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World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing

Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

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Surname Given Name Serial No. Rank Status
Baker William O. 39675295 CPL KIA
Barton Alma W. 20925251 PFC DNB
Barton Phillip J. 0-773525 2LT DNB
Baxter Houston B. 39681484 SGT KIA
Bills Bernell 39930638 PVT DNB
Blackner James B. 0-747373 2LT DNB
Burt Ward M. 20925235 PFC KIA
Clothier Maurice E. 19010561 PVT KIA
Fotheringham Arch E. 19163460 AVC DNB
Goff Delmont L. 39933345 PVT KIA
Hollingshead Leo D. 39921524 PVT DOW
Jameson Merrill L. 39679200 PFC DNB
Page Robert R. 39924829 PFC KIA
Walbeck Ralph J. 39834530 TSG FOD

(machine-readable records), National Archives at College Park
Submitted and transcribed by Tammy Clark

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