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1,500 Dead in Galveston; City an Ocean Bottom! 
Entire Island Was Covered during the Hurricane
Date: 11 Sep 1900; Paper: Columbus Daily Enquirer
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

Entire Island Was Covered During the Hurricane
Bodies of Hundreds of the Dead Have Already Been Recovered.
City Water Supply is Now Cut Off, and This Adds to the Horror of Situation 
Waters Have Subsided Enough to Permit Rescue Work to Start Up.
Houston Texas September 10 --- The first reports of the appalling disaster which has stricken the city of Galveston do not seem to have been magnified. Communication was and with the island city today by boat and reports received tonight indicate that the death list will exceed 1,5000, while property lose can not be estimated, although it is known that it will reach several million dollars. The burial of the dead has already begun. 

The following partial list of known dead was given to the Associated Press tonight by the Galveston News.

Stanley G. Spencer aged____ - Dempster & Company's steamship lines and North German Lloyd Steamship Co.
Charles Kelper, Sr.
Richard Lord, traffic manager of Geo. H. McFadden & Brothers, cotton exporters
W.L. Daly, agent for Charles F. Orthwein & Company, grain exporters and steamship agents
Colonel L.J. Polk, general manager of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad was reported dead. This however is untrue. He had been very active in aiding the sufferers.
Three Negro servants are missing and are thought to be dead.
St. John Babry escaped from a building with severe injuries.
Other dead reported from various parts of the city are as follows.
Richard Johnson, struck by flying timber and instantly killed.
Alfred Day
Miss Mable Stickloch of Mechanic Street.
Nephew of N.E. Shaw
John Engleke, wife and child
Seven members of the Wensmore family residing in the East End. One member of the family, an old man was saved.
Mrs. J.W. Wenman and two children.
Mrs. Jack Delaney wife of the United States bridge officer of the port and two children.
A Spanish sailor of the steamship Tulesfora. The ship went adrift and struck the Whitehall at pier 15. Timbers of the grain elevator fell on the sailor and pinned him to the docks, name unknown
Mr. Magla, grocer 118 Stand Avenue two daughters and a son.
Miss Ida Schofield, Mrs. Baxter and child all lost in Magla's store.
Mrs. Dudley Bell, wife of a Galveston News Compositor, and child.
Mrs. Claud J. Fordtra and sister Miss Helen Summers.
William J. Rice, proof reader of the news and child
George S. Well, mother and sister.
Mrs. Michael O'Keefe and brother.
The bodies of four white persons and seven Negroes were found in the first story of W. J. Reitmeyer's  residence in the morning. Reitmeyer and family were in the third story and escaped 
Mrs. J. B. Treadwell And infant; Mrs. Clark and Infant;  Mrs A. Longnecker; Mrs. Bereridge and two children; Mrs. George M. Schroeder and four children, and the mother of the United States Deputy Marshal Wood were all lost in one building. Mr. Longnecker escaping with serious Injuries.
Ms. Amundsen mother of Deputy Chief of Police Amundsen,
Joseph B. Aguilo, chairman of the democratic county executive committee.
Charles Rust, knocked from dray while attempting to carry his family to a place of Safety, and killed.
John R. Davies and wife
Two children of Captain Ellison, one of them drowning in its mother's arms.
Mrs. W.R. Jones and child
White girl, 12 years , unidentified found in yard of J. Paul Jones.
Mrs. Clarence Howth
Mr. and Mrs. Schuler and five children
Mrs. Motter and two daughters
Mrs. David Wakelee
C.H. Fix
W.P. Fisher and wife, two children, two sisters-in-law and a niece.
Mrs. John F. Gernand and two children
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Compton
Mrs. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Broecker and two children
__Hobeck and son
Mother-in-law and sister-in-law of William Thompson, of the fire department.
