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Galveston 1900 Hurricane Casualty List

Source: "The Great Galveston Disaster" by Paul Lester, Richard Spillane, 1900

THOUSANDS of men, women and children swept to sudden death. Millions of dollars worth of property destroyed. Scenes of suffering and desolation that beggar description. Heroic efforts to save human life. The world shocked by the appalling news. Such is the thrilling story of the Galveston flood, and in this volume it is told with wonderful power and effect.

There have been many disasters by storm and flood in modern times, but none to equal this. In the brief space of twelve hours more persons lost their lives than were killed during a year of the war between the British and the Boers or during a year and a half of our war in the Philippines.

The calamity came suddenly. Galveston was not aware of its impending fate. News of an approaching cyclone produced no alarm. Suddenly word was sent that the hurricane was bending from its usual course and might strike the city. Even then there was no sudden fear, no hurrying to escape, no thought of swift destruction. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the city waked up to the awful fact that it was to be engulfed by a tidal wave, and buried in the flood of waters.

The news of the overwhelming disaster came as a shock to people everywhere. Bulletin boards in all our cities were surrounded by eager crowds to obtain the latest reports. Many who had friends in the stricken city were kept in suspense respecting their fate. With bated breath was the terrible calamity talked about, and in every part of our country committees of relief were immediately formed. The magnitude of the disaster grew from day to day. Every fresh report added to the intelligence already received, and it was made clear that a large part of the city of Galveston, with its inhabitants, had been swept out of existence.


Names of the Victims of the Great Galveston Horror

The Galveston Daily News printed the following list of those known to have perished in the hurricane.
Some of the names were sent to the News by tug after the hurricane.

It is possible that there are duplicates on here.

The Names given below make a total of nearly 5000
[Transcriber's note: This is a "partial list" so far]

Ackermann, Herman, wife and daughter.
Ackerman, Chas.
Adams, Mrs. Mary (colored).
Adams, Miss Katie May, daughter of H. B. Adams of Malvern, Ark.
Adams, Bennie and Jesse.
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Toby (colored).
Adamelt, Mrs. Gotleib and seven children.
Adascheok, Mrs. Powell and four children, 2810 R.
Agin, George and child.
Aguillo, Joe B. and three children. He was Chairman of the Democratic County Executive Committee
Ahy, Mrs. John and three children.
Akers, C. B., wife and three children.
Albano, Mrs. and two children, Tony and Mary.
Alberto, F. L, longshoreman.
Albertson, M., wife and daughter.
Albertson, Emile
Anderson, Henry.
Albertson, A., wife and two children.
Alexander, Annie and Christian, children of Thomas.
Allardyce, Mrs. R. L. and three children.
Allen, W. T., wife, daughter and one son.
Allen, E. &, and wife.
Allen, Mrs. Kate.
Allen, Mrs. Alex, and five children(colored).
Allen, Wm, wife and three children, Fifty-eighth and Q ½.
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Allerson, Edward, shoemaker, Twenty-seventh and Q ½ .
Allison, S. B, wife and six children, Thirty-fifth and S ½
Almeras, Mrs. P., visiting Oliver Udell down the island.
Almos, Mrs. P.
Alphonse, John, wife and family, with one exception, Forty-fourth and S.
Alpi, George and wife (colored).

Amundson, Mrs. - Mother of Deputy Chief of Police Amundson
Ammundsen, Emil, wife and child, Lucas Terrace.
Anderson, J. W., wife and three children.
Anderson, L., and wife, Seventeenth and O.
Anderson, H. E.
Anderson, Mrs. Dora and child Louise, wife of C. J. Anderson, 901 Broadway.
Anderson, Ella, daughter of John Anderson, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh on Post office; lost down the island.
Anderson, Ned, wife and two children.
Anderson, Ella, Heard's Lane, shell road.
Anderson, L. (shoemaker) and wife.
Anderson, Oscar wife and child.
Anderson, A. G., wife and children.
Anderson, Amanda (colored.)
Anderson, Mrs. Sam (colored.)
Anderson. C., Anderson ways. Bay Shore.
Anderson, Andrew, wife and two children.
Anderson, Nick, and sons Henry and John,
Anderson, Mrs. Carl and four children, stockyards.
Anderson, Nels., shipbuilder, Galveston Island.
Anderson, Edward, longshoreman.
Andrew, Mrs. A. and family.
Andrews, Mrs. A. and three children.
Andrews, Mrs., on the Hisser place, Bay Shore.
Andro, Mrs. and three children.
Angily, Mrs. P.
Anizan, Mrs. Frank and two children, Lamarque, Tex.
Antonovioh, John and Pinkie, 3808 P ½.
Antonovich, Eddie.
Aplin, George and wife.
Appel, Fritz and son.
Applin, Mrs. Lucy and four children (colored), L and Eleventh.
Ardisson, Mrs. J. and eight children.
Armitage, Miss Vivian.
Armour, Mrs. and five children.
Armstrong, Mrs. Dora, wife of C. F., and four children
Artisan, John, wife and nine children, of Thirty-ninth and S ½.
Ashe, George, Jr.,
Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. F. C
Astheimer, Betty, Henrietta Philip and Frank.
Augustine, Pasquil and wife.
Aull, Nicholas and family of eight.
Aull, George and family of five.
Aull, Joseph and family of four.
Aull, Mary, wife of Joseph Aull.
Azteana, Captain Sylvester de.

Badger, Otto, N, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Bailey, George, wife and three children.
Baker, Miss Florence (colored).
Baker, Mrs. and three children (colored), 2828 avenue P.
Baldwin, Miss Sallie (colored).
Balliman, Gussie, 3602 Q ½
Balliman, Irene, 3602 Q ½
Balllman, John, 3602 Q½.
Balzman, Mrs.
Bammell, Mrs.
Bandus, Mr. and family, down the island.
Bankers, Mrs. Charles.

Barbon, Mrs.
Barden, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Barnard, Mrs. Mary A., 3113 Thirty-Third Street
Barnes, Mrs. Louise M., widow of William Barnes, 2003 Tremont Street.
Barnesfki, family of eight, down the island.
Barry, Mrs. James and six children, K, between Forty-second and Forty-third.
Barry, wife and six children, Forty-third and K.
Bass, John, wife and four children (colored).
Batchelor, Frank, wife and four children, Bennie, Roy, Lawrence and Harris; lived at Forty-first and S½.
Batja, Otto, Fifteenth and M.
Batteste, Horace, aged 50, Lucas Terrace.
Baurlot, V. C. and wife.
Bausens, wife of C .J.
Bautch, William, wife and two children.
Baxter, Mrs. and child.
Beall, Mrs. Dudley and child.
Beaudoin, Mrs. and two children, Twenty-eighth and P.
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. John F., and two children.
Bedford, fisherman (colored).
Beekman, Martha Louise, daughter of Ed. Q., 1906 Twenty-First Street.
Belcher, three children of Mrs. Marguerite.
Bell, Eugenia, Alex. C, Beulah and Guy, 18th and Q.
Bell, George.
Bell, Clarence.
Bell Henry (colored).

Bell, Mrs. Dudley - Wife of a Galveston New Compositor and child
Bell, Mrs. Mattie, on country road
Bellew Mr. and Mrs. J. F., and daughter
Benn, Mrs. Annie and two daughters
Bernardoni, John, Eighth and L.
Benson, Mrs. Amanda (colored).
Benson, Miss Delphia (colored).
Benson, Mrs., Seventeenth and O½.
Benson, Andrew, longshoreman.
Bernard, Mrs. -----.
Berger, W. L., wife and child.
Berger, Theo., wife and child.
Bergman, Mrs. R. J. and little daughter.
Betts, Walter - A prominent cottonseed product broker and his wife.
Betts, Mrs. Mattie, lost at Giozza residence.
Beyer, Mrs. Lincey, 1109 Broadway.
Beveridge, Mrs. J. L. and two children.
Bierman, Frederick, S and Forty-third.
Billigman, Mrs. Lizzette, found on 13th and Broadway; resided on M and 13th.
Birge,-----, and wife.
Bird, Mrs., and child
Bird, Mrs. Joseph and five children.
Blackson, baby of William.
Blake, child of F. W., British vice consul, 3206 avenue Q.
Bland, Florence (colored}.
Bland, Mrs., and seven children (colored).
Block, son of Charles.
Blum, Mrs. J., Twenty-second and P.
Blum, Isaac, Sarah and Jennie
Blum, Mrs. Sylvania.
Boatwright, Mrs.
Boddeker, Austin, son of Will Boddeker; drowned at Arcadia.
Boddeker, Charles.
Boedecker, H. C. wife and two children.
Boedeoker, H., father, brother and sister. Thirty-seventh and Q ½.
Boening, William, wife and three children, milkman, down the island.
Bogel, Mrs. K-, and children Florence, Marguerite and Alma, Fifty-second and P ½.
Bohn, Dixie.
Bonner, Mrs., avenue S, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh.
Borden, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Bornkessel, T. C, of United States Weather Bureau, and wife.
Boske, Mrs. Charles, and two sons
Boss, Charles and Detleff.
Boss, Fred, (colored).
Boston, Mrs. Clara (colored), Eleventh and M
Botsford, Edwin and wife, Kinskead addition.
Bowe, Mrs. John and four children.
Bowen, Chas. K., of Half Moon lighthouse.
Bowen. Captain Chas. K., daughter and grandchild, of North Galveston, visiting at Thirty-eighth and S.
Bowie, Mrs. John, and two children.
Boyd, Andy, wife and four children, Buelah, Bessie, George and Mabel, Nineteenth and P.
Bradfleld, Tom and wife, down the island.
Bradfoot, and wife, seven miles down the island.
Bradly, Miss Nannie.
Bradly, Miss Ethel
Brady, -----and wife. Twenty-eighth and P ½.
Branch, Allen (colored), Mrs. Eva.
Branch, Miss Pearl G. (colored), Forty-fourth and S ½.
Brandes, Fritz, wife and four children, milkman, down the island.
Brandon, Lottie, Lamarque, Tex.
Bray, Mary, niece of Alex. Coddon.
Brentley family.
Briscoll, A., (milkman) and family.
Britton, James (colored), Lamarque, Tex.

Broecker, Mr. and Mrs. John P. and two children
Brookelman, C. J.
Brookelmani, three children of J. T.
Brocker, Joe and family.
Brooks, J. T.
Brown, Wm., Forty third and R.
Brown, Adolph, wife and two children, S and Forty-third.
Brown, Mrs. Gus. (colored), son and two grandchildren, down the island.
Brown, Gus (colored), down the island.
Brown, Joseph and family.
Brozis, M. G., wife and child. Thirty-seventh and S.
Brunner, Albert, longshoreman.
Bryan, Mrs. L. W., and daughter Alice, of South McAlester, I. T., at H. C. Ripley's house.
Buckley, Selma and Blanche, and their mother and father.
Buckley, Mrs. S. and daughter.
Bupen, Marco, wife and five children, down the island.
Burge, Wm., wife and child, postmaster Heard's post office.
Burge, S. W., wife and two children, Twenty-fourth and Beach.
Burgess, Mrs. and child.
Burgoyne, Francis, Mrs., Twenty-eighth, between Q and Q ½
Burgoyne, Dugle, Twentv-eigtht, between Q and Q ½
Burke, J. G., Thirty-seventh and Q.
Burke, Jessie K., Mrs., Thirty-seventh and Q.
Burnett, baby of Mrs. Annie Burnett.
Burnett. Mrs. George and child.
Burns, Mrs. M. E. and child, Mary E.
Burns, Mrs.
Burns, Mrs. P., and daughter, Mary, Kinkead addition.
Burnett, Mrs. Mary, P ½ and Twenty-fourth.
Burnett, Mr. & Mrs. Gary, and two children.
Burrell, Elvie, and two children, (colored).
Burrell, Mrs. Gete, (colored).
Burrows, Mrs. M.
Burwell, T. M., 1423 L.
Buscher, F. and wife.
Bosh, Charles, wife and three children.
Bush, Hisom.
Bush, Mr. Charles and daughter, Mrs. Bertie B. Sawyer, all colored. Fifty-Sixth Street, between Church and Winnie, across the mud bridge.
Butler, Captain Green, Thirty-third and Q.
Butterfleld, John.
Butts, C. H., lost from barge.
Byman, Mr. and Mrs. Geo., and daughter, Mary, Forty-fourth and S ½.
Byrd, Mrs. J. C. and child.
Byrnes,-----, wife and sister.

