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Jim Hogg County was formed March 31, 1913 and organized on August 11, 1913. Its county seat is Hebbronville. Jim Hogg is named for

James Stephen Hogg, a governor of Texas.

Jim Hogg County was formed out of Duval and Brooks counties; land from Duval County was included so that the town of Hebbronville, with its railroad station, could be in the new county. Jim Hogg County was organized and established that same year, and elections for county officials were held in July. At that time the school system was organized, and construction of a county courthouse was started.

Despite a growing influx of new residents around the turn of the century, Jim Hogg County was still only sparsely settled at the time of its formation. Before 1880 most of the inhabitants had lived on or around larger ranches. In the late 1870s, for example, Randado Ranch formed the center of a community of 300 residents. But around 1880 the heirs of Ignacio Benavídez sold their share of Las Noriacitas Ranch to W. R. Hebbron, who established the town of Hebbronville as a stop on the newly built Texas-Mexican Railroad. With the increased demand for beef cattle, the completion of the railroad, and the growth of commercial ranching, the population slowly increased. By 1920 the county had some 1,914 inhabitants, of whom approximately 500 resided in Hebbronville.


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