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1854 Southern Business Directory


The State of Texas has the large amount of $11,398,337 acres of land; of this amount 639,117 acres only are improved, leaving 10,759,220 acres unimproved. Population in 1850, 212,592; Number of Cotton Bales in 1850, 57,596; Number of hhds. Of Sugar in 1850, 7,351; Number of gallons of Molasses in 1850, 441,638. All these figures may now be doubled.
Ministers, 308; Attorneys, 428; Merchants, 985; Physicians; 616.

The liberal grants of the State to Railroads and other schemes of Internal Improvement cannot fail to enrich her treasury as well as her people.

The immense bodies of rich and productive lands, together with the rapid increase of her enterprising population, must indicate a high destiny for Texas, and that very soon. We regret that we may not be able in this volume to give as full a representation of her commercial interests as we desired. This we shall have time and means to accomplish in our next number. The tardiness and uncertainty of the mails is no doubt the principal cause of our defective list from Texas.

Population, 10,000; Amount of taxable property, $500,000; schools, 5, two male and three female; churches, 5.
Palestine, a town of considerable business, has a population of 1200 and the following merchants:
Dry Goods.-Duval, J & Son; Gillian, W C & Co.; Inglehart & McMeann; Murchison, Jno.; Witherspoon & Willet.
Dry Goods and Groceries.-Elson & Scott; Howard, G R; Joost, A; Martin & Wright; Ward, F.
Groceries.-Wilkins, C. D.
Tinner.-Alexander, R. W.
Jeweller.-Kolstard, ______________
Confectioner.-Unger, Phillip.
Drugs.-Yelverton, N. B.

Population 5,000; Amount of taxable property, $1,054,200; churches, 8; high schools, 2; 8 dry goods stores; 4 family groceries; 1 lumber mill; 13 corn mills; 12 cotton gins; Jas. N. Smith, Clerk of the County Court.

Population, 6,450; taxable property, $2,000,000; churches, 15
The following are the merchants in the town of Gonzales:
Dry Goods.-Guichard, J; Hunt & Pouton; Levison & Co; Mays, S J; Monroe & Brother; Peck, B B; Russell & Hamen; Smith, W S; Willis, D.
Groceries.-Guichard, J; Law, J V; Pennell & Lovett.
Drugs.-Beaumont & Co.; Walker, T. S.
Furniture.-Cox, John; Shepherd, Thos.
In the county:
Dry Goods-Chenault & Hall; Jones, A H; Wright, W. P.
Manufacturers.-Cox, John; Conn, H. L.; Ransey & Bissell; Wier, C.
Saddlery.-Wroe & Wyatt.
Silversmith.-Hyman, S.

Population 3,000; Amount of taxable property $59,055; churches 8; high school, 1 in Greenville; common schools, 20 in the county.
Merchants.-Bings, W & Co; Davidson, E C; Horrem, W R; Olahan, B F & Co; Stevens, W A; Wright, W Q H; Yoshoroght, J. J.
County Officers:-L W Moon, Chief Justice.
Jas. Gilbreath,
B. F. Green,
Wm. Kitchings, County Commissioners.
M. B. Patterson,
Lewis Moody, District Clerk.
James Brady, County Clerk.

Population, 1,836; Amount of taxable property, $500,000; schools, 4; churches, 3.
The following are the general merchants:
Beaumont.-Herring, W P; Herring & Reeff; Johnson 7 O'Bryan.
Sabine Pass.-Boudis, Rohte & Co.; Hutchings & Sealy; McGaffey, O.
In the county:
French, John P.
One Steam Saw Mill, by Brown, Graussi & Co., Sabine Pass.

Population in 1850, 2,522; Amount of taxable property $250,000; churches in the town of Liberty, 2.
General Merchants.-Wrigley, J & J & Co., Liberty.
Groceries-Tracy, N., Liberty.
Dry Goods.-Jackson, J & J Double Bayou.
Dry Goods and Groceries.-Van Prodelles, West Liberty.
Lumber Mills.-Labadie, Wallis & Co., Wallisville; Green & Branch, Greens Ferry; Gillard, E J Liberty.
Richard Smith, County clerk and Land Agent, for Liberty Land District.

Population, 5,000; Amount of taxable property, $500,000; churches, 3; high school, one male and female.
There are in this county 4 dry goods merchants; 1 grocery merchant; 1 druggist.

