Bexar County, Texas



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Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Agudas Achim Cemetery      
Alamo Masonic Cemetery      
Anchor Lodge Cemetery      
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary      
Arciniega Cemetery 291624N 0981907W Elmendorf
Arnold Cemetery 292037N 0984311W Macdona
Beacon Light Cemetery      
Becker Cemetery 292105N 0984153W Macdona
Beitel Memorial Cemetery 293141N 0982438W Longhorn
Bexar Cemetery 291325N 0984055W Somerset
Black Hill Cemetery 291503N 0984454W Macdona
Borrego Cemetery 291701N 0982159W Elmendorf
Bueche Cemetery 293116N 0982305W Longhorn
Cantu Cemetery 292214N 0981545W Elmendorf
Carson Lodge (Alamo Golden Rule)      
Cepeda Cemetery 293647N 0984537W San Geronimo
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens 293040N 0982015W Schertz
City Cemetery #1      
City Cemetery #2      
City Cemetery #3      
City Cemetery #4      
City Cemetery #5      
City Cemetery #6      
City Cemetery #7      
City Cemetery #8      
Classen Cemetery 293722N 0982844W Longhorn
Coker Cemetery      
Confederate Cemetery      
Cover Cemetery 292055N 0981746W Elmendorf
Davenport Cemetery 293613N 0981936W Schertz
Delgado Cemetery 291824N 0982116W Elmendorf
Dignowity City Cemetery      
Dullnig Cemetery      
Eastview Cemetery 292330N 0982536W San Antonio East
Elmendorf City Cemetery      
Emanuel (German Lutheran)      
Englemann Cemetery 293443N 0981953W Schertz
Flores Cemetery 291553N 0981935W Elmendorf
Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery 292832N 0982527W San Antonio East
Gates of Heaven Memorial Cemetery 292802N 0981748W Martinez
Gerfers Cemetery 294122N 0983017W Camp Bullis
Grand Union of Odd Fellows      
Grote Cemetery 293452N 0981952W Schertz
Heimsath Cemetery 293936N 0984631W Jack Mountain
Helotes Cemetery 293204N 0984106W Helotes
Hermann Cemetery 291907N 0984105W Macdona
Hermano Cemetery 293017N 0981825W Schertz
Hernandez Cemetery 291700N 0983558W Terrell Wells
Holbrecht Cemetery 291615N 0981711W Elmendorf
Holy Cross Cemetery 293604N 0982016W Schertz
Kempin Cemetery 292925N 0981505W Martinez
Knights of Pythias Cemetery      
Koch Cemetery 294318N 0982506W Bulverde
Lee Cemetery 293716N 0984505W San Geronimo
Lee Cemetery 293657N 0984031W Helotes
Lessing Cemetery 291935N 0984242W Macdona
Locke Hill Cemetery 293230N 0983451W Castle Hills
Lona China Cemetery 291840N 0983159W Terrell Wells
Lutheran Cemetery      
McCullough Cemetery      
Meadowlawn Memorial Park 292523N 0982252W San Antonio East
Medla Cemetery 293632N 0984142W Helotes
Menchaca Cemetery 293625N 0984045W Helotes
Mission Burial Park 292045N 0982807W Southton
Mission Burial Park 293807N 0983630W Camp Bullis
Mission Burial Park South 292037N 0982758W Southton
Mission Espada Cemetery 291909N 0982721W Southton
Mission North Burial Park 293807N 0983633W Camp Bullis
Mount Olive Cemetery 292321N 0981512W Martinez
Odd Fellows Cemetery      
Robles Cemetery 293841N 0984022W Van Raub
Roselawn Memorial Park 292315N 0983310W San Antonio West
Ruiz Cemetery 291621N 0983638W Terrell Wells
Saint Mary's Cemetery      
Saint Pauls Cemetery 294402N 0982851W Bulverde
Salem Cemetery 292233N 0981736W Martinez
San Antonio National Cemetery 292518N 0982802W San Antonio East
San Fernando Cemetery Number 1 292455N 0983040W San Antonio West
San Fernando Cemetery Number 2 292454N 0983304W San Antonio West
San Fernando Cemetery Number 3      
San Isidro Cemetery 291907N 0984308W Macdona
San Jose Burial Park 292043N 0982827W Southton
San Jose Mission Cemetery 292146N 0982919W Southton
San Lorenzo Cemetery 291855N 0981742W Elmendorf
San Pedro Cemetery 293018N 0981830W Schertz
Schulmeier Cemetery 293309N 0982542W Longhorn
Sociedad Cemetery 292310N 0984139W Culebra Hill
Stappers Cemetery 293032N 0981155W Marion
St. Elmo's Lodge #25      
St. Jerome Catholic Cemetery      
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery      
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery      
St. Joseph's Society Cemetery      
St. Mary's Cemetery      
St. Michael's Cemetery (Polish)      
Sunset Memorial Park 292955N 0982549W San Antonio East
Tampke Cemetery 293541N 0982344W Longhorn
Temple Beth El Cemetery      
Tripp Cemetery 291952N 0984319W Macdona
Vogel Cemetery 294416N 0982406W Bulverde
Voges Cemetery 294429N 0982453W Bulverde
Wetmore Community Cemetery 293441N 0982402W Longhorn
Wheeler Cemetery 293635N 0982005W Schertz


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