Thomas Webster Sr. secretary of grain inspector of this port and family of four.
Mrs. J. R. Correll and family
"Franceois" a well known waiter, reports the loss of twenty -two persons who took refuge in his house, six of them members of his family.
Mrs. John Bowe and three children.
Police officer John Bowe was off on a months leave in recognition of meritorious service. He attempted to save his family on a raft, but they were swept off and drowned.
Walter Betts a prominent cotton seed product broker and wife.
Police Officer Howe and family
B.T. Masterson and family
Police Officer Charles Wolf
Police Officer Tovrea
Police Officer Richards
The family of Police Officer Rowen
The family of Police Officer Bird
Richard D. Swain
Captain R.H. Peck, city engineer, wife and five children.
Mrs. Charles Walter and three children
Mrs. Baron
Edward Webster and two sisters
Mrs. J.H. Harris
Mrs. Rebecca Harris
Barney Kelly
Willie Kelly
Bessie Quester Allen
__Harris, colored woman
Joe Schwartzbach
Mrs. M. Quester, little son and daughter
J.F. Roll, wife and four children
Joe Hughes
Mrs. Katie Evans and two daughters Kate and Fanny
Charles Sherwood
Mrs. J.B. Palmer and a baby
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Burnett and Mrs. Burnett
Miss Mollie Parker
Miss Hattie Woodward
Harmon Plitt
Mrs. Peter Hamburg and four children
Murray Rodeaux
Lizzie Davis
Marie Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Miss Gordon
Mrs. Mamie Smith
Joe T. Abbott
Mrs. Deering
Ersa Jeannie
John Garnaud, wife and two children
John Lynch
__Wallace and four children
__Monroe, colored woman and her three children
__Taylor colored woman
Mrs. Peter Cramer
Mrs. Charles Schlater and four children
Mrs. Abe Gordon and three children
Miss Mordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jones and daughter
Mrs. H. Burrows
Miss Annie McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Sharp
William O'Harrow
Mr. and Mrs. Schulze
W.H. Lindsay
Paul Durley
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Porter and three children
Mrs. Morton and two babies
Violet Frederickson
Mrs. Frederickson and a baby
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fisher
Sarah Summers
Miss Sylvester
Mrs. Claud Fordtrain, of 1919 Tremont Street, was found clinging to a roof.
Body of Henry Ripley was recovered
William R. Flash and daughter of 25Street and 6th Avenue
Mrs. Flash was saved
An entire family living at 36th and Q 1-2 Avenue consisting of Angela Parker and grandchild.
Tommy Leaker, Sullivan Parker and his wife, Lilly, and their three children, Mazie, Harne and Alfred.
The home of Captain Peek was seen to overturn while the captain was in it, and he has not been seen since.
Pattie Rosa Coryel
Mattie Lea Hawkins
__Fisher, wife and three children
Rebecca Harris
Mr. and Mrs. W. Davenport and three children.
Thirteen were killed in one building on the 8th and Broadway, Dominick Portett is the only who lives to tell the tale. Among them were: Josephina Portett; James Wrenn, wife and six children; Mike Regan, wife, mother-in-law; Mrs. Cline, wife of Dr. I.M. Cline, local forecast official United States weather bureau. Dr. Cline and his brother Joe Cline, and three children drifted about in the raging torrent for three hours on a roughly constructed raft. They were all bruised and cut from their struggles with flying debris.

The above list is only a partial one and the names of all who perished in Saturday's great storm will never be known.

At the Army barracks near San Antonio, a report is current that more than 100 United States soldiers lost their lives in Galveston.

Today a mass meeting was held and liberal contributions were made for the immediate relief of the destitute. Governor Sayers appealed to President McKinley for aid. This appeal was met with a prompt response from the president, who stated that 10,000 tents and 50,000 rations had been ordered to Galveston. Governor Sayers also addressed an appeal to each municipality in the state asking for prompt assistance in caring for the sufferers.