Cain, Rev. and Mrs. Thomas W. (colored).
Calhoun, Mrs. Thomas and three children. Calvert, George, wife, son and daughter, Thirty-second and Q½.
Campbell, Miss Edna, Thirty-ninth and T½
Capers,--- , and wife ; lived at south-east corner of Forty-second and S.
Capps, Chas. C., wife and six children.
Caroline, Alice, Elizabeth and one son, Edmund, two grandchildren.
Carou, Mrs. Jenne.
Caribaldi, August and family, Sydnor's bayou.
Carlson, Charles, wife and boy, bay bridge.
Carren, Mrs. Eugenie Souhet, washer-woman at the Home for the homeless.
Carson, Frank C. and wife.
Carter, Betsy (colored), and daughter Sophia.
Carter, Miss Sophie.
Carter, Corrine and family.
Carter, Adeline.
Carter, Alf, and seven children, colored, down the island.
Casley, Sanders (colored), wife Samantha and children Samantha and Walter, Twenty-ninth and P½.
Casey, Mrs. Amelia.
Cazenave, Jean (milkman).
Chaffey, Mrs. and son.
Chambers, Ada D., wife of J. F. Chambers, Fifty-seventh and M½.
Cheek, Mrs. Mary, and one child.
Chenivere, Mrs., shell road.
Chester, Frank, Ellen and Mary (colored). Chouke, Mrs. Chris and daughter, Annie, down the island.
Childs, Wm. and wife.
Childs, J. T.
Chrestin, Paul and wife, Thirty-ninth and Q.
Christian, John (night engineer water works)and wife.
Christiansen, Miss Annie, of Shreveport, who was visiting Geo. Dorian.
Clancy, Pat, wife and five children, down the island.
Clancy, Pat (screwman), wife and three children.
Clark, Billy, Twenty-sixth and P.
Clark, Cy (colored).
Clark, Thomas.
Clark, Mrs. C. T., and child.
Claude, Joe and daughter, Emily.
Clausen, Katie.
Clear, William E., Twenty-sixth and P.
Cleary, Mrs. Leon and one child, Virginia Point. ** (correction to this listing at bottom of page)
Cleveland, George, wife and children, Ruth, Roy and Senreta, Twenty-seventh and Q.
Cline, wife of Dr. I. M. - Local forecast official United States Weather Bureau
Close, J. N., of Chambersville, Tex.
Cobbe, Archie, wife and two children (milkman), five miles down the island.
Coates, Mrs. Wm. A.
Cobbe, Mrs. Thomas A., and two daughters, down the island.
Coddou, Alex. and three children, Claude, Edward and Drouet.
Coers, Dr.
Coleman, Mandy and child, Elfie (colored).
Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Ira's baby daughter.
Colonge, Rachel and four children.
Coltur, Joseph, longshoreman.
Connolly, Mrs. Ellen.
Colsburg, Frank G., wife and baby, Forty-sixth and Broadway.
Colson, ---

Compton, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Conget, Mrs. (colored), K, between Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Conner, Captain D. E.
Conner, Edw. J.
Connett, Mrs. Wm., and children, down the island.
Connoll, Mrs. Louisa, Miss Rebecca, Peter and Jane (colored), Forty-third and T.
Connett, Charles, wife and children, Forty-third and S½.
Cook, Mrs. Ida (colored), Forty-first and avenue U.
Cook, Henry (colored), 3601 Q½,
Cook, George.
Cook, Arthur.
Cook, Irene.
Cook, Ashby, of Atchison, Kans.
Cook, W. Scott, wife and six children, Ashby, Edgar, Walter, Rex, Gertrude and Ella.
Cooke, Marston, Forty-third and S.
Corbett, J., and four children, John Munro Lucas, aged 8 years; Edna May Lucas, aged 6 years 11 months; Arthur Louis Lucas, aged 5 years 4 months; Michael Henry Corbett, aged 4 months, 4510 Avenue K.
Cornett, Miss Lillie, Kinkead addition.
Cornell, Mrs. Peter, two daughters and son(colored).
Cornett, Mrs. Eliza, Forty-first and S.
Cornett, Charles and wife.
Cornett, Miss Lillie.

Correll, Mrs. J. R. and Family
Cort, Cora Virginia, daughter of E. L. Cort, colored.
Coryell, Patti Rosa.
Costa, A., Virginia Point
Costly, Sanders and wife, and child of Alex Costly (colored).
Cowan, wife and daughter, Isabella, Seventh and Broadway.
Cowan, ---
Cox, Lillie, Susie, Frances and John, jr, children of J. R. Cox of Malvern, Ark.
Craig, George.
Crain, Maggie McCrea (Mrs. C. D.), aged 37, 2818 P½, and children, Annie M., aged 15, and Charles D., aged 6.
Cramer, Miss Bessie.
Crawley, May, Lottie, Dudie and Lee.
Credo, Will.
Credo, child of Anthony.
Crisby, Mrs. Fred and three children, 55th and Broadway.
Cromwell, Mrs. and three daughters.
Crowley, Miss Nellie and brother.
Cuneo, Mrs. Joseph (from New Orleans, visiting Mrs. Webber).
Cuney, R. C., and mother (colored).
Cuney, grandma, mother of Wright Cuney(colored).
Curry, Mrs. E. H. and child.
Curtis, Mrs. J. C. (colored), and one child
Curtis, Lulda (colored).
Cushman, Jeanette, Arthur.
Cushman, John Henry (stepson of Oliver Udell.)

"Dago Joe" and wife, Mary, Kinkead addition.
Dahlgren, A. G., longshoreman.
Dailey, Wm. E.
Daley, Nicholas J.

Daly, W. L. - Agent for Charles F. Orthwien & Co., grain exporters and steamship agents
Darley, John, wife and daughter Belle.
Darnell, W. D., and wife (colored).
Darby, Charles.

Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. W. and three children
Davenport, Wharton, Jr., Rebecca Harris and John Harris, children of Wharton and Cora Harris Davenport, avenue R and Fortieth.
Davies, John R. and wife.
Davis, Mrs. Robert and child, P½ and Thirty-third.
Davis, Mrs. Ed. and three daughters, Sixteenth and avenue O.
Davis, sr., Henry T. (colored).
Davis, Irene, 3507 Q.

Davis, Lessie
Davis, Mrs. and daughter Grace.
Davis, Mrs. T. F.
Davis, Mrs. Alice W., and family, eight in all, Sixteenth and O.
Davis, Miss Annie N., eldest daughter of Rhoda Milby Davis and the late Samuel Boyer Davis, trained nurse Sealy hospital.
Davis, Gussie.
Davis, Mrs. Mary, colored, 2017 N.
Day, Mrs. Ellen and daughter, Miss May; lived at Twenty-sixth and P½
Day, Willie (colored), Seventeenth, between M½ and N.
Day, Alfred (colored).
Day, Miss Mamie.
Day, Mrs. Maggie.
Dazet, Mrs. Leon, and child.
Dean, child of R. F.
Deason, Mrs. Mary and son, Ed. Jefferson.
Decie, Henry, family and mother.
Decie, Dick and family.
Decker, Alphonso, longshoreman.
Deegan, Paddy.
Deering, W. A., wife and six children.
Deering, John, wife and six children, Forty-third and U.
DeHerete, Miss Leonie, M, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth.
Deboer, P. C., and wife.
Delaney, Mrs. Jack and two children. Wife of the United States bridge officer of the port.
Delaney, Joe.
Delano, Asa P., wife and children.
Delaya, Paul and two daughters.
Delz, M., and son Lenis, Thirty-seventh and M.
Dempsey, Mrs. and two children.
Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert.
Derr, Gus, longshoreman.
Devoti, Joe and three children, Heard's lane.
Devoti, Mrs. Julia and two children.
Devoti, Louis, Colorado addition.
Devoti, "Doc," Kinkead addition.
Dickson, Mrs. Louisa and three children, Eighteenth and P.
Dickinson, Mrs. Mary and child (colored), Twenty-eighth and R.
Diesing, Mary.
Diggs, Henry, wife and four children (colored).
Dinsdale, Thomas, wife and three children.
Dinter, Mrs. and daughter.
Dirks, Henry and family.
Dittman, Mrs. F. and son.
Dixon, Mrs. Tom and three children.
Doherty, Mrs. G. P., 2416 Q½.
Dohonue, Misses Ellen ana Mary, of Utica, N. Y.
Doll, George W. and wife, Eliza.
Doll, Frank and family.
Donnell, W. D., wife and one child. A son, aged 13 years, saved.
Dool, Mrs. C. C, 16th and A.

Dorain, Mrs. Jennie
Dore,--- an old Frenchman.
Dorian, George, jr., wife and two children.
Dorian, Mrs. George and five children.

Dorin, Mrs. Jennie
Dorrene, Mr. and Mrs. and two daughters.
Dorsett, B. and family of five, Lamarque, Tex.
Dorsey, Fannie.
Doto, Marcus, wife and six children.
Doty, Jonathan, P½ and Twenty-fifth.
Dowles, Mrs. Sam and daughter, Nora.
Doyle, Jim.
Dreckschmidt, H.
Dreht, Lottie.
Drews, H. A.
Driscoll, T. E., Thirtieth and Q.
Duane, Miss Mary Coleman, of Victoria.
Duffard, A., county bridge keeper.
Ducos, Octavia and Madeline.
Duebner, William and wife and three children, stockpens.
Duett, Miss Maria, old woman's home.
Duffy, Mrs. (Mrs. W. Jones' sister), down the island.
Dunham, George R., sr., and wife.
Dunham, George R., jr., and two children.
Dunham, Mrs. Howard C. and three children.
Dunant, Frank, sr.
Dumond, Joseph, and wife (stock yards).
Dunton, Mrs. Adelina.
Dunkins, Mrs. Mahaly (colored), Twenty-seventh and P.
Dunningham, Richard, Tenth and L.
Durrant, Frank, on Sidney bayou.
Dutoniovich, John and Pinkey.
Dykes, Thomas J., jr. (colored).

