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Volunteers Dedicated to Free Genealogy

Our goal at Genealogy Trails is to help others track their ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers.

We're looking for people who share our dedication and wish to help transcribe data to help make our websites become useful research tools.

Team Member Requirements

"Free Genealogy" means we ALL work for free.

How does this Work?
We will provide team members with a file to transcribe from.
Type it up and PROOFREAD your work.
Once you complete your assignment, you will send it back to us via email, and we'll check to make sure it's complete and without obvious errors. (If there are a lot of errors, we will send it back to you for proofreading and corrections).
We will then forward it to the proper county website host to be formatted and uploaded to the website.
Your name will be added to that webpage as the transcriber. If you would like to remain anonymous, we'll credit the "Genealogy Trails Transcription Team", just let us know that fact. Transcriptions will remain with the sites once they're completed, even if the transcriber later requests it be removed

Ready to Join Us?

1. Let us know what areas you're interested in helping out in by filling out the APPLICATION.

2. You'll be emailed a file to work on from what we currently have available.
Make sure your email provider allows attachments! Earthlink users especially!)

3. Go Ahead and Subscribe to the
Transcription Team Group Mailing List: SUBSCRIBE HERE

4. Once you get your file, transcribe EXACTLY as it is shown in the original document.
Don't change any misspellings from the original documents)

5. Send the completed transcription back to us via email, making sure that somewhere on the actual file you have
cited the name of the original document you transcribed from. We will provide that initial source citation and you need to include it on the document.

6. Contact us to get another assignment.

It takes a bit of work to get these documents ready for typing and that's time away from OUR transcribing, so please respect the work done by our hosts by NOT posting or submitting the data to any other website. Transcriptions will remain with the sites once they're completed, even if the transcriber later requests it be removed. Thanks for understanding!

If you have an idea for a transcription project, please clear it with us so we're not duplicating work and so we can confirm its copyright status.

If you just want to submit data and not join our group, that's COMPLETELY FINE TOO!!!
Data is data and we'll take it any way we can get it! Email Us to get started.

Brenda Wiesner and Kim Torp

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