Telegrams of inquiry and sympathy have been pouring in through out the day and night from every state in the union, and in almost every instance substantial relief has been offered. The stricken city is in immediate danger of a water famine and strenuous efforts are making here to supply the sufferers. Relief trains are being organized and will leave here at an early hour tomorrow morning.

Reports from the interior confirm the loss of life and destruction of property in these dispatches last night.

Dead in Galveston
The New York Times, New York New York
September 11, 1900
Submitted by Shauna Williams

Galveston, Texas, Sept. 10 - The following is a partial list of the dead, as gathered by The News. It was sent by a tug to Houston:
(Transcribers note: We've sorted it alphabetically for easier reading)

Aguilo, Joseph B., Chairman of the Democratic County Executive Committee
Amundson, Mrs., mother of Deputy Chief of Police Amundson
Barbon, Mrs.
Baxter, Mrs. and child
Bell, Mrs. Dudley, wife of a Galveston New compositor, and child. 
Betts, Walter, a prominent cottenseed product broker and wife. 
Beveridge, Mrs. and two children
Bird. The family of policeman Bird
Bowe, Mrs. John and three children.
Broecker, Mr. and Mrs. John P. and two children.
Burnett, Mr. and Mrs. Gary, and Mrs. Burnett
Burrows, Mrs. M.
Clark, Mrs. C.T. and infant
Cline, Mrs. wife of Dr. I.M. Cline, local forecast official United States Weather Bureau
Compton, Mr. and Mrs. A.J.
Correll, Mrs. J.R., and family
Coryell, Patti Rosa
Cramer, Miss Bessie
Daly, W.L., agent for Charles F. Orthwein & Co., grain exporters and steamship agents
Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. W., and three children
Davis, John R. and wife
Davis, Lessie
Day, Alfred
Delaney, Mrs. Jack, wife of the United States bridge officer of the port and two children
Delay, Paul
Dorain, Mrs. Jennie
Dorin, Mrs. Jennie
Ellison-Two children of Capt. Ellison, one of them drowning in its mother's arms.
Engeike, John wife and child
Evans, Mrs. Katie, and two daughters, Kate and Fannie.
Fisher, W.T. wife two children, two sisters-in-law and a niece
Fisher, Walter, wife and three children.
Fix, C.H.
Flash, William and daughter of Twenty-fifth Street and P. avenue
Fordtram, Mrs. Clau J.
Fordtran, Mrs. Claude of 1919 Tremont street
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Harry and three children
Francois, a well known waiter, reports the loss of twenty-two persons, who took refuge in his house, six of them being members of his family. 
Frederickson, Mrs. and baby
Frederickson, Violet
Garnald(?), John H. wife and two children. 
Gernand(?), Mrs. John F. and two children
Gordon, Miss
Gordon, Mrs.
Gordon, Mrs. Abe and five children
Guest, Mamie
Hamburg, Mrs. Peter and four children
Harris, Mrs. J. H.
Harris, Mrs. Rebecca
Harris, Mrs. Rebecca
Harris, Mrs., colored
Hawkins, Mattie Lea
Hollck(?) and boy
Howe, Policeman and family
Howth, Mrs. Clarence
Hughes, Joe
Johnson, Richard, struck by flying timber and instantlly killed