Earls, Mrs. Lizzie (colored).
Eaton, F. B., Forty-fifth, between I and Broadway.
Eberhard, P. and wife.
Eberg, Mrs. Kate, Kinkead addition.
Eckart, Will, wife and daughter.
Ecket, William, wife and son.
Eckett, Charles and Fred.
Eckert, Ed and family, Sydnor's bayou.
Edmonds, Mrs.
Edmondson, L E.
Edwards, A. R. G. and six children.
Edwards, Jim, wife and family.
Edwards, Miss Eliza.
Edwards, Mrs. Jane and youngest daughter (colored), R. between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth.
Edwards, Henry, wife and five children, Kincaid addition.
Eggert, Fred and father.
Eggert, William and son Charles.
Ehlert, Mrs. and two daughters.
Ehlert, Mrs. and two daughters, down the island. Ellis, Mrs. John and three children, down the island.
Ellis, Mrs. (colored), down the island.
Eichler, Edward.
Eichler, Mrs. A.
Eichler, Otto.
Eichler, Charley.
Eichler, Albert.
Eisman, Paul, wife and baby.
Eismann, Howard.
Ellis, Mrs. Henrietta (colored), Twenty-eighth and R.
Ellis, Lewis (colored), down the island.
Ellis, John and family of four, Forty-third and T.
Ellis, Mrs. and family.

Ellison, two children of Capt. Ellison, one of them drowning in it's mother's arms.
Ellisor, two children of Captain Will.
Ello, Mrs. Jos., 3624 R½.
Ello, Joseph, wife and two children.
Ellsworth, John, Sixteenth and N½.
Englehardt, Louis (butcher).
Englehart, Mrs. Ludwig, 2024 P.
Englehart, G. C.
Engelke, John, wife and child.
English, John, wife and child.
Emanuel, Joe.
Eppendorf, Mr. and Mrs.
Evans, Mrs. Katy and two daughters Kate and Fannie
Everhart, J. H.
Everhart, Mrs. J. H.
Everhart, Miss Lena.
Everhart, Guy.

Fabj, Sumpter.
Fachan, Joe, family of.
Faggan, Frank, avenue H, between Forty-third and Forty-fourth.
Fages, Mrs. Frances, down the island.
Falca, J. A. C.
Falk, Mrs. Julius, and five children, Forty-third and S.
Falk, Gustave, Forty-third and S.
Falke, Joseph, and three children.
Falke, Hy.
Falkenhaken, Mr. and. Mrs. George, Thirteenth and M ½.
Fallan, Ollie.
Farley, Mr. Thomas P. and wife.
Fawcett, Miss Isabella.
Fawcett, Robert.
Feco, Joseph.
Feigle, John, sr., and wife, Caroline.
Feigle, John, jr., and daughters, Mabel and Georgie.
Feigle, Martin.
Fellman, John, gardner for Wm. Miller.
Felfs, Lewis, down the island.
Felsmann, Richard (blacksmith), wife and five children, Forty-sixth and Broadway
Ferre, B.
Ferwerder, Peter, life-saving station.
Fickett, Mrs. Anita and four children.
Filhol, Mrs. Mary and three children, Offat's bayou.
Figge, Mrs. and four children.
Fischer, Lydia.
Fisher, Walter Pemberton and wife, Lillie Harris Fisher, and children, John Harris, Walter Pemberton, jr., and Annie Pleasants, avenue R and Forty-first.
Fisher, Katie, 2616 Q.
Fisher, Jessie and Charlie, lost in Catholic orphan home.
Fisher, Mrs. Mary A. (colored), Houston.

Fisher, W. T., wife, two children, two sisters-in-law and a niece

Fisher, Walter, wife and three children
"Fishermen", about ten Italian-Americans.

Fix, C. H.
Flake, Fritz (sausage peddler.)
Flanagan, Mrs. Martin and child.
Flanagan, wife and child, Thirty-ninth and K.

Flash, William and daughter of Twenty-fifth Street and P. Avenue
Flash, Wm.
Flash, Francis.
Fleming, A. B., factory district.
Floehr, Mrs.
Fomain, Mrs. and five children.
Ford, Emma (colored), Twenty-sixth and P.
Fordtram, (Fordtran) Mrs. Claude G., Tremont and P ½.
Foreman, Mrs. Mamie.
Foreman, Cassie.
Foreman, Thomas.
Foreman, Amos.
Foreman, Webster.
Forget, Julius.
Foster, Mrs.
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Harry and three children.
Foulkes, Wm., Mrs. Viola and Miss Lena, 2620 P½.
Fox, Thomas, wife and four children, Forty fourth and S.
Francis, Mrs. Maggie and child, Kinkead addition.
Frank, Miss Anna, Seventeenth and M½.
Franks, Mrs. and daughter.
Franck, Mrs. Augusta.
Franklin, Geo., 1024 A.
Frankovich, John and clerk.
Frledolf, ---, wife and son.
Fredericks, Corine.
Frederickson, Mrs. C., - P½, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth.
Fredrickson, Viola.

Frederickson, Violet
Fredrickson, Mrs. and baby.
Freytag, Fred., wife and two children,1305 M½
Fries and family, Baker Head's Lane.
Friess, Charles, wife and child.
Freiteg, Harry.
Freither, Mrs. Fritz.
Fritz, wife and two children, an oysterman
Frohne, Mrs. Charles and two children.
Frontenac, Michael, longshoreman.
Frostman, Mrs. Ed. and four children.
Fryer, Mrs. W. H.
Fryer, Bessie Belle.
Fugh, John.
Fuller, R. H.
Furman, Mrs. (colored), K, between Eleventh and Twelfth.
Furst, family of.

Gago, Joe.
Gabel, Mr. and Mrs. (colored).
Garibaldi, G. and wife, Virginia Point.
Gabriel, John and Dodo.
Gairnes, Mrs. Lillie J. and two daughters, Sixty-first and R.
Gaissaffi, J.
Gallishaw, five children of the late Jim Gallishaw.
Gamblin, Fred., N and P½.

Garnald, John H., wife, and two children
Garnett, Robert F., son of R. B.
Garrigan, Jim, down the island.
Garrigan, Joseph.
Gartner, Joseph, longshoreman.
Garth, A. E.
Garth, Mrs. A. E.
Garth, Bertha.
Garth, Nunie.
Garth, Gussie.
Gecan, Mat.
Gehrer, Geo., wife and children.
Gent, Robert, wife and child.
Genter, Robert, (butcher).
Gensen, four children of F., 1718 O.
Geoppinger, Leopold.
George, first sergeant battery O.
George, Charles and wife.

Gernand (?), Mrs. John F. and two children
Gernaud, Mrs. John H. and three children.
Gernaud, Mrs. Viola and child, Kate. Falks, P½, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Gerloff, Adolph.
Gerloff, Mr. and Mrs. William.
Gerloff, Mrs. Emil and two children.
Gerloff, Mrs. C. F.
Gibbs, Thomas B., wife and four children, 2018 P½.
Gibson, Miss Mary, Fortieth and S.
Gibson, Miss Daisy (colored).
Gibson, Miss Mary C., Forty-first and S.
Gill, Catherine, Sarah and Harry.
Gillis, Dan, Twelfth and M.
Giorgio, M.
Giozza, Mrs. Amelia, Anthony, Ross, Theodore, Virginia and Julia, lost in collapse of Giozza residence.
Giusti, Adiace.
Glass, Mrs. Wm. D., and four children.
Glausen, Charles, and family of four.
Gluger, E. wife and four children, 4428 Broadway.
Goldbeck, Mrs. E. and child, Alfred Goldbeck, of San Antonio.
Goldmann, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and son, Will.
Goodwin, two girls of Mrs., Seventeenth between M½ and N.
Gonzales, Andrew, wife and daughter, 3428 Q.
Gollmer, H. H., wife and five children.
Gordon, Mrs. Abe and five children.

Gordon, Mrs.
Gordon, Miss
Gordon, Oscar.
Gordon, Asker and baby.
Gould, Louela and Charlie.
Gould, Duell and Charles, children of Thos. Geo. Gould.
Graft, Mrs. George, and three children.
Granberg, Alex., Twenty-seventh and Strand.
Grant, Fred H. (colored).
Grant, Mamie E. (colored).
Graus, wife and two children, down the island.
Gray,---, painter, and four children.
Green, Mrs. Lucy (colored).
Greene, E. C., wife and daughter, R½ and Thirty-second.
Greve, Mrs. J., and daughter Louise.
Greve, Mrs. Ed., and daughters Gertrude and Eveline. Grey, R. L., and five children, Hugh, Cecil, James, Agnes and Lulu.
Grief, John, wife and three children of John
---, Grace, cook for Mrs. V. C. Hart, 1624 M½.
Grisaffl, Joe, wife and two children.
Groom, Ed., and wife.
Grothgar, Mrs. Fred, and four children.
Grosskoff, Mrs., 13th and M.
Gruetzmacher, Louis and family, Thirty-eighth and S½.
Guest, Mamie.
Gustason, Gus (Denver resurvey).
Genning (s/b Gunning?), Tim and wife.
Guy, Henry, down the island.
Grumberg, Alex., supposed to belong to life-saving station.

Haag, three children of Mrs. Annie Burgess Haag.
Haarar, Martin, wife and child.
Hagens, George, longshoreman, and wife.
Haines, wife of Captain Ed Haines.
Hall, Mrs. (colored), 15th and N, died day after flood.
Hall, Charles (colored).
Hall, Melva and Eldred.
Hall, Joe and family (colored), R, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth.
Halm, Frieda, Thirty-sixth and S ½.

Hamburg, Mrs. Peter and four children
Hance, Mrs. Emma and daughter, nine mile post, down the island.
Hanemann, Mrs., down the island.
Hansen, Dick, wife and three children.
Hanson, J. C. H., longshoreman.
Harold, Laura or Lula. Twenty-seventh and Church.
Harris, Lewis, 2310 avenue Q.
Harris, Mrs. Jane (colored), Twenty-eighth and R.
Harris, Thosman, wife and three children.
Harris, George and wife (colored).

Harris, Mrs. (colored)
Harris, Mrs. Emma, Fred and Robert, 4510 Broadway.
Harris, Mrs., four miles down the island.
Harris, Minnie.
Harris, Effie (colored).
Harris, L.

Harris, Mrs. J. H.
Harris, Mrs. John and three children.

Harris, Mrs. Rebecca
Harris, Rebecca Perry. R and Forty-first.
Harris, wife and four children of John Harris, milkman, down the island.
Harris, George and family (fireman).
Harris, Thomas, wife and three children.
Harris, Robert, wife and one child.
Harris, George, Forty-sixth and Broadway.
Harris, Mrs. (colored).
Harrison, Tom and wife (colored).

Harrow, William
Hart, Thomas Leo, son of Mrs. Pauline Hart, Thirty-ninth and T ½.
Harvey, wife and child, Forty-second and M.
Haslers, Charles, wife and child.
Haucis, Mrs., one child, nine miles down the island.
Haughton, Mrs. W. W.
Hauser, Lewis.
Hauser, H. and wife.
Hausinger, Mr. H. A., daughter and motherin-law.
Hawkins, Mrs. Mary Lee, Tenth and Winnie.

