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Guadalupe County, Texas

Civil War Casualties





Col. John P. Bane, severely wounded at Gaines Mill.

Thomas Cox, wounded at the second battle of Manassas.

Andrew Herron, killed at Gettysburg.

George Buttler, killed at Gettysburg

Levi Maddox, captured at Missionary Ridge, and died in the Rock Island prison.

Dolf Allen, died in a hospital on the Potomac.

James Buttler, killed at Sharpsburg

Paris Smith, wounded at Gaines Mill.

Julius Glazier, severely wounded with a ball and bayoneted at Chickamauga

Fritz Glazier (brother), killed at Chickamauga.

R. J. Burges, desperately wounded with a grape shot at Manassas;  same discharge killed Lieut. Ig. Johnson; R. A. Burges, wounded at the battle of the Wilderness.

W. H. Burges, wounded at Sharpsburg.

Lot Calvert, wounded at Gaines Mill, and died.

James Campbell, died in service near Richmond, Va.

John Davidson, killed at Gaines Mill.

Tom Ewing, wounded at Gaines Mill, and died.

Hat Franks, wounded at Chickamauga.

Isham Fennell, killed at Gaines Mill.

William Erringhaus, wounded at Gaines Mill.

Middleton Dunn, wounded at Gaines Mill.

Alonzo Gordon, wounded at Gaines Mill, and died.

Scott Green, wounded at Gaines Mill and killed at Gettysburg.

Andrew Erskine, killed at Sharpsburg.

Albert Green, wounded at Gaines Mill.

Fred Glazier, killed at Gettysburg.

Austin Jones, wounded at Gaines Mill.  (He was the man that turned General Lee's horse around and led him back from the front at the Wilderness.)

R. H. Jones, wounded at Manassas.

John R. Jefferson, Jr., wounded at Manassas.

James King, died in service.

William Davis, killed at Sharpsburg.

James Whitehead, killed at Manassas.

Lieut. Tom Holoman, killed at Gaines Mill.

Napoleon Dimmit, wounded at Gaines Mill.

James Dimmit, wounded at Gaines Mill.

John Young, killed at Gaines Mill.

James White, wounded at Gaines Mill and in several other engagements.

William Harris, wounded at Cold Harbor.

Nelson Mays, killed at Gettysburg.

Lieut. Henry McClaugherty, severely wounded at the Wilderness and at Chickamauga.

Frank Saunders, wounded at Gettysburg.

Steward Sanders, died in the hospital at Fredericksburg.

James Herron, died on the Potomac.

John Smith, died on the Potomac.

John Dibrell, died on the Potomac.

John Miller, died in service.

Ben Terrell, wounded at Sharpsburg.

Reason Lackey, killed at Gaines Mill.

John Baker, wounded at the Wilderness.

Rainey Brooks, died in prison at Springfield, Ill.

Lewis and William Smith, brothers, died in prison in Springfield, Ill.

Abe White, killed at Chickamauga.

Alex. Ochiltree, killed at Chickamauga.

William Moltz, wounded in Georgia.

John Donegan, wounded at Franklin, Tenn.

___ Hale, wounded at Jonesborough.

Adam Saunders, wounded at Chickamauga.

Capt. Ed Thompson, killed at Franklin, Tenn.

Zeke Smith, died at Richmond, Va.

Tom Smith, died in service.

Capt. Dudley Jeffries, wounded at Manassas.

Lieutenant Richards, killed at Gaines Mill.

Leonidas Millett, killed at Gaines Mill.

Alex. Wilson, wounded at Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and at Chickamauga.

W. W. Wilson, wounded at Gaines Mill.

Mike Rogers, died at Fredericksburg, Va.

John King, wounded at ___

Henry King, wounded at ___

Frank Newton, wounded at Chickamauga.

___ Glawson, killed at Chickamauga.

Tom Watson, killed at Chickamauga.

A. J. Cody, killed at Chickamauga.

___ Dovie, killed at Chickamauga.

George White, wounded at Val Verde, N. M.

Henry Many, wounded at Val Verde.

Colyer Allen, died and was buried at "Dead Man's Hole," in the edge of the Staked Plains.

George Turner, died at Albuquerque, N. M.

Pendleton Francis, killed at Franklin, La.

Aaron Ferguson, wounded at Cheyneville, La.

Martin Rogers, wounded at Franklin, La.

William Ferguson, wounded at Val Verde, N. M.

Robert Ferguson, killed at Mansfield, La.

Austin Ferguson, wounded at Mansfield, La.

James Sowell, accidentally wounded after Yellow Bayou fight, in Louisiana.

Bud Pearman, died near Fort Thorn, N. M.

Col. Nat Benton, severely wounded at Blair's Landing, La.

Fritz Suchart, leg torn off at Atlanta or Peach Tree Creek, Ga.; same shell killed Bates, Pace, and Alfred Alexander.

Henry Roemel, died in prison at Springfield, Ill.

___ Swan, died in prison at Springfield, Ill.

Sawney Calvert, killed at Blair's Landing, La.

Lochard Arbuckle, wounded at Saline Creek, Ark. Marlin Hiflin passed by where he was lying wounded with others under a tree, and gave him his blanket and $5 in money.

Lieut. Norvel Cartwright, killed in Louisiana.

Henry Nicholson, died at Ringgold Barracks, on the Rio Grande.

Dr. George Francis, died at Galveston.

George Sanders, died in Virginia.

Victor Stein, wounded at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Joe Francis, killed at Gaines Mill.

Sam Herron, wounded at Stone River.

Gustav Werner, killed at Blair's Landing.

Henry Brands, died at Jones' Bayou, La.

William Scull, killed at Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Most of these men belonged to the famous Fourth Texas, and followed Hood in all of his battles.  They were the flower of the country, and the bravest of the brave.



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