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs., and daughter
Jones, Mrs. W.R. and child
Kelly, Barnet
Kelly, Willie
Killer, Charles L. Sr., a prominent cotton man
Labratt(?), Joe
Lishony(?), W.H.
Longnecker, Mrs. A.
Lord, Richard, traffic manager George H. McFadden & Brother, cotton exporters
Lynch, John
M(?)tter, Mrs. and two daughters
Mag(??), Mr. grocery, Eleventh Street and Avenue A., two daughters and a son.
Masterson, B.T. and family
McCauley, Miss Annie
Monroe, Mrs., colored and three children.
Mortin, Mrs. and two babies
Mother -in-law and sister-in-law of William Thompson of the Fire Department
Munn, Mrs. J.W. Sr.
O'Harrow, William
O'Keefe, Mrs. Michael and brother
Palmer, J.B. and baby
Parker, Mrs. Mollie
Parker-An entire family living at Thirty-sixth and Q Avenue, consisting of Angeline Parker and grandchild, Tommy Lesker, Sullivan Parker, and his wife Lilly and their three children, Mazie, Harne and Alfred
Peck, Capt. R.H., city engineer, wife and five children
Plitt, Harmon
Porretto, Josephina
Quester, Bessie
Quester, Mrs. W., little son and daughter
Regan, Mike, wife and mother in law
Rice, Will J. proofreader of The News, and child
Richards, Policeman
Ripley, Henry, son of H.S. Ripley
Roll, J.F., wife and four children
Roudaux, Murray
Rowan. The family of Policeman Rowan
Rust, Charles, knocked from dray while attempting to carry his family to a place of safety and killed
Schaler, Mrs. Charles and four children
Schofield, Miss Ida
Schroeder, George M. and four children.
Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. and five children
Schultz, Mr. and Mrs.
Schwartback, Joe
Sharp, Miss Annie
Sharp, Mr. and Mrs.
Shaw, nephew of M.H. Shaw
Sherwood, Charles
Smith, Mrs. Mamie
Somers, Miss Helen
Spencer, Stanley G., local representative of W.W. Wilson, agent for Dempster & Co's steamship line and North German Lloyd steamship line. 
Stickloch, Miss Mabel, mechanic street
Summers, Sarah
Swain Richard D.
Sylvester, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. , colored
The bodies of four white persons and seven colored were found in the first story of W.J. Reitmeyer's residence in the morning.
Tovrea, Policeman
Treadwell, Mrs. J.B. and infant
Unknown, white girl, twelve years old, unidentified; found in yard of J. Paul Jones
Unkown-A Spanish sailor of the steamship Telesfora(?) The Telesfora went adrift and struck the White Hall at Pier 15. Timbers of the grain elevator fell on the sailor and pinned him to the docks. Name unknown.
Wakelee, Mrs. Davis
Wallace, ----- and four children
Walter, Mrs. Charles and three children
Webster, Edward and two sisters
Webster, Thomas Sr., secretary of Grain Inspector of the Port and family of four
Weil, George S., mother and sister
Wenman, Mrs. J.W. and two children
Wensmore, Seven members of the Wensmore family, residing in the east end; one member of the family, an old man, was saved
When, James, wife and six children
Wilson, Mary Ann and baby
Wolfe, Charles, policeman
Wood, Mrs., mother of United State Deputy Marshal Wood
Woodward, Miss Hattie