Hawkins, Mattie Lea
Hayes, child of Mrs. Era, of Taylor, Tex.
Haymann, Mrs. John A., and five children, Kinkead addition.
Haynes, Miss L. (colored), servant of D. G. Chinn.
Hear, L., wife and twelve children, down the island.
Heckler, Charles (white painter).
Hefty, Rudolph, Thirty-seventh and S.
Hegmann, E. D., sr., wife and children, Albert, Emma and E. D., jr,. seven miles down island.
Heideman, Wm., Jr.
Heinroth, Annie, 3610 K.
Heinroth, H. and three children.
Heiman, Anton (ex alderman), wife and three children.
Helfenstein, Jr., John (child), Fifty-eighth and Postoffice streets.
Helfenstein, Sophie and Lily, children of W.
Henbach, Charles F., and son.
Hening, A. B., Factory district.
Hennesey, Mrs. M. P.
Henry, child of Officer D. W. Henry.
Hermann, W. J., 3714 S ½.
Herman, Mrs. and five children.
Herman, Martin and two children.
Hermann, Mrs. R. M. and child, Heard's lane, Shell road. Herres, John and A.
Hersey, Mrs. John.
Hess, Aug. and family, Thirty-eighth and P ½
Hess, bugler, battery O.
Hess, Miss Irene.
Hester, Charlie.
Heuss, G. August, wife and three children.
Heydown, VV. and wife, R, between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth.
Higgins, Mrs.
High, J.B., and wife.
Hilgenbug, Jacob, wife and baby.
Hill, Mrs. Ben and two children.
Hoarer, Martin, wife and son.
Hodge, George, wife and son (colored).
Hodge, Mrs. Williams (colored).
Hodge, Henrietta.
Hodge, Georgie.
Hodge, James.
Hodge, Gertrude.
Hodge, Clarence.
Hoch, Mrs. and three sons, Mike, Willie and Louis.
Hoffman, Mrs. Pauline, Houston, nurse.
Hoffman, family.
Hoffman, Harry H.
Hoffman, Miss Augusta.
Hoisington, J. A. (missing).
Holbeck, Mrs. L. L.

Hollck (?), and boy
Holland, James H , wife and son Willie, and grandson James Otis.
Holland (colored), M ½, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Holland, Mrs. James.
Holmberg, John, wife and three children, Forty-fourth and T.
Holms, Mrs. Emma (colored), 2828 avenue P.
Holmes, child of Laura (colored).
Holmes, Florence (colored).
Homburg, Joe, wife and four children, Kinkead addition.
Homburg, Mrs. Peter and four children, 3528 R.
Homburg, William, wife and two children.
Hood, Bessie (colored).
Hoskins, Mrs. Helen, Twenty-eighth and Q ½
Hoskins, T. D., wife and three children (colored).
Howe, Adolph, wife and five children.

Howe, Policeman and family
Howell, Sidney, longshoreman.
Howell, Mrs. Addeline, 2824 avenue P.
Howke, Mrs. and four sons.
Howth, Mrs. Clarence.
Howth, Miss.
Hubner, Edward and Antoinette, Twenty-first and P.
Hubach, Charles.
Hubbell, Misses Emma and Maggie.
Hudson, Mrs.
Huebner, Mrs. A. F.
Huebner, Earl.
Huess, A., wife and children.

Hughes, Joe
Hughes, Mrs. Mattie.
Hughes, Stuart G.
Hughes, Robert (colored).
Hughes, Mrs. M. W. (colored) Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth, between L and M.
Huhn, Mr. F.
Hulbert, Mrs. Victoria, Miss Minnie, Walter and Hallie (all colored), Forty-first and U.
Hull, Willie (colored), Twenty-eighth and Q ½
Hull, Charlie (colored, Twenty-eighth and Q ½
Hume, Stephen (colored).
Humburg, Ed. (milkman), down the island.
Humburg, Mamie
Hunter, Geo., and two children, island.
Hunter, Mrs. Alice, and brother and father and three children.
Hurt, Walter, wife and two children, their German cook and half grown boy.
Huzza, Charles, wife and five children.
Hylenberg, Jacob, wife and child, N and Seventeenth.

Iovey, Mrs. C. (colored), worked at beach.
Iresco, James, east end.
Irvin, child of Wm. H.
Irwin, wife and two sisters of Will.
Iwan, Mrs. A.

Jack, Mrs. Pearl A., and two daughters, Forty-second and R.
Jackman, Ada, and two children.
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs., and daughter, Mabel, Forty-third and S ½
Jackson, Sarah M., between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Jacobs, H., wife and children.
Jaeger, Mr. and Mrs., and three children, O ½ between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth.
Jaeger, Wm. H., Tenth and Broadway.
Jaeger, John and wife, Eighth and Winnie.
Jaeger, H W.
Jaenicke, Mrs. Curt, and three children.
Jackson, J. W., Mrs., and two children, Forty-sixth and K.
Jalonick, Ed., wife and two children, all of Dallas.
Jasper, two children of Perry (colored).
Jay, William (missing).
Jay, son of J P., down the island.
Jefferbrock, Mr. and Mrs. August, and child.
Jewell, J., wife and four children and mother-in-law (milkman), down the island.
John, Henry V., working for E. Allen, Forty-third and S.
Johnson, T. D., longshoreman
Johnson, Christopher, lived at 1918 P ½.
Johnson, Lorand, wife and four children, Forty-third and S.
Johnson, Sydney, child of R. H. Johnson.
Johnson, A., and wife, Edith Grey Johnson.
Johnson, Mrs. C. S., 1715 N ½.
Johnson, child of J. F. Johnson, 1715 N ½
Johnson, Richard (colored).

Johnson, Richard - struck by flying timber and instantly killed
Johnson, Mrs. Wm.
Johnson, Adin, wife and son.
Johnson, Peter, wife and five children, (milkman), down the island.
Johnson, Mrs. P., and child.
Johnson, Julian.
Johnson, R. D., wife and two children.
Johnson, one child of Billy.
Johnson, Mrs. Genevieve W., and daughter, Forty-fifth and K.
Johnson, W. J., wife and two children.
Johnson, Mrs. Ben, and two children.
Johnson, Oakey, wife, child and mother-in-law.
Johnson, Mrs. H. B., and child.
Johnson, A. S., (screwman), wife and six children.
Johnson, Miss Mary, 2113 Thirty-third St.
Johnson, Dan (colored) Thirty-eighth and T.
Johnston, Mrs. Clara, wife of Bernard, and two children, Thirty-second and K.
Johnston, Mrs. H. P.
Johnston, Harry P. and wife, Minnie, and baby boy, Ninth and I.
Johnston, J. Bernard, wife and two children, avenue R, between Thirty-second and Thirty-third.
Johnston, Mrs. Alice R., Twelfth and M ½.
Jones, Mrs. W. D., 3020 Q.
Jones, Katie (colored), servant of Rev. H. C. Dunham, 1021 avenue I.
Jones, Mary, Sarah, Annie and Lizzie.
Jones, Jackson (colored).
Jones, John A., and wife, Twenty-first and P ½
Jones, J. H., and wife.
Jones, Frank, son of Fred (colored).
Jones, Mrs. W. R. and child.
Jones, Robert.
Jones, Fred and wife (colored).
Jones, Walter, Mrs., and two children, down the island.
Jones, Mabel, adopted daughter of Mrs. Ella Roach, Thirty-ninth and Q ½.
Jones, Mrs. Matilda W., and daughter Mary
Jones, Sallie (colored), 1715 N ½.
Jones, Ernest, Fortieth and R ½.
Jones, Evan, and four children, Fortieth and R ½.
Jones, William, sr., Fortieth and R ½.
Jones, Dora (colored), servant of James Irwin

Jones, Mr. and Mrs.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. and daughter

Jones, Mrs. W. R. and child
Jordan, Charles A.
Joughin, Tony, former drummer in the Immune regiment.
Jouguin, Tony, jr., boatman, found at English bayou.
Joyce, Mrs. E. and four children, Forty-fourth and S.
Juffs, Ben., wife and four children, 1817 O ½
Junemann, Charles, wife and daughter.
Junka, Martha, daughter of W. P.
Junka, Mrs. Pauline.
Junker, William, wife and child.
Junker, Mrs. Collins.
Justinus, Hammond, wife and five children, and Mrs. Colbert, mother of Mrs. Justinus, Twenty-seventh and Q.

Kaiser, Louis, wife and three children, Forty-third and S ½
Kaper, August, wife and one child, Forty-second and S.
Kauffman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Tenth and M.
Kauffman, Mrs. Chas.
Kauffman, Mr. Henry.
Kauffman, baby Margaret.
Keates, Thomas and wife.
Keates, Miss Tillie, Thirty-eighth and T.

Keefe, Mrs. Michael and brother
Keeton, Mrs. J. O. and three children.
Kehler, Mrs. Fred, two girls and boy.
Keis, Mrs. John.
Keis, Miss Jodie.
Keis, Mrs. Louisa and four children.
Keiffer, wife and daughter.
Keller, Barney J., wife and four children, 2401 Thirty-seventh street.
Kelley, Thos., wife, three children and niece.
Kelley, Dan., sr.
Kelner, Charles L., sr.
Kelly, Florence.

Kelly, Barnet
Kelly, Barney.
Kelly, Willie.
Kelly, ---, wife and three children.
Kelly, Mike.
Kelso, Munson J., jr.
Kelso, Roy, baby boy of J. C. Kelso.
Kelsy, James.
Kemp, Thomas W. and wife, 4205 S.
Kemp, Elizabeth, and son Samuel (colored),down the island
Kemp, John W., florist, Forty-second and S.
Kemp, W. C. and wife.
Kennely, Mrs. Annie
Kennedy, Benton, wife and three children, Thirty-seventh and R.
Kemp, Pearlie (colored), down the island.
Keough, John wife and four children, island.
Keogh, Mrs. and three children, Kinkead addition.
Kessler, Joseph.
Kessler, Frederick and daughter.
Kessler, Aug.
Kessler, Emma.
Kessler, Gussie.
Kessner, August and children, Gussie and Emma, Kinkead addition.
Killcoer, E., wife and children.

Killer, Charles L. Sr. - a prominent cotton man
Kimley, Mrs. John and family, Pooleville.
Kindle, I. M., and family.
Kindsfather, Joseph, wife and three children, Forty-sixth and K.
King, Mrs. (colored).
King, Rosa J. (colored).
Kindlund, Ejnar.
Kirby, James, (section foreman) and three men.
Kirby, Mrs. George and two children.
Kirby, Mrs. J. H. and three children.
Kissinger, Mrs. M. J., Eleventh and M.
Klein, Ed., wife and two children, nine miles down the island.
Klein, Mrs. E. V.
Kleinecke, Mrs. H. and children, except Hermann, Fifty-seventh and T.
Kleinecke, Mrs. H. and Thirty-eighth.
Kleinemer, Mrs. Herman and six children, Galveston Island.
Kleiman, Joe, wife, child and two workmen, milkman, down the island.
Kleiman, Mrs. John and child.
Kleimann, wife and eight children of H.
Klinemann, John, wife and one child, a milkman and three hired men.
Knowles, Mrs. W. T. and three children.
Koch, Mrs. Elizabeth, M, between Ninth and Tenth.
Koch, Wm., sr., Tenth and Eleventh on Broadway.
Kolb, A. J., wife and child.
Kolb, infant of C. L.
Konstanstopulo, Thriandefel, Twenty-fourth and Beach (candy stand near Olympia).
Kothe, Wm., Q, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth.
Kotte, Wm. C.
Krausse, John, Joseph and Catherine.
Koch, Wm., sr., island.
Krecek, Joseph, wife and three sons.
Kroener, Will.
Kroener, Sophie.
Kroener, Florie.
Kuder, Ed. and wife.
Kuhl, Miss Edna.
Kuhn, Mrs. Oscar and children.
Kuhnel, Mrs. H. Clem and two children.
Kupper, Mr., between Forty-second and Forty-third on S.
Kurpan, Paul, clerk at Star mills, and wife, Thirteenth and N.

Lackey, Mrs. Mary B., and four daughters, Pearl, Ilma and two others and daughter-in-law, Thirty-ninth and S ½.
Lanahan, Laura.
Lanahan, four children of John, Twenty-ninth and B.
Landrum, B. and five children, Bolivar.
Lane, Rev. and family.
Lane, F. and family.
Lang, five children of Peter.
Labbatt, H. J., Sr., wife and daughter, Nellie.
Labbatt, Joe, wife and four children.

