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1870 U.S. Federal Mortality Schedule

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Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, in the Bear River City, County of Box Elder, Territory of Utah






Married of Widowed

Place of birth

Fath Foreign

Moth Foreign


Occupation Cause of death


Anderson, Peter 2 M W   Utah X X July   Measles
52 Johnson, Josephine 2 F W   Utah X X Feb   Pneumonia
60 Jacobson, Jacob 3 M W   Utah X X July   Measles
Box Elder Precinct


Jones, David L. 2/12 M W   Utah X X Mch   Mo--mus?
23 B--nard, Hyrum E. 7/12 M W   Utah X X Sept   ???? Teething
31 Byington, Samuel 1 M W   Utah     Feb   Pneumonia
42 Hansacker, Raphael 5 M W   Utah   X Feb   Hives
Brigham City
4 Wilson, William 9?/12 M W   Utah X X Sept   Chronic Diarrhea
5 Nelson, Lena S. 9/12 F W   Denmark X X Aug   Chronic Diarrhea
5 Nelson, M. Christina 3 F W   Denmark X X Sept   Chronic Diarrhea
22 Knudson, Lorenzo 7/12 M W   Utah X X July   Inflammation of Bowels
59 Isaacson, Benjamin 38 M W M Sweden X X Nov Carpenter Consumption
59 Isaacson, Batotah? 10/12 F W   Sweden X X Oct   Typhoid Fever
114 Larson, Niels? 34 M W M Denmark X X Apr Plasterer Inflammation of Bowels
117 Wixen, Chancy W. 1/12 M W   utah X X Apr   Inflammation of bowels
129 Smith, Leslie 10/12 M W   Utah X X Nov   Inflammation of lungs
133 Wright, Mary M. 11/12 F W   Utah   X Oct   Measels
142 Neil--, Oliver 2 M W   Utah   X Oct   Measles
157 Christenson, Lena 42 F W M Denmark X X Nov Keeping House Measles
161 Reeder, Robert H. 2 M W   Utah X   Oct   Ascitis?
166 Stork, Paul A. 10/12 M W   Utah X X Sept   Teething


Anderson, Joseph 10/12 M W   Utah X X Nov   Acute Diarrhea
192 Hanson, Mary 1/12 F W   Utah     Sept   Teething
193 Williams, Andrew 1 M W   Utah   X Aug   Pneumonia
198 Cutler, Shelden B. 39 M W M New York     May Farmer Consumption
198 Hellen J. 10/12 F W   Utah     Aug   Pneumonia
205 Lewis, David S. 17 M W   Utah   X Aug Works in carding? M-- Accidentally shot -- pistol ????
210 Jenson, Erastus 2 M W   Utah X X Sept   Bloody Flux Dysentery Acute
214 Cahoon, Sarah L. 1 F W   Utah     Sept   Denti?-- Teething
250 Poulson, Anna C 23 F W M Denmark X X Mch Keeping House P---peral? Peritonitis
Corrine City
7 Glascott, William 2 M W   Maryland     May   Tubercular Meningitis
44 Davis, Margaret 1 F W   Utah X X Oct   Cholera Infantum
67 Black?, MInnie 3/12 F W   Illinois     June   Cholera Infantum
79 Berry?, Julia 1 F W   Utah   X Sept   Inflammation of the bowels
96 Robinson, Joseph H. 3/12 M B   Utah  


May   Pneumonia
107 Spencer, Jonathan H. 28 M B   Kentucky     Feb Barber Consumption

Curlew Valley

5 Harris, William 30 M W M England X X Mch Farmer Inflammation of lungs
Kelton Station
  Dillon, John 30 M W   Ireland X X July Foreman on RR R.R. Accident
  Bradley, Benjamin 2 M W   New York X X Sept   Inflammation of lungs
4 Anderson, William 2 M W   Utah X X Aug   Cholera Infantum
13 Christenson, Nelley 10/12 F W   Utah X X Apr   Cholera Infantum
Monument Section
2 Yak? Chod 28 M C   China X X Jan Works on RR Acute Diarrhea
  Genon? 30 M C   China X X Jan Works on RR Acute Diarrhea
Park Valley
1 Dunn, Harriet 49 F W M Vermont     May Keeping House Consumption
Three Mile Creek
24 Perry, Emma A. 23 F W M Missouri X X Sept Keeping House Puerperal Peritonitis
27 McDonal, Jane 1 F W   Utah X X Oct   Cholera? Infantum
30 Thorne, Barbra A. 3 F W   Utah     Feb   Pneumonia
5 Petingill, Almedia 1/12 F W   Utah     Oct   Pneumonia
11 Woodland, Polley A. 10/12 F W   Utah     Nov   Inflammation of Brain

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Shauna Williams

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