr. WRIGHT from Red River Co., that Mr NEAL, an Indian trader, has recently visited the villages of the hostile Indians on the head waters of Trinity. He states that the chief village of these Indians is situated near the Three Forks of the Trinity and contains about 700 warriors, who have congregated from the remnants of the tribes of Caddoes, Wacos, Keachies, Towancanies, Ironies, Cherokees and a few Seminoles. To the westward of this village is another composed of some 300 warriors.
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --10 Nov 1838

Probate Court Announcements
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

W. M. WILLIAMS named adm. of estates of John FIZER, Samuel WORTHINGTON, Aaron VANVINEL, Jos. STRICKLAND, John DICK, John PROFFET, and Granville MORRIS, Red River Co. Probate Court
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --22 Dec 1838

Military Discharges
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

Jt Res. of TX Congress Secy. of War to grant hon. discharges to Wm. K RIVIER and James STONUM for terms of 3 mos. service in TX Army under command of Capt. JOhn HART's volunteer calvary of Red River Co. in the year 1835. Approved January 23.
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --6 Feb 1839

New Attorney
[Submitted by Gene Phillips 19 Jan 2014]

W. M. WILLIAMS, atty. at law, has located in Clarksville and will practice law in the courts of Shelby, Red River and Fannin counties.
Newspaper: The Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston) --22 Dec 1838


Visiting the Shane Boys
[Submitted by Tina Easley 7 Dec 2009]

Mose Grant , a prosperous farmer residing at Clarksville , Texas is spending the day in the city the guest of Sam , Ed , Chris and Cecil Shane boys and this is the first time he has ever seen any of them. M. Grant is cousins of the Shane Boys. He has been to Cincinnati where he placed his daughter in school . On his return he visited his old home at Milan , Tenn. which city he left 40 years ago . He dropped off here for a day to visit his relatives and tomorrow will continue his journey to his home in Texas.
Paragould Daily Press - September 20, 1911

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