Labratt (?), Joe
Lafayette, Mrs. A. C. and children.
Lament, Richard P.
La Piere, James, wife and five children, Forty-third and S.
Larson, Ed., boatkeeper of pilot boat Eclipse.
Larson, Charles E.
Larson, H. and two children.
Lasoeco, Mrs.
Lashley, Mrs. Dave.
Lauderdale, Mrs. Robert and two daughters, one son and Mrs. Lauderdale's mother.
Laukhuff, Genevive.
Lausen, Mrs. Will and one child.
Lausen, Aug and three children, Thirty-ninth and avenue S.
Lawsing, Mrs., mother of Mrs. J.W. Munn, sr.
Lawson, Charles E., longshoreman.
Leagett, Mrs. and three children, nine miles on bay shore down the island.
League, three children of Mrs. Lillie.
Leask, Maury, clerk of William Burge, Colorado addition.
Leberman, Lee H., 1426 N ½.
Leberman, Prof. H. A. (missing), 1426 N ½.
Ledtsch, Theodore.
Lee, Captain G. A. and wife.
Lees, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Legat, Mrs. Celia and family of six, addition.
Legate, three brothers, down the island.
Lehman, Charles and son, Forty-fifth and K.
Lemire, Joseph, wife and four children.
Lemons, Mrs. Celestine (colored), Twenty-eighth and R.
Lena, Mrs.
Lenker, Tommy.
Lennard, Fred, aged 4 years, 4512 K.
Lenz, August, longshoreman.
Leon,---, butcher, and two children, avenue N, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth.
Leonard, Bernard.

Lester, Tommy (with Grandmother Angeline Parker) - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue
Leslie, Miss Gracie.
Letterman, W., wife and three children.
Letts, Captain, wife, two children, sister-in-law and one of her children, Kinkead.
Leutsch, Theodore, Thirtieth and K.
Levine, Mrs. P., daughter and sons, Leo and Carroll.
Levy, W. T., United States immigration inspector and late major of First United States volunteer regiment, wife and three children.
Lewis, Mrs. Agnes (colored)
Lewis, Miss Agnes (colored)
Lewis, Mrs. C. A. (colored), 44th and R.
Lewis, Mrs. Jake and six children, Forty-sixth and L.
Lewis, Mrs. Maria (colored).
Lewis, Elizabeth Eunice, 1015 M ½
Lindgren, John, wife and seven children (Miss Lillie, eldest daughter, saved).
Lindquist, Mrs. Oscar and three children.
Lisbony, W. H., wife and son, W. H., Jr.
Lisbony, Miss Eunice, daughter of C. P. Lisbony.
Livingston, Mrs. Frances, Thirty-second and R.
Lloyd, W.
Lloyd, "Buck" and wife.
Lloyd, Charles H., wife and child.
Lloyd, S. O., Twenty-seventh and P ½
Locke, Mrs. Mary.
Lockhart, Charles, Mrs. and two children, Forty-second and S ½.
Lockhart, Albert.
Lockmann, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Loesberg, Miss Minnie.
Long, two children of Sergeant.
Longnecker, Mrs. A.
Lorance, Mrs. T. A.
Losico, Mrs. Fillimena, daughter, three grandchildren and son-in-law.
Lord, Richard - traffic manager
Lossing, Mrs. Sarah A, Fifty-second and S.
Love, R. A. (officer).
Love, Ed. Grenn.
Lucas, Mrs. William, and two sons, John, aged 16 years and 9 months, and David Edward, aged 13 years and 9months. 4428 avenue K, wife and sons of William Lucas, foreman car repair shop Galveston, Houston and Henderson railway, who was on a vacation in Arkansas at the time of the catastrophe.
Lucas, two children of Mrs. David, 4512 avenue K.
Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. H., two children and white nurse.
Ludwig, Alfred, mother and sister-in-law.
Ludeke, Henry, wife and son.
Ludewig, E. A. and mother.
Ludwig, Albert.
Lukenbell, B. E. and wife.
Lumberg, Willie and Lena, down the island
Lumburger, Gus, wife and nine children Forty-third and S ½.
Lundberg, Gus.
Lungren, Gus.
Luvis, Mark (colored), wife and two children.
Lyle, W. W.
Lynch, A.
Lynch, Peter, Forty-third and R.
Lynch, John.
Lynch, James and wife, 2616 Q.

Macgill, Unagh, daughter of D. Macgill.
Mackey, Mrs. W. G. and four children (colored), M ½, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Maclin, John and family.
Maclin, J. D., wife and seven children.
Maclin, W. L., wife and three children, down the island. Magill, David, Q, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.

***Mag (??), Mr., two daughters and son - Grocery at Eleventh Street and Avenue A***(see note below)
Malitz, Theodore.
Males, O. M., wife and two children.
Maltzberger, Tony, and family.
Manier, Miss Fisa.
Manning, Mark (colored).
Manly, Joe, mother and two nieces of Mr.Manly, Sr. Mansfield, Caroline, and mother (colored), Sixteenth, between N ½ and O.
Marcotte, Miss Pauline.
****Marcovich, Mat, wife and three children, Mud bridge.****(see note below)
Marquette, Mrs. Pauline.
Marsh, sergeant, battery O.
Marshall, Mrs. Harry K., Thirty-fifth and S.
Mabson, Grace and three children (colored), K, between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth.
Martin, Frank, wife and one son.
Martin, Miss Annie.
Martin, Frank and one son.
Martyr, Mrs. R.
Massie, T. A.
Massie, E., wife and child.
Masterson, Annie Dallam, wife of, Branch T., avenue R and Thirty-ninth.

Masterson, B. T. and family
Matthews, Harry L.
Mati, Amedio.
Maxwell, Robert and Mary, Twenty-eighth
Maudy, Mrs. and daughter (colored), M ½ between Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Maupin, Jos., in Kinkead addition.
McCamish, R. A., wife and two daughters.
McCann, William, wife and six children.
McCann, Jas.
McCarty, Leon L. (colored).

McCauley, Miss Annie
McCauley, Prof. J. P. and wife, Lucas Terrace.
McCauley, William H., Mrs. William H., Eugene, Annie and Dewey, lost at Ciozza residence.
McCaulley, J., and wife, Thirty-fourth and P ½
McCaughlar, Iralia (colored), Twenty-seventh and P.
McCluskey, Mrs. Charles and three children.
McCormick, Mrs. D. and four children.
McCullough, A. Rallar (colored).
McCune, John, Sixth and I.
McDade, Mrs. E. (colored).
McDade, Ed. (colored).
McDonald, Jerry (helper Jones dairy).
McDonald, Mrs. Mary, and son.
McDonald, Mrs. (widow), Fourteenth, between L and M.
McFadden Brothers - cotton exporters
McEwen, John, island.
McGill, D. K.

McGoveren, James.
McGowan, Jim.
McGraw, Peter and wife.
McGuire, John.
McKenna, J. P., wife and two children.
McKenna, P. J., and two children.
McLean, John, bartender.
McManus, Mrs. W. H.
McMillan, Mrs. M. J.
McMillan, Mrs., Kinkead addition.
McNeal, Mrs. James and child.
McNeil, Hugh, and baby, and Miss Jennie McNeil.
McPeters, wife and two children.
McPherson, Robert (colored).
McVeigh, Mrs. J. M. and Miss Lorena, Forty-fourth and Broadway.
Mead, James, Twelfth and I.
Mealy, Mrs. John.
Mealy, Joseph.
Mees, W. H., longshoreman.
Megna, Mrs. G.
Megna, F., wife and two children.
Megna, Mrs. Joe, Nineteenth and P.
Megna, one child of Mike, Nneteenth and P.
Megnar, Crocifisso.
Mellor (better known as Miller), Robert, a butcher, and wife, Twenty-seventh and O.
Mellor, M. O., Twenty-seventh, between Q and Q ½
Menzell, John, wife and five children.
Merick, Eugene, and mother, down the island.
Merick, John, wife and child (milkman)down the island. Mestry, Charlotte (colored).
Meyer, Henry and four children.
Meyer, Chris, (missing).
Meyer, Tilden, Forty-third and T ½
Middelegge, Sophie, mother of Ernest Middelegge.
Middlegge, Ernest H., wife and three sons, Harry, aged 13; Adolf, aged 10, and Robert, aged 8.
Midlegge, August, wife and five children.
Midlegge, Aug., sr., wife and three children.
Midlegge, George, wife and family.
Middleburger, George, wife and three children.
Middleburger, John, wife and three children.
Migel, Meyer.
Mihal, Mrs. A., and three children
Milan, wife and four children of J. H.
Miller, Gus., wife and three children, Fifty-eighth and Broadway.
Miller, Frank, oysterman.
Miller, Henry, and family, Sydnor's bayou.
Miller, Chas. Mrs., and six children, M ½, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Miller, Mr., wife and six children, Galveston island, bay shore.
Miller, Wm., and wife.
Miller, Mrs. S.
Miller, Mrs., and five children (colored).
Miller, E. O., twenty-one miles down the island.
Millo, Mrs. Joe and two children, down the island.
Minnis, Mrs. W. P. (A. S. Minnis from Chicago), and S. A. Minnis, Forty-fifth and Broadway.
Minor, Lucian.
Mitchell, Miss Nola, Thirty-ninth and Q ½.
Mitchell, Louis D. (colored).
Mitchell, Mrs. Annie and son, Twenty-sixth, between Q and Q ½
Mitchell, Mrs. C. R., W. P., Jennie E., Anna and P. L., Thirty-ninth and Q l/2.
Moffatt,---, wife and two children.
Monghan, Mike and family.
Monghan, John and wife.
Monroe, (colored), Mrs. and three children
Moran, James and wife.
Moore, Cecelia, Loraine, Vera and Mildred, children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moore. Kinkead addition.
Moore, Robert.
Moore, Miss Maggie (Seventeenth and Q ½.
Moore, Mrs. Nathan (colored).
Moore, Wm. ("Dock") and wife.
Moore, Mrs. Nathan.
Moore, Alex., butcher.
Moore, Estelle (colored).
Monteleone, Marie Miss, Hitchcock.
Moree,---, works with Joseph Fachan.
Morley, Rev. and wife.
Morley, David, and wife.
Moreo, Dotto, wife and seven children.
Morris, Harry, wife and four children.
Morseburger, Antonia and wife.

Mortin, Mrs. and two babies
Morton, Hammond and four children.
Morse, Albert P , wife and three children.
Moserger, ---.
Mott, Mrs. Louisa.
Mott, Mrs B. F., Sydnor's bayou.
Motter, Mrs. and two daughters.
Mulcahey, two children of J., of Houston.
Muletz, Theo., wife and daughter.
Mulholland, Mrs. Louisa, old woman's home.
Muller, Henry, wife and three childen.
Mulsberger, Charles and family, (butcher).
Mulsburger, Tony.
Mundine, Mrs. Meria E.
Munkennelt, Frank, longshoreman.
Munn, Mrs. J. W., Sr.
Murie, Mrs. Annie and daughter, Laurine.
Muti, Amedeo, killed in rescue work.
Myer, Herman, wife and son Willie.
Myers, Willie.
Myers, Mrs. C. J. and one child.