Population, 5000; Amount of taxable property, $1,200,586; high schools, 3.
The following merchants in Paris, the county seat:
Alexander, C C; Bonner, Geo. S.; Davis, D H & Brother; Ezell, G M & Co; Rhino, H & Brother; Wells, Isiah W; Clement, Dr S E, Drugs.
A Masonic and an Odd Fellows' Hall in Paris.

White inhabitants in the county one thousand, (1000); slave inhabitants fifteen hundred (1500) Total 2,500.
Taxable property in the county, two millions of dollars worth. State tax on real and personal property, assessed at the rate of fifteen cents on the hundred dollars. County tax, one half of the State tax. Each county is the owner of four leagues of land for common school purposes, besides the Legislature at its session just ended, passed a law setting apart for the support and maintenance of public schools, the sum of two millions of dollars of the five per cent bonds of the United States, now remaining in the Treasury of this State, which is to be called the special school fund, and the interest arising therefrom is to be apportioned and distributed between all the counties in the State, in proportion to the children in each between the ages of six and sixteen.
Matagorda City, is the county seat of Matagorda county, it is a sea port town, situated on Matagorda Bay, and on the East side of the Colorado river, about one mile above where said river empties into Matagorda Bay.
Inhabitants in the city eight hundred.
Public Buildings.-Three Churches; one Masonic Hall; Court House; Jail.
Dry Goods and Commission Merchants.-Powell & Coen; Gordon, McCamley & Co.
Dry Goods, Hardware and Drugs.-William Hillard.
Groceries.-Sheppard & _urkhart. (LINDA - FIRST LETTER ILLEGIBLE)
Drug Store and Dry Goods.-Samuel W. Fisher.
Church buildings, (having organized societies) 3.
I will attend to securing and maintaining all kinds of Land claims in Texas, for non-resident heirs and other persons; to the purchase and sale of land claims; to investigating titles; prosecuting rights; paying taxes and all other business pertaining to lands in this State. I investigate claims without charge where nothing is recovered.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Matagorda, Texas.

Population, 3,500; Amount of taxable property, $100,000; Number of churches, 6.
General Merchants.-Corsicana.-Byars & Kerr, Cyrus, J T, Gathings, J J & Co.; Wybrant & Ransom.
Dresden.-Crossland, U.S., Kellogg, S.W.
Taos.-Boudeau, A. B., Henderson, D. B.
In the County.-Chambers, A., Henderson, D. B., Hodge & Hervy.
R. N. White, Clerk County Court.

Population, 10,000; Amount of taxable property, $215,000; schools 3; churches, 3.
Dry Goods Merchants.-Ursin Gindrey, Dennis Call, H. Ochiltree & Co., William Hevoson, J. H. Finch.
Grocery Stores.-Payton Bland, E B Thomas, H B Force & Co., Lieer Nimderman.
W. W. Wadsworth, County Clerk.

Population, 3,000; Amount of taxable property, $2,360,000; churches, 24; high schools, 5.
General Merchants.-Livingston.-Wrigley, H J & Co.
Swarlwout.-Bailey, A. B.
Cold Spring.-Bailey & Garner, Sanders, J. W.
Patrick's Ferry.-Patrick, J. T.
Mosem.-Harding & Leggett.
Smithfield.-Winchester, R. O. & Co.
Halifax.-Mylam, J. L. & Co.

Population, 4,239; Amount of taxable property 500,000; churches, 3; high schools, 2, one male and one female, at Shelbyville; one newspaper, the Shelby Reveille.
Merchants at Shelbyville.-Dry Goods.-Carrow, Wm.; Payne & Greer; Powell, R F; Rierson, B G; Fruit A M.
Attorneys at Law.-Houston & Herring.

Sabine county has a large body of first rate land yet in its wild state. Fields can be bought very cheap, for the reason that the county is situated so near the line of Texas and Louisiana. (The general opinion being that none but the lands in the Western part of the State are good) emigrants do not stop to look, and therefore there are but few settlers.
Population of Sabine county, 2600; Amount of taxable property $546,938.
In the town of Milan, the county seat, we have on church, one high school, and the following general merchants:
Crawford, Jacob; Egbut, Charles; McKitchings, Gilbert; Renfro & Oliphant; Williams, Geo. S; Weathered, F. M., jr., Grocer; Weathered, Jas. M., Grocer.
County Officers.-W M Speights, Chief Justice; R A Hankle, T Allen, R H Smith, M D Huie, County Court; F M Weathered, jr., District Cler; C K Blanehard, County Clerk; E Hines, County Treasurer; W Mason, Assessor and Collector.