Revised List of the Dead
The New York Times, New York New York
September 12, 1900

Galveston, Texas, Sept. 11 - The following is a partial list revised of the known dead: 
(Transcribers note: We've sorted it alphabetically for easier reading)

Almers, Mrs. P.
Anderson, Mr. and family, down the island.
Andrew, Mr. and three children
Annudsen, Louis
Annudsen, Mrs. Anna Marie, mother of Deputy Chief of Police
Armstrong, Mrs. Dora, and four children
Balieman, Mrs.
Bell, Guy
Bell, Mrs. A.C.
Berger, W.L. , wife and child
Bird, Mrs. wife of Policeman Joseph, and five children
Bodden, Mr. and Mrs. J.F.
Brockelman, three children of J.T. Brockelman
Bures, -----, wife and sister
Burge, William and wife and children
Busch, Charles, wife and three children
Carigan, Joseph
Childs, K.T.
Cleveland, George and family
Colson, Miles
Connett, Charles
Connett, Mrs. William and two children
Connett, William
Cornett, Charles and wife
Craig, George
Darley, K. 
Davis, Mrs. and daughter Grace
Delaya, Paul and two daughters
Deveredge, Mrs. J.L. and children
Dilz, M. and two sons
Dorien, George and wife
Edmunsen, Mrs.
Edwards, Miss Eliza
Eggerett, William and son Charlie
Ellis, Mrs. and family
English, John, wife and child
Fabey, Sumptey
Falke, Joseph and three children
Farmer, Mrs.
Faucett, Robert
Faucette, Mrs. Belle
Fisher, Walter, and three children
Fox, Thomas
Gauters, J.
Grothcar(?), Mrs. John and child
Harrah, Martin
Harris, Mrs. John and three children
Hec k, Mrs. and son
Herman, Martin and two children
Hess, Miss Irene
Hinke, August, Richard and Johanna
Holbeck, Mrs. L.L.
Homburg, Peter
Johnson, A.S., screwman; wife and three children
Jones Robert
Jones, Mrs. and two children
Jones, Walker wife and two children
Junemann, Charles, wife and daughter
Junter, William and six children
Kampe, Charles
Kauffman, H. and one child
Kauffman, H., wife and children
Kelson, Munson, Jr.
Kirby, Mrs. J. H. and three children
Klein, Mrs. E.V.
Kleincke, H. and wife
Koepler, Mrs. Fred and family
Kolso, Roy and baby
Kraus, Mr. and Mrs. J.J.
Krauss, Fred
Krauss, Joseph J., wife and daughters
Leonof, P. wife and children
Lorance, Mrs. T.A.
Lucas, Mrs. H. and two children
Malbs, O.M., wife and child
Martin, wife of Policeman Martin
Mati Amedio
McKenna, J.P., wife and two children
McKenna, P.J. and two children
Miller and family, partner of Childs
Mitchell, Mrs. W.H. and child
Mongon, John
Moody, Press
Morro, Dotto, wife and seven children
Motter(?) J.
Muttle, A.
Neill and family
Nolan, Mrs.
Olson, Mrs. Mattie and two children
Opperman, Miss May, of Palestine and Margherita and Gussie. 
Parler, Mrs. D. and two children
Pasker, Miss Ethel
Pauls, Willie and Cecilia
Pix, C.H.
Plitz, George, Sr. 
Poland, Louis, carrier, News
Popular, Mr. and Mrs. A. and four children
Quinn, Mrs. Mary and child
Ratissa, Mrs. W.L. and three children
Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. and two children
Rhaes, T.F(?), wife and two children
Rice, William, of Galveston News
Roan, Mrs. and three children
Rudger, C., wife and child
Runter, A. mother and father
Scherwood, W.T.
Schoabel, George, wife and daughter
Schwarzback, four year old child of Theodore
Seipp, Mrs. and daughter
Severett, J. and wife
Sherwood, Charles L., wife and two children
Sherwood, Thomas, wife and three children
Shilke, and son
Siegler, Mrs. Fred
Smith, Mrs. and two children, near county bridge
Sommers, F., wife and three daughters, and his son Joseph, wife and child
Stetgel, Mr. and all his family
Stockfeldt, Peter, wife and six children
Swanson, Mrs.
Tarpey, Joseph
Tegue, Lillie, Esther and Laura May, children of Mrs. Lillie Tegue
Toveca, Sam, policeman, wife and four children
Udelle, O., west of the city on the island
Villeneve, Mrs. and child, of Hitchcock.
Vogel, Mrs. Henry and three children
Vondenbaden, Mrs. and two children
Waite, (son in law of Anderson) and family; down the island
Walden, Mr.
Warmarvosky, Adolph
Warneke, Mrs. A.W., and five children
Warren, James, wife and six children
Watkins, S. and child
Webber, Mr. whole family missing
Wedges, Judge Justice of the Peace and wife
Wethster, Edward and family
Williams, Mrs. Frank and child
Wilsh, Joseph, wife and two children
Windman, Mrs.
Wolfe, Officer Charles and wife
Youngblood, I.J. wife and child



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