Napoleon, Henry, wife and sister (colored)
Neal, a fisherman.
Necey, Conrad, wife and six children, Forty-fourth and S.
Neiman, Charley.
Neimann, Mrs. and Miss Dora.
Neimeyer, Henry, wife and five children.
Neimeyer, J., and family (farmer).
Neil, E.
Nelson, H., longshoreman.
Nelson, Mrs. Alice and three children, Thirty-fifth and S.
Nelson, Mrs. P. F. and three children, Thirty-fifth and S.
Nelson, John P.
Nelson, Mrs. and daughter.
Nelson, John J., longshoreman.
Neuwiller, Wm., wife and three children, Thirty seventh and Q ½.
Newell, Sydney, longshoreman.
Nokis, Nettie May, stepdaughter of Louis Gruetzmacher.
Nolan, Mrs.
Nolley, Mrs. Sam and four children.
North, Miss Archie.
Norton, Mrs. F. S., and son Henry, 3507 Avenue Q.
Norton, Mrs. and two children.
Norwood, Alberta (colored), Sixteenth, between M ½ and N.
Norwood, Mrs. Susie (colored), and baby. Sixteenth, between M ½ and N.
Nuel, R., wife and children.

Oakley, F., shooting gallery man.
Oats, Charlotte (colored).
Oberg, Hans.
O'Connell, Mrs.
O'Connor, Mamie.
O'Dell, Miss Nellie.
Ohlson, Enfred, 1714 O.
O'Donnell, James K., and wife, Thirty-third and Q.
O'Dowd, Zeta.
Offe, F. and family, down the island.
O'Harrow, Wm.
Ohlsen, Mrs. Adolph, 1714 O.
O'Keefe, C. J. and wife.
O'Neill, James and Frank, sons of James, orphans' home.
O'Neill, Lawrence, son of James, Thirty-fourth and P.
O'Neill, wife and five children, an oysterman, with four hired men.
Olds, Charlotte (colored).
Oleson, Otto, longshoreman.
Olsen, T. H., wife and two children.
Olsen, Ed.
Olson, Mrs. Matilda and two children.
Olsen, Miss Clara.
Olsen, Stephen and Charles.
Olsen, O A. (carpenter), wife and three children.
Opitz, Anita.
Oppe, Fritz (milkman).
Oppermann, Albert L. and wife, Ninth, between J and K.
Opperman, Miss May of Palestine, and Marguerite and Gussie Opperman.
Ormond, five children of George.
Otterson, A. and wife, K, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth.
Ostermayer, sr., and wife.
Ostermayer, Frist.
Ostermayer, Henry and wife.
O'Shaughnessy, Antoinette Pauline, 1514 Mechanic.
O'Tolsee, H. E., longshoreman.
Otterson, Andy.
One Laborer, at Dr. Fry's dairy.

Paisley, A. H. and wife, 610 ½ K.
Palmieri, Salvatore, wife and five children, Hitchcock.
Parobich, John, wife and three children, down the island.
Parobich, Michael, wife and four children, down the island
Paetz, Mrs. Lina, wife of Louis Paetz, teamster at mills.
Paisley, Wm. (colored).
Palmer, Mrs. J. B. and child.
Park, Mrs. M. L., and Misses Alice and Lucy, Twelfth and K.

Parker, Alfred - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue

Parker, Angeline (with her Grandson Tommy Lesker) - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue

Parker, Harne - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue

Parker, Mazie - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue
Parker, Miss Mary E., 1502 M.
Parker, Mrs. Ethel.
Parker, Mrs. Frank and two children.

Parker, Mrs. Mollie
Parker, Sullivan, his wife Lilly and three children, Mazie, Harne, and Alfred - living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue
Pashetag, Mrs. E. and three children, Louise, Eddie and Gertrude — lost at Lamarque.
Paskall, Augustine and wife, Madeline, Galveston island.
Pasquale, S.
Paterson, Miss S. (colored), of Houston.
Patrick, Maria (colored), Thirty-ninth, between N and N ½
Patrick, Ida and Cora (colored).
Patrick, Mrs. Susan (colored),Thirty-ninth and N.
Patterson, H. T., wife and children.
Patterson, Thompson (carpenter), and wife and four children, Thirty-first and Beach.
Pattison, Florence.
Patton, Thomas (colored).
Pauls, Willie and Walder, 1708 N.
Pauls, Miss Agnes, S ½, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh.
Pauly, Mr. and Mrs.
Paysee, Mrs. Henry and two children (Leona and Louise).

Peck, Capt. R. H., wife and five children - City Engineer
Peco, Leon, wife and four children, Walter, August, Mary and Francis, four miles west of city.
Pecco, Lee.
Peek, Capt. R. H., wife and six children.
Peetz, Mrs. J.J.,and daughters, Tillie and Stella.
Peitzlin, Rudolph and Robbie.
Pellenze, Mrs. and mother.
Penny, Mrs. A. and two sons, Forty-fourth and S.
Perkins, Albert (colored), Thirty-second and Q ½
Perkins, Lucy (colored).
Perkins, Lota (colored).
Perkins, Mrs. L. and two children (colored), 3601 Q ½.
Perkins, Alfred, wife and grandson (colored), Q ½, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Perkins, Arthur (colored), Thirty-second and Q ½.
Perrier, H., wife and child, Eighteenth, between N ½ and O.
Perkins, Cecile (colored), 2820 R ½.
Perry, Mrs. Harry M. and son Clayton.
Perry, Mrs. and child, of Houston.
Perry, Jasper, jr., wife and two children (colored).
Perry, Mrs. Oliver (colored).
Peters, Fritz and wife, Twentieth and P ½.
Peters, Robert, Thirty-third and S.
Peters, Rudolph (saddler), Thirty-third and S.
Peterson, George (soldier), wife and two children, Forty-third and R.
Peterson, Charles, wife and two children.
Peterson, Mrs. A. and four children, Eighth and J.
Peterson, Mrs. J. and children.
Peterson, H. G. and two boys, lived near race track, down the island.
Petterson, K. G., wife and child.
Pettit, Walter, 3711 L.
Pettit, W. R.
Pettingill, W.
Pettingill, W. H., wife and three sons, Walter W., James and Norman (missing), Thirty-third and S.
Phelps, Miss Ruth M., Forty-first and S.
Phelps, Mrs. Mamie Love and two children (colored), down the island.
Pierson, Mrs. Mary and Alice.
Pierson, Frank
Pilford, W., Mexican cable company, and four children, Madge, Willie, Jack and Georgianna, Twenty-fifth and Q.
Piner, Mrs. Ella (colored).
Piney, Mrs. (colored).
Pinto, Mrs. Tony, William and George, Offatt's bayou.
Pischos, Mr and Mrs., country road.
Pisi, C. L.
Pittel, Mrs.
Pix, C. S.
Pizzolenza, Mrs. and four children, Hitchcock.
Plitt, Herman. (Harmon)
Poland, Ed. and sister.
Polk, Cornelius and Violet (colored).
Pond, Miss Mary.
Popular, Mr. and Mrs. A. and four children, Agnes, Mamie, Clarence and Tony.
Poree, Henry.
Poretto, Josephyne.

Poretto, Josehina
Potthoff, Mrs. C. and five children, Amelia, Annie, Charles, Robert and Mabel, R., between Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth.
Potter, C. H., and little daughter.
Powell, William and wife Eva, Forty-sixth and K.
Powers, Mrs. Carrie B., 1511 avenue N.
Powers, --- and child.
Powers, Mrs, mother-in-law of A. R. G. Edwards.
Praker, J., wife and child.
Praker, William.
Pratt, Mrs. Laura, 3602 T.
Pratt, Miss Lillian Desautch, 3602 T.
Preismuth, Mrs. Fred and three children.
Pruessner, Mrs., and three children
Pruessner, Heinrich, down the island.
Prophet, Marie (colored).
Pryor, Ed., wife and four children, Thirty-seventh and S.

Quester, Bessie.
Questor, Mrs. M. (W), son and daughter.
Quin, Mrs. Mary and child, Eighth and L.
Quinn, Mrs. Thomas, Eighth and L.
Quinn, John, engineer, Sixth and H, (missing).

Raab, George W. and wife.
Radeker, Mrs. Herman and child.
Radford, Mattie Eva (colored), Thirty-second and Q ½
Radford, Claudie G. (colored).
Radford, John A. (colored).
Raleigh, Miss Lelia, 816 Winnie.
Randolph, Edith (colored).
Raphael, Nick.
Ravey, family.
Rayburn, Crawford, 1624 M ½.
Ratisseau. P. A.
Ratisseau, Baptiste, wife and three children (Louis saved)
Ratisseau, J. B., wife and four children.
Ratisseau, C. A., wife and seven children.
Ratisseau, Mrs. W. L., and three children.
Ratisseau, Mrs. J. L., and three children.
Rattisseau, A., wife and three children, S, between Forty-first and Forty-second.
Raw, Mr., at Lafitte grove.
Ray, Hy, wife, sister and three children.
Ray, Miss Susie.
Reader, ---, family.
Reads, Rutter, wife and children, Forty-third and T.
Reagan, Mrs. Pat and son, Sixth and I.
Reagan, Mrs. John J., 420 Center street.
Reagan, John P.
Reagan, J. N.
Regan, Mike, wife and mother-in-law.
Reagan, Mike.
Reagan, H. J., wife and five children, Thirty-fifth and S ½.
Re?m, Wm., wife and two children, Tenth and Eleventh and M ½
Rein, -- , wife and daughter, Thirty-ninth and R.
Reinhart, Agnes and Helen, daughters of John.
Rehun, Wm, wife and two children, M ½, between Eleventh and Twelfth.
Reymanscott, Louie, Q, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth.
Rhea, Mrs. M. E. and daughter, Mary, of Buford, Tenn.
Rhine, John, wife and five children, Thirty-ninth and T.
Rhine, Frank and George, Thirty-ninth, between R and R ½.
Rhodes, Miss Ella of Galveston, trained nurse in John Sealy hospital.
Rhodes, Annie (colored), cook of Mrs. W. T. Sherwood.
Rice, William J. (of Galveston News) and little daughter Mildred - Proofreader of The News
Rice, Ida and Fisher (colored).
Richards, F. L, (officer), wife and one child.

Richards, Policeman
Richaruderes, Mrs. Irene and baby.
Richardson, S. W. and wife, 2304 Q.
Richardson, William (colored).
Richardson, William M., 4413 Winnie.
Ricke, Tony and wife.
Riesel, Mrs. Lulu and two boys, Ray and Edna, Kinkead addition.
Riley, Mrs. W. and two children.
Riley, Solomon and wife, Sixteenth, between N and N ½
Ripke, Thomas B., wife and four children, 2018 Yl/i.

Ripley, Henry - Son of H. S. Ripley
Ritchie, Miss Helena A., Sixth and I.
Ritter, Mrs. William (Charley), Twenty-first and P
Rimmelin, Edward H and wife, N, between Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Ring, J., proof reader Galveston News, and two children.
Riordan, Thomas.
Ripley, Henry.
Ritzler, Mrs.
Rizzi, Domenick, Tenth and M.
Rhea, Mrs. and Miss Mamie Rhea of Giles county, Tenn.
Rhymes, Mr. Thomas, wife and two children.
Roach, Annie.
Roberts, Herbert M., yard clerk Galveston, Houston and Northern railroad.
Roberts, John T., watchman.
Robbins, Mrs H. B., of Smith's Point, visiting W. H. Nelson.
Roberts, (Shorty), battery O.
Rochford, Ben and wife. Eleventh and A.
Rodney, Henrietta, Thirty-ninth and R.
Roemer, C. G. and wife, Tenth and L.
Roemer, Elizabeth, wife of A. C.
Roehm, Mr. and Mrs. William and two children.
Roemer, J. C. and wife.
Rogers, Blanch Donald, niece of D. B.
Rohl, John, wife and five children.
Rohn, Annie (colored).