Population, 800; Amount of taxable property, $500,000; churches, 2; schools, 5.
General Merchants.-Refugio.-Shelby, P. & Co.
Hinds Bay.-Logan, J. D. 7 Co.
Aransus.-Chain, Jno., Paul, P. C.

This county is but thinly settled as yet, but rapidly improving in population.
The neighboring county of Neuces formerly belonged to this Corpus Christi, on the Bayou of that name, is quite a flourishing town; it has several merchants and one newspaper.
Population, 400; Amount of taxable property, $8,885; one school.
General Merchants.-San Patricio.-Archer, J.; Gaffrey, O; Sullivan & Bro.
Gussetville.-Gusset, N.

Population, 1500; Amount of taxable property, $40,000; high school, 1; churches, 3.
General Merchants.-Sumpter.-Evans, J. T.; Wilson & Adams; West, J. J.
Groceries.-Sumpter.-Vanzant & Campbell.
W. R. Ford, County Clerk.

Population, 2,700; Amount of taxable property, $250,013,40; high schools, 3; churches, 5.
Merchants.-Sumpter.-Evans, J. T.; Wilson & Adams; West, J. J.
Groceries.-Dry Goods and Groceries.-Birdville.-Allen & Horton; Leonard, A. F.; Quale, W..
Fantworth.-Daggett & Brinseu

Population, 10,000; Amount of taxable property, $1,000,000; high schools, 6; churches, 20.
The following are the merchants in this county:
Dry Goods.-Samuel J. Pouns; Jno. G. Chambers; D. W. H. Taylor & Co.; Senell Brown; Henry Hill; Shaw, Horton & Co.; M. H. Barnett; J. W. Wither; Silas Huskry; Stephens & Snodgrass; R. J. Holbrook & Co.; P. B. Bagby; Charles H. Sims; Jno. C. Stewart; Jno. P. Ofiel; J. A. McLauren; S. L. Burn; Geo. W. Prueitt; A. J. Duke.
Groceries.-R. E. Hines; L. H. Evans; H. H. Beck; J. Garrett; J. Garrett.
Druggists.-Lockhart & Bro.
Four Saw and Grist Mills, (steam power); ten do. (water power.)

This list presents an interesting contrast from what was exhibited seven years ago, when those beautiful, rich and grass covered prairies were in a wild state of nature; pastures for the Buffalo and bunting ground for the savages. But now occupied by industrious and wealthy farmers, who are fast converting those Buffalo pastures into well cultivated farms, growing corn, wheat, cotton &c., &c., not surpassed by any portion of the globe; and in the place of the Buffalo and other wild animals, those rich grassy plains, (not converted into farms.) are covered with domestic animals, cattle, horses, sheep, &c., are well supplied with food and yield their owners a rich reward.
White population about 3000; Scholastic population, from 6 to 16 years, 400; taxable property from 6 to 16 years about $300,000.
There is a Methodist church near Round Rock; a Christian church at Georgetown, high school at Georgetown; female academy in the county; school districts organized.
Merchants.-Georgetown.-Alfred Ten Eyck, Josiah Taylor, Evian Williams, Joseph Ake, Casittin Ake, Jos. T. Miliham & Co.
Rock Brushy Creek.-Thomas C. Oats. , Boyce, Eggar & Co.
Mills.-Water Power.-George W. Glasscock, saw and grist mill; Saml. Mather, saw and grist mill; John Berry; grist mill; John Gooch, John w. Owen, Ben Gooch & Co., grist mills; Poyce Rowe & Co., steam saw and grist mill.
Book and Drug Store.-In Georgetown.-Wm. J. Anderson.
There are in Georgetown one Saddler shop, two Black Smith shops, one Gun Smith shop, one splendid Hotel.
B. Goosh, County Clerk.

(Source: The Southern Business Directory and General Commercial Advertiser. Publ. 1854. Transcribed by Denise Moreau)



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