Roll, J. F., wife and four children
Roper, Mrs. Eliza (colored), Eleventh and M.
Rose, Mrs. Franklin.
Rose, John.
Rose, H., wife and children.
Rose's, (Mrs.) baby.
Roselli, Mrs. G.
Roselli, Angelica.
Roselli, Josephine.
Roselli, Sam.
Roselli, Francis.
Rosenkranz, Theresia.
Rosi, G and two children.
Ross, nine-year-old child of Mrs. Ross of Houston.
Rosse, Mrs. L and three children, Nineteenth and P.
Rosin, Hernann, wife and five children, Hernann, Willie, John, Fritz and Henry.
Rossalle, B., wife and three children.
Rossian, John and wife, down the island.
Rossian, five brothers, down the island.
Roth, Mrs. Kate and three children.
Roudadaux, Murray.
Roudadoux, Mrs. F. J. and two children, Murray and Cecil, and sister-in-law, Louise Roudadoux.

Rowan, The family of Policeman Rowan
Rowan, Mrs. John and three children.
Rowe, Ada and Hattie (colored).
Rowe, Mrs. and three children.
Rowe, George (colored).
Ryan, Ada and infant (colored)
Rodger, C., wife and child.
Rudireker, and three women.
Ruenbuhl, Johnnie, lost at Lamarque.
Ruther, Robert, wife and six children.Forty-third and T.
Ruhter, A. , mother and father.
Ruhter, Lena.
Ruehrmond, Prof., wife and two children.

Rust, Charles - knocked from dray while attempting to carry his family to a place of safety and killed
Rust, Margaret, Maude and Elvira, all children.
Rutter, Robert, wife and six children, Forty-third and T.
Ryals, Charles, four children of, Myrtle, Wesley, Harry and Mabel.
Ryan, Mrs. Mary, Kinkead addition.
Ryman, George, wife and daughter. 4405 S ½

Sansor, Ernest, longshoreman.
Sargeant, Thos., and two children, Arthur and Alice, Thirteenth and Fourteenth and avenue M ½.
Sarme, Mrs. George, 4513 K, between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth streets.
Sawyer, Dr. John B.
Scarborough, Harry, a fisherman.
Schadermantle, Maud.
Schadermantle, Randle.
Schaf, Mrs., and three children.
Schalea, Richard, wife, son Frank, Forty-third and T ½ Scheller, Charles, Mrs., and four children, Thirty-fifth and Q.

Schaler, Mrs. Charles and four children
Schierholz, W., wife and five children.
Schilke, Mrs. Julius, and two children, August and Albert
Schmidt, Mrs R., and son Richard, P ½ between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Schneider, J. F., wife and six children milkman, down the island.
Schneider, Henry, and two children.
Schneider, John, wife and five children.
Schneider, Mrs. Hy. sr.
Schneider, child of Hy. jr.
Schneider, Caroline.

Schofield, Miss Ida
Schoolfield, --- (colored).
Schoolfield, Isaac.
Schrader, Mary.
Schroeder, Mrs. Louise, and two children, Twenty-sixth and Q.
Schroeder, Mrs. George M., and four children.
Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, and five children.
Schuler, Mrs. A.
Schutz, Charles and Fred.
Schultze, Charles.
Schumacher, Annie.
Schutte, --- , wife and two children.
Schuzte, Mr. and Mrs.

Schwartback, Joe
Schwarzbach, child of Theo.
Schwoebel, George, wife and daughter Lulu.
Scofelia, Miss Ida
Scott, Hughie (colored).
Scott. Annie (colored).
Scull, Mrs. Mary (colored).
Seaborn, J R.
Seals, Wallace D., (colored).
Seals, Sarah N. (colored).
Sedgewick, child of.
Seibel, Frederich, sr., Thirty-seventh and M ½.
Seibel, Mrs. Julius.
Seibel, Lizzie.
Seibel, Mrs. Jacob, and son Julius.
Seidenstricker, John.
Seidenstricker, John C., 1209 avenue N.
Siedenstricker, John N., lived on N. between Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Seixas, Miss Lucille.
Seixas, Mrs. C. E.
Seixas, Armour A.
Seixas, Cecile.
Segers and family.
Severt, John and wife.
Shaper, Henry, wife and two sons, milkman, down the island.
Sharp, Mr. and Mrs.
Sharp, Miss Annie.
Sharper, Henry, wife and five children, down the island.
Shaw, Frank.

Shaw, Nephew of M. H. Shaw
Shelrey, Leon, son and daughter (colored).
Sherman, Albert, (butcher, better known as "Yammer").
Shermer, A.
Sherwood, Charles L., wife and two children.
Sherwood, Thomas, wife and two or three children.
Sherwood, Chas. Wm., baby seven months old, Eighth and I.
Sherwood, Charles, avenue N, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets.
Shook, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, jr.
Siebel, O. F., jr.
Sinne, John, Lizzie and one child, Forty-first and Broadway
Sinnett, Maggie, Twenty-seventh and Q.
Sinnett, Eddie, Twenty-seventh and Q.
Sinpe, Calvin, and daughter.
Skarke, Charles F., son of Charles J. Skarke, in Catholic orphans' home.
Skelton, Mrs. Emma, and two childeen.
Slaughter, Philip (colored).
Sliter, J M . longshoreman.
Smith, Sallie (colored), cook for Dr. Perkins.
Smith, Stella, working for Mrs. C. H. Hughes.
Smith, Gertrude.
Smith, Mrs. Wiley (colored), Thirty-third and Q.
Smith, Miss Ellen and child (colored).

Smith, Mrs. Mamie
Smith, Miss Mary.
Smith, Mrs., the grandmother of the Foremans.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. and two children, Lamarque, Tex.
Smith, Charles L., between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets
Smith, Prof. E. P., wife and five children, Thirty-fifth and T.
Smith, Jacob.
Smith, Sam (colored), of Olympia theater.
Sodich, L.
Solomon, Frank, jr.
Solomon, Mrs. Frank.
Solomon, Herman.
Solomon, Lena.
Solomon, Julius.
Solomon, Mrs. Julius.

Somers, Miss Helen
Sommer, Ferdinand and wife, Fifty-ninth and beach.
Sommer, Mollie, Sophie, Annie, Fifty-ninth and beach.
Sommer, Mr. and Mrs. Joe, Fifty-ninth and beach.
Sommer, Aline, Fifty-ninth and beach.
Somerville, S. H. and wife (colored).
Sourbien, battery O.
Southwick, Mrs. J. Sanford and child.
Spaeter, Mrs. Fredericka.
Spaeter, Otilia.
Spaidnig, Joseph, Sydnor's bayou.
"Spanish sailor", steamship Talesforo, body buried north side of Sweetwater lake; marked "sailor."
Speck, Captain.
Spencer, Stanley G. - Local representative of W. W. Wilson, agent for Dempster & Co. #39 steamship line and North German Lloyd steamship line
Spriggs, Mary.
Stacker, Miss Sophie.
Stacker, Miss Alfred.
Stacker, George.
Stackpole, Dr. and family.
Stawinsky, Ed., wife and son.
Stayton, Mrs. Carrie B. (colored).
Stedilng, Harry, wife and child.
Steeb, Julius, wife and two children.
Steinbrink, Frederick W. and three children, 4209 S.
Steinforth, Mrs. Emma, Twentieth and P ½
Stellman, Lily.
Stellman, Robert, wife and child.
Stenzel, wife and three children.
Stering, O. B.
Stevens, Frankie, Leo, Jerald and Edward, sons of T. J.
Stewart, Robert C.
Stewart, Miss Lester.

Stickloch, Miss Mabel - Mechanic Street
Stiglich, Mamie.
Stillmann, Miss Lily, 3207 K.
Stillman, Lillie, down the island.
Stockfleth, wife of Peter, and six children.
Stousland, Mr. and Mrs. Joe.
Stravo, Nick, wife and son John.
Strunk, Wm., wife and six children, Thirty-fourth and R. Studley, Mrs. and two children, Fortieth and R.
Stub, Julius, wife and two children.
Sudden, Clara (colored).
Sugar, Mrs. and two children.
Sullivan, Mrs. Martha and child, R, between Thirty first and Thirty second.
Sullivan, Mrs. J. A. and son, Thirty-second and Q ½
Summers, Sarah.
Summers, Mrs. M. S., 1012 K.
Swan, Auguste, Thirty-seventh and Q.
Swan, George.
Swan, George, wife and four children.
Swanson, Mrs. Martin.
Swain, Richard D.
Swain, Mrs. Mary, avenue I, between Tenth and Eleventh streets.
Sweigel, George, mother and sister.
Swenson, Mrs. Mary, K, between Eleventh and Twelfth.
Swickel, Mrs. Mary, Miss Kate and Miss May, 1902 Twenty-seventh street.

Sylvester, Mrs.
Symms, two children of H. G.

Tarpey, Joseph.
Tavinett, Antonet.
Taylor, Mrs. (colored).
Taylor, Mrs. J. W., Forty-sixth and K.
Taylor, Calvin (colored), 2314 Twenty-eighth.
Taylor, Sarah (colored), 2314 Twenty-eighth.
Taylor, Costello (colored), 2314 Twenty-eighth.
Teaque, Lavina (colored), and three children, Twenty-seventh, between P ½ and Q
Tenbusch, George and John.
Tenbush, Steve (butcher), Forty-fourth and R.
Tentenberg, Mrs. A. S. and child.
Terrell, Columbus, carpenter, wife and three children ; lived at 4117 S.
Terrell, Mrs. Q. V., and four children(colored), N and Fifteenth.
Tetze, Emet.
Thomas, Pat, and eight children, T, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh.
Thomas, Nowen and Nathaniel.
Thomas, Milton (colored), Eleventh and M.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. B. W., and three children.
Thompson, Thomas, wife and four children.
Thompson, ---, wife and three children.
Thomssen, Mrs. W. D. and three children, down the island
Thurman, Mrs. (colored).
Tian, Mrs Clement and three children.
Tickle, H. J., wife and two children.
Tickle, Mrs. James, sr.
Tiggs, Lavinia and daughter (colored).
Tillebach, Mrs. Charles and three children.
Tilsman, Robert, wife and five children. 46 Broadway.
Tix, Herman.
Told, Seihel, sr., aged 76 years, Thirty-seventh and M ½
Tolomei, Paul, wife and two children.
Torr, T. C., wife and five children.
Toothaker, Mrs. J. E.
Toothaker, Miss Etta.

Tovrea - Policeman
Tovrea, Sam, wife and four children.
Tozer, Mrs. G. M.
Tozer, Miss Berna, Thirty-second and Q ½
Trahan, Mrs. H. V. and child.

Threadway, Lily.
Threadwell, (Treadwell) Mrs. J. B. and child.
Travers, Mrs. H. C. and son Sheldon.
Trebosius, Mrs George.
Trebosius, Fred, Thirty-first and S.
Trickhausen, Mrs., an old lady.
Tripo, an oysterman.
Tripo, Bosick.
Trostman, E., wife and three children.
Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. and one child.
Tuckett, Walter, wife and child, Q and Twenty-seventh.
Turner, Angeline (colored.)
Turner, Mrs. K. and little girl.
Turner, Mr. and Mrs.
Turner, Mrs. W.

Udell, Oliver, wife and child, Forty-fifth and U.
Uhl, Mrs. Chris and four children, Forty-fifth and K.
Underhill, Carpenter, and wife, two weeks from El Paso, formerly from Michigan.
Unger, E., wife and four children (Frank, Eddie and Sophie saved), Forty-fifth and Broadway.
Uitt, Mary, of Houston.
Ulridge, Adelaide (colored).

Unknown White Girl, twelve years old, found in yard of J. Paul Jones

Unknown, A Spanish Sailor of the steamship Telesfora. the Telesfora went adrift and struck the White Hall at Pier 15. Timbers of the grain elevator fell on the sailor and pinned him to the docks.

Unknown, the bodies of four white persons and seven colored were found in the first story of W. J. Reitmeyer residence in the morning.

Unknown name - Mother-in-law and sister-in-law of William Thompson of the Fire Department

Unknown names - Francois, a well known waiter, reports the loss of twenty-two persons, who took refuge in his house, six of them being members of his family.

Valeton, Mrs. and Miss Marie, lost at Giozza residence.
Vamey, Mrs. B. (colored).
Van Buren, Herman, wife and three children.
Van Liew, Mollie (colored).
Varnell, Jim, wife and six children, Kinkead addition.
Vassenroot, Edward, wife and two children.
Vaughn, Miss May, Eleventh and Mechanic.
Vaught, Edna, child of W. J. Vaught.
Velin, Mrs. H.
Vidovich, Mike.
Vining, Mrs. Annie and four children (colored).
Vinnie, Miss Annie (colored).
Visco, Franovich.
Viscovitch, Magdalena, daughter of Mrs. Veleda Viscovitch, N ½ and Seventeenth.
Vitoretta, Mrs. N. L., Twenty-seventh and P ½
Vitovitch, John and family.
Vogel, Mrs. Henry C., and three children.
Vogel, Mrs. and daughter Bertha, Twenty-seventh and P.
Volger, Mrs. F., and daughter, Bertha.
Vordenbaumen, Mrs. and children.
Vuletuch, Andrew, wife and daughter, down the island.

Wade, Mrs. Hillie (colored), Forty-eighth and G.
Wade, wife and two children, down the island.
Wade, Hettie and husband (colored).
Wagner, ---, and wife (farmer).
Wakelee, Mrs. David (Davis)
Walden, Sam, son of H. W. (colored).
Waldgren, Mr.
Wallace, Scott and Earl.
Wallace, ---, and wife (Mud bridge).

Wallace, --- and four children
Wallace, George, wife, mother and children, Berth, Tom, Fred and Florence, 4017 T ½
Wallace, --, wife and four children Thirty-seventh and M ½
Walker, Mrs. H. V.
Walker, Louis D., R and Thirty-ninth.
Walker, Joe.
Wallis, Lee, wife, mother, four children, and Pearl Ellison, all of Palestine.
Walter, Mrs. Charles and three children.
Walsh, James N. and wife.
Walsh, Joseph, wife and child.
Walters, Gus, 3602 Q ½
Waring, Mrs. (colored).
Warnke, Mr. and Mrs., and children, Forty-first and S.
Warner, Mrs. A. S.
Warner, Mrs. Flora.
Warnke, Mrs. A. W. and five children.
Warrah, Martin.
Warren, Celia (colored).
Warren, James, wife and six children.
Warren, John.
Warwarvosky, Adolph, mother and sister.
Washington, John and five children, Forty-sixth and T.
Washington, Mrs. (colored).
Washington, William and wife (colored), alley, P and P ½ Twenty sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Watkins, Mrs. (mother of Stanly Watkins).
Watkins, child of P.
Watkins, Mr. S.
Watson, J. G., Mrs., and two children, Forty-third and T.
Waxmouth, Frank.
Weber, Mrs. Charles P.
Webber, Mrs. Anna.
Webber, Mr. S. and family.
Weber, W. J., wife and two children.

Webster, Edward and two sisters

Webster, George
Webster, Mr. Edward, Sr.
Webster, Charley.
Webster, Julia.
Webster, Sarah.
Webster, Thomas Sr. - Secretary of Grain Inspector of the Port and family of four
Webster, Kenneth.
Weeden, L. E., wife and six children, Kinkead addition.
Weeks, Mrs. Millie and child (colored), down the island.
Weideman, F. W. and wife.
Weihousen, Mrs. Minnie, 3413 P ½

Weil, George S., mother and sister
Weiman, Mrs. John C.
Weinberg, Fritz.
Weinberg, Mrs. F. A.
Weinberg, Otto, wife and five dhildren.
Weiners, daughter of J. C., 2602 P ½, died of injuries. Weiser, Paul, wife and mother, K, between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth.
Weiss, Oscar, wife and five children.
Weiss, Prof. Carl.
Weit, Mr. and three children.
Welche, Mrs. John.
Welsh, Theophiel, in charge of race track.
Wendemann, Mrs.

Wenman, Mrs. J. W. and two children

Wensmore, Seven members of the Wensmore family, residing in the east end; one member of the family, an old man, was saved
Westaway, Mrs. George.
Westerman, Mrs A.
Westman, Mrs.
Weyer, Judge and wife.
Weyer, Alex.
Weyer, Hy.
Weyer, John.

When, James, wife and six children
Whitcomb, Mrs. Georgia, and baby of nine months.
White, Willie (colored).
White, family of Walter.
White, James, wife and baby.
Whittle, Tom, baker at Kahn's.
Whittlesey, one child of Officer H. P Whittlesey.
Wicke, Lena, Mrs., Twenty-eighth and Q ½
Wiede, Mrs Augusta and five children, 2824 avenue P.
Wiedemann, F.
Wilke, C.O., wife and child.
Wilcox, child of,
Wilde, Miss Freda, down the island.
Wilkinson, George, wife and son, Thirty-seventh and R.
Wilks, --- and wife.
Williams, Caesar (colored), forty-fifth and P.
Williams, Ed. ("Crow.")
Williams, Mrs. Adaline (colored).
Williams, Mrs. Cecil (colored).
Williams, father of Frances (colored).
Williams, Mary, Mrs., Twenty-ninth and L.
Williams, Rosanna (colored), Forty-first and S
Williams, Miss.
Williams, Alex.
Williams, Mrs. E. C. (colored).
Williams, Joseph N., between Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Williams, Frank, wife and child, Heard lane.
Williams, Sam (colored).
Williams, Bob (colored).
Williams, John, Fortieth and R ½
Williams, Mrs. (mother of Mrs. Joe Jay).
Williamson, W., longshoreman.
Willifred, Mrs. Elmira, mother-in-law of Louis Gruetzmacher
Willis, Hester, and daughter (colored).
Wilson, Mrs. Julia Ann (colored), 2317 avenue P.
Wilson, Annie.
Wilson, Ben T.
Wilson, Mrs. Julia Ann (colored), P between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh.
Wilson, Mary Ann and child.
Wilson, Bertha (colored).
Wilson, Mrs. B.
Winscoath, Mrs. Annie.
Winscoatte, Mrs. W. B.
Winscott, Mrs. William.
Windman, Mrs.
Winn, Mrs. and child.
Winsmore, James and family, seven members.
Withee, N. H. and wife.
Withey, H.
Witt, C. F., wife and two children.
Wolfe, Chas., wife and two children.
Wolfe, Officer Charles, wife and son, Edward.
Wolfe, Mrs. Louis and child (recently from Florida).
Wolthers, F. A., wife and child, Thirty-sixth and Q ½
Wood, Mrs. S. W., mother of United States Marshall Wood.
Wood, Mrs. R. N., bet ween Fourteenth and Fifteenth (colored).
Wood, Edie and Burley (colored).
Wood, Wm. (colored).

Wood, Mrs. - Mother of United State Deputy Marshal Wood
Wood, Mrs. S. W.
Wood, Mrs. Caroline and two daughters, Mary and Katie.
Wood, Mrs. Julia (colored), Twenty-eighth and Q ½
Wood, James Horace.
Woodmannie, Miss (of Joliet, Ill).
Woodrow, Matilda (colored).

Woodward, Miss Hattie
Woodward, Mrs. R. L. and daughters.
Miss Mollie Parker and Misses Hattie and Maggie Woodward, Fifteenth and M.
Woodward, E. G., jr.. Eleventh and M.
Woollam, C.
Wootun, Gus, wife and three children, Forty-fifth and J.

Wright, Louise and Johnnie.
Wuchnach, M., wife and two children.
Wurzlow, Mrs. Annie, Twenty-sixth and Q

Yeates, child of J. K.
Yeager, William.
Youens, Hy. Geo., 5 years.
Youens, Miss Lillian, 20 years.
Young, Francis.
Young, Ferdinand.
Young, Mrs. Mary, of Lamarque.
Young, Mrs. Paul, Lamarque, Tex.
Young, Mrs. ---, two daughters and one son, Lamarque, Tex.
Youngblood, L. J., wife and child.
Younger, Evelina (colored), and two children.

Zickler, Mrs. Fred and two children.
Zipp, Mrs. and daughter.
Zurpanin, Mrs. N. and eight children.
Zwanzig, Adolph, sr.
Zwanzig, Richard.
Zwanzig, Herman.
Zwanzig, three daughters of Adolph.
Zweigel, Mrs. and two daughters.

Templars of Honor and Temperance.
To the News: The Templars of Honor and Temperance sustained the loss of nine of its members during the late storm in our city, as follows:

Thomas Keats
Harry A Drews.
H. Vanburen
F. Wiedemann.
A. Shermer.
A. Dahlgreen.
Joe Jewel
Asa P. Delano.
Robt. Harris.
The latter two were members of Temple No. 33, the others of Temple No. 31
H. A. Russell.

Source: "The Great Galveston Disaster"
by Paul Lester, Richard Spillane, 1900
A-B Surnames Transcribed and Contributed by: Frances Cooley
C-Z Surnames Transcribed by K. Torp

** Correction to listing sent to us by Jerome 'Michael' Wilson of Houston Texas

***Note submitted by Gayle Abbott :

On the list of victims for The Storm of 1900:

MA (??) 2 daughters, one son:

Those are the Magna children. Joseph Magna owned several properties, one being The Elevator Saloon, near the grain elevators. So, Avenue A, and 11th, Grocery Store. Joseph Also owned a grocery store. I still haven't found the names for the deceased children, only the three living children.

I knew his granddaughter, and grew up with two of the great-granddaughters. Magna House is on the Galveston Historical Registry.

For Matt Marcovich:

That is my great-uncle. He was b. Mato Marcovic, in Donja Lastva, Montenegro. At the time he and his brothers immigrated it was Austria. Mato "Mat" was married, but I don't know wife's name. He definitely had two children, (girls) found at Mudd Bridge, and possibly another child.
He was co-owner in a furniture store Vucovich & Marcovich.

I am also looking for Vicko Marcovich, who was brother to Mat, and am told by family in Croatia, that Vicko also died in the storm. Vicko was also married with two children.

Vido, Mat and Ben Marcovich co-owned Tree Brothers Saloon. Ben also had a grocery store, moved to Sour Lake after the storm.
Ben, wife, Annie and two children at that time, all survived, though Annie lived until 1903. I have not found her gravesite.

The Ben Marcovich family above,  also lived very close to the Magna family.

Not quite sure who the Briggs are, but think I may have it figured out. The 14 year-old S. Oscar Briggs living with John A., and Henri L. Briggs, (they died). Samuel Oscar Briggs survived, and is my gr-gr-grandfather.

My grandfather's wife and daughter were staying at Morgan's Point rather than Virginia Point.  True spelling of family name was "Clary" not "Cleary". "Cleary" spelling came about due to ignorant immigration clerks when  my grandfather came to Galveston in 1890's.



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